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Submitting coins is easy. Print a submission form. Fill it out. Pack your coins. Submit them via mail, private courier, or drop them off at a show with an ANACS Rep. For more thorough instructions, please visit our Step by Step Instructions or Submission FAQs Next step. ANACS, and I know NGC does too, wants coins submitted in. 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 SAFLIP flips. I get mine from Wizard coin supply. They also want you to number each flip, with the corresponding. line number from the submission form. For example - First coin I have on the form is a 1851 Half Cent I finally got to sprint out the submission form but I have a few questions. I want them to encapsule it and inside that put the grade. (Known as slab it) My choices are: Authentication and Grading Authentication only REExam(ANACS holder) PVC REEXAM. $5/coin Reholder (ANACS holder) $5 /coin crossover (other services holder Check out what grades we got back from an ANACS submission


  1. Wanna send coins into ANACS? Here's how! The address to send the coins to is on their website.Correction, I selected Special Offer in service tiers, not Ec..
  2. Logged onto my ANACS account. Show that they logged my coins in at 1:43 PM on 10/31 Expected return shipped date 12/05. (Just a guess on the date) If you plan on sending coins into ANACS for grading. It is a good idea to set up a account with them. The account lets you track you submission. And having a account will get you emails that let yo
  3. ANACS submission question. ANACS is running a $10 / coin special right now so I'm going to send it a few just for fun. I have a question about what varieties, designations or errors are automatically checked vs. which ones I need to pay the extra $9 for. Plus, what qualifies. Specially my questions are
  4. For those who ask what it actually costs to have coins graded by a TPG, here is the breakdown for the 5 coins I just sent to ANACS. Per-coin grading fee, for US coins valued at $2000 or less: $19 (for 15-day turnaround service). Return shipping/insurance cost, for a submission valued at $1001 - $5000: $25
  5. The ANACS graders will verify your attribution, and the variety designation, if correct, will be placed on the ANACS label. This service is an additional $9 per coin. In the event you do not know the attribution, if you request it, ANACS will research it for you. Simply write Attribute in the space provided on the ANACS submission form.
  6. ANACS Submission Question. Discussion in ' Coin Chat ' started by Prospector, Aug 6, 2010 . Hello Everyone. ANACS received my 1971 -DDO on Monday. Today I received an e-mail from them stating it is graded and has been sent FedEx back to me. My question is this; In their e-mail it has a row of boxes where they tell you what it graded at
  7. Come along for one of my Best Coin Grading Submission regardless of the grading service... PCGS, NGC or ANACS - Steel Lincoln Cent, Peace Dollars, Proof Was..

Come along while we unbox coin grading submissions from PCGS, NGC and ANACSctabmchadwick@aol.com - Email & Pay Pal Address... All Auctions must be paid with.. ANACS Coins and Coin Grading. ANACS is America's Oldest Grading Service, located in Englewood, Colorado. The ANACS history starts back in 1972, when it was founded by the American Numismatic Association to be a third party coin grading service. They initially started grading the obverse and reverse as different grades and you still see. How to Submit Coins To PCGS For Grading - Online Submission Form Step by StepI get asked a lot about how to submit coins to PCGS for grading. In this video,..

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ANACS was created by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) in 1972 with a mission to correct an urgent problem facing the coin hobby. The company certified its first coin as genuine on June 15. 11/24/2020. Anacs Coin Grading. 11/12/2020. The Holidays are here and so is FREE RETURN SHIPPING! Submit 12 coins for ONLY $119 - with RETURN SHIPPING INCLUDED. When you save on certification, you can spend more on coins. Submissions must be posted marked by 11/30/20. Details/restrictions at www.anacs.com See an ANACS Submission Form for normal limitations and restrictions. Certificates are intended for U.S. coins, but can be adjusted to accommodate non-US coins. Ask an ANACS representative for. ANACS is the go to for coin errors. And that is I what I use their service for. I don't trust the market to reflect a good price for ANACS graded coins. Maybe it is the holder? Who knows. In general, if I am going to flip a coin, I use the PCGS price guide, compared to the grading standards minus two points

If you have raw or uncertified coins for sale, our Grade & Auction Program offers grading by PCGS, NGC and ANACS at special discounted rates. GreatCollections will pay the grading fees up front, and these discounted fees will be deducted from your consignor check I did just jump on Insider's $10 ICG offer, using it to slab a number of gold coins. ANACS' specials usually have a $500 value limit per coin, and often specifically exclude gold. The ICG offer was the first $10 offer I've seen that would let me submit eagles and double eagles

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For more information or a new submission form, contact ANACS toll free by telephoning 800-888-1861, by email at customerservice@anacs.com or by visiting its website at www.anacs.com ANACS says it charges an order fee of $21. If you submit multiple order forms, they charge per page, not per order, even though they process the orders together as one order. They ship the order back to you as one order. This enables them to pay a single shipping fee. The customer is changed for multiple orders though I purchased this coin for $37.50 and cracked it out of the ICG holder. The PCGS Price Guide for the 1938-S in MS66 is $45. I then sent the coin to NGC for grading costing me $20. After successfully crossing the coin to NGC at MS67, I was able to sell the coin for $178 which is above the greysheet value of $170

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  1. I finally received my annual submission to ANACS. Some cherry picks, some reholders, (even a Peace Dollar in there), some just to fill the order. Pretty happy with the results. 1880-O VAM 6A EDS PL AU 58. Was in a PCI MS 60 PL holder with ugly spotty toning. Used MS 70 cleaner to remove. Now top pop in SSDC Prooflike category. 1880-P VAM 1A1 EF 45
  2. Like hfjacinto, I recently submitted for the first time to ANACS. I ended up submitted a second submission following this one and will post results when it arrives. I feel hfj covered the process/costs, so I wont go over that, more-so the results and my opinions. CHOOSING COINS: These are not typically coins I would send off to a TPG, but given.
  3. Modern ANACS is junk. Do not submit to them, they are definitely second class slabbers. If you get old slabbed ANACS coins, in the small white holders, they are generally accurately graded and worth paying almost full price for
  4. Well the coin came today and it's definitely the last generation white slab with the gold pyramids on the reverse. Now the 3xxxxx cert number spans 4 generations of slab from 1991-1997 or later. Also the ANACS underprint is in blue, either that or the color has changed over time
  5. ANACS Coin Grading Service Accepting Submissions at The Show . Also, this year ANACS , America's oldest coin grading firm, will be on-site to accept your coins for professional coin grading, authentication and encapsulation on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Anyone (dealer or collector) can submit coins
  6. g packages. For non-PreScreen / Bulk Submissions, the maximum number of coins per submission form is 50. Use multiple submission forms as needed. For PreScreen / Bulk Submissions, the
  7. How to Submit Coins to NGC. It's easy to submit coins, tokens and medals to NGC for grading. Just follow the simple steps below. Click on a step to see detailed instructions. 1

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Online Submission Center. Welcome to the quickest and most efficient way to submit your coins to PCGS. Online submissions are limited to 50 entries per submission form. Due to the current health crisis turn around times may be impacted. Thank you for your continued support Because they call carry the exact same guarantee. If you receive an Anacs, Pcgs, or NGC MS70 coin, they come with a guarantee that it is a perfect coin and if you determine it is not and was graded perfectly in error, you return it and either get your money back or get a new coin. This is the same exact policy for all three companies Coin auctions and rare coin sales by GreatCollections. All PCGS, NGC and ANACS certified coins. Free coin pricing data and valuations Coin Submission Forms U.S. Coins World Coins Show Form Restoration. Submission Guide Step By Step. Banknotes. Banknote Submission Form Download PDF Submission Guide Step By Step. Sponsored Ads. Gold $1,795.97 (+4.34) 07-06 2:18 PM EDT. Silver $26.16 (-0.34) 07-06 2:18 PM EDT Services and fees for this program fall under the ANACS tokens and medals submission guidelines. When filling out ANACS submission forms, it is advisable to write Use Moonlight Mint Label(s) and/or Use Clark Gruber Label(s) on the form, whichever applies. For more information about ANACS programs, visit www.anacs.com

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  1. American Rarities Rare Coin Company is a PCGS dealer and NGC dealer, as well as an ANACS submission center. We have been in business as long as NGC and PCGS have existed, and our rare coin buyers have the numismatic coin experience that you are looking for. Email or text us your inventory list for a Free Appraisal and offer to purchase
  2. My experience with ANACS is a nightmare. Suffice to say that their customer service is light-years away from NGC or PCGS. I also get my modern Canadian coins graded at NGC for 2 bucks less per coin, so that helps defray the cost of membership. NGC also has an online submission form that is very convenient
  3. Submission will not be processed with out payment. 4) Submit coins in clean, new 2.5 inch safety flips. Do not staple or tape flips One coin per flip Number flips to corresponding line on submission form Do not cut flips 5) Do not write in Office Use Only fields. 6) Store your ANACS graded coins in a cool dry place
  4. ANACS population reports. ernie11 Posts: 1,442 . April 3, 2009 7:09AM in U.S. Coin Forum. A dumb question, but just curious. I bought a gold coin last June and sent it into ANACS for cert/grading. Before I did that, I looked at their population report for this date (for all grades) and the total was 33
  5. World Coins add $5 (per coin); Varieties add $15 (per coin) NGC Handling Fee (per submission): $8; ANACS Grading Services & Rates (through GreatCollections Grade & Auction Program) ANACS Regular Service - All coins qualify for the special GreatCollections rate: $10 per coin Consign in Two Easy Steps..

For more information, or to obtain an ANACS submission form, visit www.ANACS.com, or call (800) 888-1861. By. NMN. Related Articles. Archive. Taylor acquires, relocates ANACS. ANACS coin grading service moved to Englewood, Colo., from Austin, Texas, during the last week of December and reopened for business Jan. 2 under new ownership.. 2017-S 10pc Mint Set ANACS EU70 Coins In Wood Box 225 Anniversary. $194.00. $10.26 shipping. or Best Offer World Coins add $5 (per coin); Varieties add $12 (per coin) PCGS Handling Fee (per submission): $10 NGC (U.S. and World) q NGC Economy ($12 a coin, non-gold, max value $300, 30 day turnaround) q NGC Express ($30 a coin, max value $20,000, 5 day turnaround) q NGC Walk-through ($60 a coin, max value $100,000, 2 day turnaround The following tips will allow you to complete Ngc Submission Form quickly and easily: Open the document in the full-fledged online editing tool by clicking Get form. Fill out the requested boxes which are yellow-colored. Click the green arrow with the inscription Next to move on from one field to another. Go to the e-autograph tool to add an. Contains approx. 1 troy oz. of pure silver backed by the United States Government for weight, content and purity. Minted each year since 1986 in a limited edition. Legal tender United States coin with a face value of one dollar. One of the world's most popular silver bullion coins. Graded MS70 by ANACS, an independent, third-party grading company

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Description. 1880 S MS 64 ANACS Morgan Silver Dollar. (e 1). (This coin should of gotten a deep mirror proof like grade also.) Not a grader. Grades are to best ability. Buyer to pay $4.50 for 1st class postage with a tracking number and handling. If additional shipping costs, for insurance etc. are needed, buyer to pay The reason I ask is because I have a few rare numi coins I wanted to submit to PCGS or NGC. But I was at a coin show and they had an ANACS booth. I learned I didn't have to become a member to submit coins. OK, why not submit an 1881-CC Morgan I had on me. The coin came back and I actually like the new slab

ANACS was able to identify the diagnostics of a counterfeit Japanese 1891 one yen coin when the grading service received a second submission of another example struck from the same pair of dies 1945 MERCURY DIME - ANACS MS-66 BLAST WHITE. $ 30.00. This is a 1945 MERCURY DIME - ANACS MS-66 . Our commitment is to provide you with quality coins and collectibles at the best possible prices. This piece is no exception. Please note, the coin and collectibles markets do fluctuate, and prices occasionally will change The minimum number of coins per submission is five. The fee per coin is around $32. ANACS. ANACS is formerly the American Numismatic Association Certification Service, and it's now owned by a private company. This is another top tier grading company that is much more affordable than the others at around $12-15 per coin. You need to send in a. I'll be answering your questions, giving advice on submitting, and most importantly, accepting your coin submissions for grading and encapsulation. Show specials will be available as well as our nationally advertised monthly special (see our website @ www.anacs.com) and remember, shipping to ANACS is always FREE when you submit at a show Details about 50 Ct. 2.5 X 2.5 SAFLIP Submission Quality Coin Holders NEW PCGS NGC ANACS See original listing. Aluminum Storage & Display Box Case Holds 10 PCGS NGC ANACS Coin Holders Slabs. $23.95. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping


PCGS, NGC and ANACS Submission Center. Coin Grading Available. Anti-money Laundering Compliance. Norman W. Pullen Inc. dba Maine Gold and Silver has a written anti-money laundering program of compliance and supervisory procedures in place that complies with the USA Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, and other legislation and regulations to prevent. It is possible, I suppose, for coins to be switched inadvertently. Common coins like 1880-S Morgans, for instance, may be returned to a dealer submitting for several people, and then one customer gets the other's coins. I submit several times per month and have been doing so for years, and can't say NGC, PCGS or ANACS has ever switched coins For that series and my experience, I rate the graders PCGS, ANACS, NGC, a dude with a 10x power lope and ICG in a distant last place. ANACS and ICG will do more varieties than PCGS or ANACS (important for Peace and Morgan collectors). Most of my coins go to ANACS for this reason, plus the cost is well below PCGS

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  1. Filling out the ICG Submission Form. Fill out the basic customer information including your name, the best phone number for us to reach you at, as well as the address you would like your submission mailed back to. Listing your email information will ensure you get an email update with grades and a tracking number when your order ships
  2. imum grade column on the submission form. CURRENT Requests that coin cross at grade listed on holder. ANY Requests that coin cross at any numerical grade (01-70) DETAILS Requests Genuine with Details. OTHER Specify a different acceptable grade.
  3. After several months of cherry-picking small ANACS coins, I sent in two crossover submissions to PCGS. These three pricey coins-an 1893-S AG3, an 1895-O EF45, and an 1880-CC MS64-all crossed over. A month later I sent in a second submission, which included four Morgans: 1901 AU55, 1880-O EF40 Hot Lips VAM-4, 1887/6 MS62 VAM-2, and 1883.

Shop at Olde Towne Coin for the following items: Metal detectors made by Garrett for sale Metal detector accessories such as digging tools, earphones, probes and carrying cases Contact Olde Towne Coin for the following (Limited availability of original store stock): PCGS, NGC and ANACS submission center ANACS Type 6 Grade: N/A Registered to: BELLEAIR COINS INC. View Coin : UNITED STATES 1C 1800 80/79 2ND HAIR S-196 PCGS Genuine ANACS Type 4 Grade: VG8/8 Registered to: NORTHEAST COINS & STAMPS INC. View Coin : UNITED STATES 1C 1880 PCGS Genuine ANACS Type 5 Grade: PF63/63 Registered to: J.R. EVERSON: View Coin The fact that we've graded 7.5 million coins with declared values over $10 billion, coupled with the fact that PCGS coins consistently sell for more at auctions and on the dealer trading networks than coins graded by other services, suggests the dealer and collecting community have long regarded PCGS as the service of choice. ANACS CollectiveCoin is the best way to track and share your coin collection. CollectiveCoin Browse Login Register Add coin Messages Account 1963 Franklin half dollar, doubled die reverse, ANACS MS63 Variety Denomination Year Grade Description This prize was donated by CoinTalk member Chuck_A, and will be shipped by him

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The American Numismatic Association in 1972 pioneered third-party coin encapsulation services. Realizing that the coin collecting industry needed an authentication service that could provide an independent third-party opinion, they founded ANACS. The next major player entered in 1986 with the founding of Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) CAC Submission Procedures. Coin holders should be clean and free of stickers. All coins must be submitted on a CAC invoice. Print your submitter member name and number. Fill in contact name. Complete return shipping address with telephone number and e-mail address. Choose return carrier, fill in account number and insurance limit.. 2021 (P) MS70 Silver Eagle ANACS. $229.95. - Silver Eagle is certified authentic as minted at the Philadelphia Mint. - Certified by ANACS Perfect MS70 grade with special Emergency Production Assistance label and First Strike. - Coin is one ounce of .999 fine silver 50 brand new sealed 2.5 x 2.5 coin holders. Condition is Brand New I'm just wondering what you coin collectors think of the grading services. I know PCGS and NGC are highly regarded, but in your view is ANACS really something you wouldn't deal with? The reason I ask is because I have a few rare numi coins I wanted to submit to PCGS or NGC. But I was at a coin show and they had an ANACS booth. I learned I didn't have to become a member to submit coins

Also, we are pleased to announce that ANACS, America's Oldest Grading Service™, will continue to attend our meeting. ANACS will be available to offer free advice on your coins and help you submit your coins for certification. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase for $1.00 each, $5.00 for six tickets, and $10.00 for 15 tickets 20 Franc Gold Rooster France MS64 ANACS OLD HOLDER SOLD Melt on this is currently $354 according to Coinflation. Very cool in this svelte holder. 1927 PCGS MS65 SOLD. Beautiful coin, super clean fields, nice face, hints of orange throughout and on hair. Has not been to the CAC factory. PCGS guide is $2,900

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As such, you'll see the coins as we bid and won them. In this column, I will show the PCGS submission number and date, and Coin Update will publish it in advance of PCGS's report. I will give my predictions here under each coin below. I have had luck with small ANACS holders. This 1873 Open 3 Indian head cent should cross over Customer will receive a MS67 Philadelphia Mint, MS67 Denver Mint and PR70 San Francisco Proof Coin of the 2018 American Innovation inaugural coin design for $99.95. They are then automatically enrolled in the auto-ship program to receive all 3 certified coins for each coin design throughout the entire program for $79.95 each. 57 total designs, 171 total coins once complete Each 3-Coin. View Coin: ANACS PHOTO CERT Type 3: UNITED STATES $1 1921 D PCGS MS 60 ANACS Photo cert Type 3. Issued from Dec 1978 - Feb/Mar 1981. No grades were given initially just like Type 1 & 2 certificates. Beginning on March 1, 1979 owners could pay extra and receive it with a grade. ANACS PHOTO CERT Type 3.1: UNITED STATE

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2017 Enhanced Uncirculated Lincoln Cent - EU70. $39.95. - 2017-S Enhanced Uncirculated Lincoln Cent from the 2017 Ehanced Uncirculated Set - Certified PERFECT EU70 by ANACS with special Denver ANA Release & First Strike label indicating the coins came direct from the release ceremony and sent to ANACS 1924 Standing Liberty Silver Quarter 25c Coin ANACS AU-50 Looks Undergraded. $127.95. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. To get a return, you must first contact us via eBay email and submit a return request prior to shipping a return. If you would like to make a return you will be responsible for paying for the cost of the return. ANACS Reopens After Shutdown Due to COVID-19. After shutting down at the first of March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ANACS has announced that they have reopened and are grading coins once again. The oldest coin grading company in the United States, ANACS was closed on April 1 to comply with Colorado pandemic response restrictions 2021 PR70 ANACS Queen Elizabeth II 95th Birthday Silver Coin Set. 770-683. 12-Month VIP Financing - see details. ♥ SAVE CHANGES. $479.95. or 3 FlexPay of $159.98. S&H: $13.72. This item is eligible for gift options ANACS, the oldest coin grading company in the United States, has suspended all grading operations due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The Colorado-based company announced on their site that they have ceased operations to comply with state orders around non-essential businesses being closed

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Each coin features the Kennedy portrait design on the obverse (heads) with the year 2014. The attractive packaging is designed to be displayable or stored and protected. The set includes four Kennedy half dollar coins struck in 90% silver in four different finishes, one from each of the United States Mint's coin production facilities Coin Details. Origin/Country: UNITED STATES. Design Description: SILVER DOLLARS - MORGAN LIBERTY HEAD. Item Description: $1 1921 D. Full Grade: PCGS MS 60 In 2007, the U.S. Mint began the Presidential Dollar series with coins honoring the first four presidents of the United States. This set offers a convenient way to acquire this series in a beautiful proof finish PR70. Collection Includes: Oak display box with window. the Presidential Dollars (of the year of your choosing) proof PR70 ANACS Product Description. 2021 PF70 ANACS FDOI LE 80 Advance Releases Silver Proof Set This advance releases set includes seven proof perfect coins, including the last of the America the Beautiful coins, a silver Kennedy half dollar and a stunning Native American dollar. All coin items considered for return must be in their original condition as sold

This is how to get a coin graded. We talk about coin grading with ANACS vs PCGS coin grading and NGC . ANACS certified its first coin as genuine on June 15, 1972. Three years later, ANACS began grading coins using the technical grading standards that the ANA . I'm just wondering what you coin collectors think of the grading But I was at a. 2012S Silver Eagle PR69 ANACS Grading This coin is virtually the highest grade possible. 2017 PR69 Silver Eagle Coin FeaturesSilver Eagle coin - genuine legal tender silver bullion coin struck by the United States Mint. It has been made each year since 1986 in a limited edition and is now one of the world s most popular silver bullion coins A 2020 (Struck at the Philadelphia Mint, no mint mark) $1 Silver American Eagle struck in 1 Troy Ounce of .999 Fine Silver graded Mint State 70 (MS-70) by ANACS with a special First Strike Emergency Production Assistance bald eagle label.. This piece di Product Description. 2021-W PR70 ANACS FDOI LE 4,300 Silver Eagle Dollar Coin Calling all silver eagle collectors. This PR70 Proof Perfect coin boasts an ultra cameo or frosted finish on all the raised parts of the coin, and it's part of a limited edition. Hurry, before this eagle gets away

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