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How to Build a Timber Staircase Including Regulations and Types of Stairs. In this DIY guide you will find out exactly what is involved in building a timber staircase including the relevant regulations, how to measure for stairs, design types and materials for building stairs and also the various different stair case layouts Timber Stair Design Guide www.bwfstairscheme.org.uk 4 | P a g e 1 Introduction This Guide is provided to assist stair designers, manufacturers and building professionals involved in the design and specification of timber stairs for the UK market for the manufacture of domestic timber stairs for the UK construction market. The rules and regulations for the manufacture and installation of domestic stairs take into account factors such as safety, fire performance, loadings and accessibility for users. Users of domestic stairs may have a wide variety of requirements in order fo

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Hopefully, they will help you to understand staircase terminology and fitting requirements. Pear Stairs produce staircases in all shapes, styles, and sizes. If you require any assistance with the construction of your staircase, don't hesitate to phone us. We are a very friendly company, phone Pear Stairs on 01938 553311 WOODEN STAIR CONSTRUCTION TYPES. METAL STAIRS CONSTRUCTION TYPES. How to draw a detailed stair plan: 1. Number each of the steps starting from the lowest 2. Indicate all the dimensions like tread widths & depths, total length & width of the stair, balustrade details etc. 3. Specify all the different types of materials dog-leg timber staircases: The building should not exceed six storeys with the top floor <18m above ground level Stairs should be constructed using thermosetting type glue (e.g. Cascamite). Stair construction should replicate that of the fire tested stairs from BD 2569, as follows: Softwoods stairs should be

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  1. Timber frame construction uses timber studs and rails, together with a structural sheathing board, to form a structural frame that transmits all vertical and horizontal loads to the foundations. Use our FAQ and simple guides to find out more about timber building methods, thermal performance, fire protection measures and sole plate requirements
  2. Construction of stairways. Staircases, newels, balustrades and handrails are to be adequately fixed to avoid excessive deflection. Strings are required on staircases to provide a secure fix to an adjacent wall, and the wall should be of masonry or timber stud construction. Do not rely solely on the top tread for fixing
  3. Find Mays Timber Stairs on construction.co.uk. Get contact details, gallery, services and general information. easy fit staircases home counties staircase installers southend bespoke joinery staircase stairs stair steps tread treads risers spindles newels rails handrails baserails turnings, mays timber stair
  4. imum requirements for the manufacture of common timber stairs for the UK construction market. The rules and regulations for th

Timber Stair Installation Guide www.bwfstairscheme.org.uk :: www.stairbox.com 3 :: page The WF Stair Scheme Installation Guide is intended to provide general information about installing timber staircases, focusing on key areas to ensure that the stairs are safe to use and not compromised by poor practice. The members of the WF Stai Jones Stairs building a Vic Ash stairway for us at our new home 6.4.10 Construction of timber floors. Upper floors shall be constructed in a workmanlike manner and provide satisfactory performance. Issues to be taken into account include: levelling. joist spacing and clearance. support (Updated 1 May 2020) Timber staircases are an integral part of many homes across the UK. While the design and manufacture of a staircase is key to its integrity and effectiveness, it's just as important to install it right. Poor installation can cause the stability of the stair to be reduced and lead to failure. A new guide from the British Woodworking Federation Stair Scheme tells you how. How to build a staircase that you can install yourself. This is a staircase that we built at our workplace, very sturdy design, only took a few hours to cons..

Winder Staircases. Now you can order a made to measure winder staircase online. Typical production time is 10 working days, delivery is then subject to a delivery run in your area. We offer a Full range of winder staircases at exceptionaly low prices Phone Stairplan on 01952 602750 and we will quote and design your staircase now Find The Timber Stair Co on construction.co.uk. Get contact details, gallery, services and general information Construction Methods: All layouts of staircases can be constructed in different ways which will effect the final finish, these include: Open riser construction; this is where the risers are left open with either a timber strip or metal bar built in to comply to regulations Standard Construction. A standard construction staircase has a closed stringer and closed riser. It is constructed using wedges and glue blocks, this is the most cost effective way to manufacture a staircase, however, because of this the underside will need covering (usually with plasterboard If you'd like to find out more about the retardant used on our timber staircases, get in touch with us on 01962 712299 or sales@multiturn.co.uk. Disclaimer: This is our own interpretation of the general guidelines and you should obtain independent expert advice for your particular project

Specifically optimised for mobile use - especially handy for on-site scenarios. Capable of designing Open Plan staircases online with ease. Alerts you if a design falls outside of building regulations. Shows a live 3D model as you create your design, which updates with each click. Interactive staircase drawing allows you to simply click areas. The BWF Stair Scheme Installation Guide is intended to provide general information about installing timber staircases, focusing on key areas to ensure that the stairs are safe to use and not compromised by poor practice. The members of the BWF Stair Scheme design and manufacture their stairs s

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  1. Timber Staircases The Site Managers Checklist British Woodworking Federation, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT t: 0844 209 2610 f: 0844 209 2611 e: stairs@bwf.org.uk w: www.bwfstairscheme.org.uk The following checklist has been produced to assist those managing construction sites in the correc
  2. Wooden Staircases. If you're a lover of fine things and traditional craftsmanship, natural wooden staircases is the perfect choice for you. Choose from a wide range of timbers including oak, sapele, maple or walnut. Add stunning finishing touches, from spindles to newel posts, which all combine to create the perfect entrance
  3. Stairs - Special Communal Staircases The increased use of timber frame construction in flats and apartments has generated considerable interest in communal timber staircases. Communal staircases tend to be simple in configuration but require heavier sectioning to take increased wear and tear
  4. BRE Centre for Timber Technology and Construction F Timber frame housing under construction at Madley Park, timber frame, nor specific technical guidance on the structure and detailing. For guidance on site checks refer to the UK Timber Frame Association publication, A pocket guide the windows, doors, staircases, insulation and cavity.
  5. ated timber plant in Wolfsberg in Carinthia (Austria). The commissioning of the plant with an annual capacity of around 150,000 m³ in the final expansion stage is planned for mid-2020. This project is co-financed by the ERDF European Regional Development Fund
  6. Nov 5, 2019 - This civil engineering article provides step-by-step guidelines on stair design plan and timber staircase construction details
  7. Timber Stair Installation Guide www.bwfstairscheme.org.uk 8 | P a g e Stair string fixing should begin with screws being provided beneath the top and bottom treads. Working from these top and bottom fixings, additional screws should then be inserted at centres no greater than those noted in Table 1, working toward the centre of the string

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Launched in the UK by Kevala Stairs at the Southern Homebuilding & Renovation Show in Sandown Park. RoomStone® cantilevered staircase system enjoyed a very favourable reception. It is both visually intriguing, appearing to defy gravity, and extremely versatile, suitable for both internal and external construction The construction of staircases was considered one of the high points of the Georgian carpenter's or builder's skill. Construction of straight timber stairs was relatively simple; the treads were borne on strings at either end and any winders on rough pieces called bearers. Towards the end of the 18t Stairs - Heartwood Bespoke Joinery. As staircase manufacturers with decades of experience, we are well placed to offer a full staircase design, build and installation service. Taking you from concept to completion, we can guide you through timber choice, staircase style, and combining timber with glass and metal if required The Endless Stair installation by dRMM pioneered the use of hardwood cross-laminated timber CLT is the future of construction. Timber is the new concrete, said Alex de Rijke, director of London.

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TIMBER_22322_12 JULY.indd 49 01/11/2011 15:53. Infill Panels. 49. The infi ll panels between the framing components in timber-framed buildings were commonly built of wattle-and-daub. Wattles (or withies) were usually made from cleft oak, hazel or willow, though other timber species were sometimes used. Hazel and willow wattles might ether b Cantilevered timber stair uniquely crafted in a light and open design. Constructed with one wall stringer leaving the treads floating, maximising the passage of light. The modern wooden staircase can be formed as a straight flight, a quarter turn or a half turn configuration. A curved handrail can be added to create a stunning swooping effect All of our timber frame buildings are bespoke manufactured using tried and tested traditional jointed techniques.Typically most of these structures are built using construction grade greek oak, either QP1 or QPA grade.Green oak has usually been air dried for 3-6 months so will continue to dry and crack after it has been fitted External Spiral Staircases. Aswell as supplying the Timber staircases we manufacture we also offer External spiral staircases from the two leading Italian staircase Kit producers, we also work with a number of Steel fabricators for External steel staircases. this is the Module Exterior Spiral Staircase we also offer the Civic Zink spiral staircase

The term 'timber' is used to refer to the wood at any stage after the tree has been felled. This can include the raw material, also known as rough timber or the processed material. In the UK, Australia and New Zealand, as well as some other countries, timber typically refers to sawn wood products that will be used in construction, such as. Timber Shopfitting Manufacturers. Timber Staircase Manufacturing. Timber Window Manufacturing. Timber Profile Manufacturers. Contact Us. +44 1623 752258. contact@spstow.ltd Temporary Staircase - Easy Stair. £ 565.00 £ 545.00 ex VAT. Easy Stair temporary staircase provides EASY, SAFE access between floor levels from the very earliest stages of construction. It weighs only 24kg yet is extremely strong and robust for site use and suits floor to floor heights of 2.65m to 3.05m. SWL: 250kg Timber Staircases. Higginson Staircases is run by a family passionate about stairs with loyal customers who spread the word throughout the construction industry and beyond. With our wealth of knowledge and experience within the team we can tackle some of the trickiest situations. Now being managed by the second generation keen on change - the. Solid Timber with Cast Balusters. This range of spiral stairs combines wood and metal, creating beautiful individual and bespoke staircases whether it be something more contemporary or very traditional. There is a choice of newel and bobbin designs so that you can add individuality to your staircase

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www.structuraltimber.co.uk STRUCTURAL TIMBER 11 ENGINEERING BULLETIN 2 Applications of CLT CLT is manufactured into solid wood panels which are used as walls, roofs, floors and even stairs. The building envelope can be insulated and clad with other materials such as timber, brick, render or composite panels Stairs - A small outdoor timber cut string or open string stair. Photo thanks to Kevin Rosseel and Morguefile. Stair building, probably more so than most other categories in building construction, with the exception of maybe roofing, has the most technical names specific to it

Timber stairs Scotland. Free design. Free delivery. Quick lead times on orders open to trade and public. 07702469565. timberstairsscotland@outlook.com. Posted on Jan 16, 2019. Timber stairs Scotland. Free home survey and design Outdoor Spiral Staircases. Aswell as supplying the Timber staircases we manufacture we also offer External spiral staircases from the two leading Italian staircase Kit producers, we also work with a number of Steel fabricators for External steel staircases. this is the Module Exterior Spiral Staircase we also offer the Civic Zink spiral staircase BWF Stair scheme. Subjects. Floors/balconies/stairs Stairs Materials Building structure Timber/joinery Publisher History. The British Woodworking Federation is the trade association for the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industry in the UK Cut stringer staircases have a concealed stringer which finishes under the stair tread. The stringer follows the line of the tread and riser so it appears to be invisible from the top view of your indoor staircase design.. Cut stringer staircases can be manufactured to suit any style

The timber frame method of construction has also been used to build many of the new budget hotels. If you have ever stayed in one, you will be familiar with the noise transfer from adjoining rooms, with TV's and talking being easily audible and noise from the occupants walking around in the room above Reading time: 1 minuteConstruction of concrete stairs includes steps such as designing, preparing foundation, building formwork, placement of reinforcement steel bars, concreting, finishing and curing. Construction of concrete stairs is a difficult task that requires an engineer to study all the aspects and design it and a skilled labour to construct it. In this article [ Timber Construction Magazine Issue 16 Summer 2021 by Timber Media Limited - issuu. 16. SUMMER 2021 www.timbermedia.co.uk ISSN 2515-8686 (PRINT) PIVETEAUBOIS 16 CHANGING THE TIMBER MINDSET 22. Nov 15, 2019 - We've been busy this fall, and the variety has kept life interesting. We fit in some time on our own building as well, and passed our final inspection. Here's a look at what's new ~ The MoreSun Team Click here to Continue

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Fire safety regulations for cross-laminated timber buildings: Approved Doc B Fire Safety, 2019. Building standards for the external walls have been amended following the Grenfell Tower fire. Although this was not a timber building and did not have timber cladding, the use of combustible construction materials will not be permissible on the. material for stairs Stone concrete Timber construction of stairs Building Communication 2013 - drawin g stairs and staircase 7 Building regulation in Hong Kong Clear height of staircase min. 2.00 m Clear width of stair/flight min. 1050 mm Landing not be less than the width of the staircase. Treated Sawn Kiln Dried C24 Timber. Wickes Treated Kiln Dried C24 Timber has been graded to C24 strength for structural use, a stronger grade than C16 for heavier loads. It is also pressure treated to protect against fungal attack, so is ideal for joist work and roof rafters

Timber Stairs and glass balustrades, Strathaven. 1,400 likes. Staircase manufacture Bespoke oak staircase Staircase renovations Glass balustrades Installer Metal. Max Stairs specializes in high quality wooden staircases in great prices. We offer a fantastic range of timber stairs in Beech, Natural sorted Beech, Maple, Birch, Ash, Spruce, Oak, American Walnut and many more. In our offer we also have different types of balustrades like glass or stainless steel BESPOKE Handrails AND TIMBER STAIRCASES BY HALDANE UK. Haldane UK is the UK's market leader for bespoke timber handrails and bespoke staircases with our reputation for quality, precision and service.. With over 30 years' experience and 5 state of the art CNC machines, we have the expertise, experience and capacity to manufacture bespoke handrails to any shape or profile and in any commercially. Jan 14, 2019 - Explore James Osborne's board Timber Handrail Design on Pinterest. See more ideas about handrail design, handrail, stair handrail

Designer Staircases is NSW,Sydney leading staircases manufacturer providing Custom Stairs, Timber Staircases, Steel Spine Staircases, Bespoke Stairs. 1300 306 606 Designer Staircases Hidden connections for precast stair landings, beams and columns. Invisible Connections supplies the concrete construction industry with 'unseen' telescopic connection systems for precast stairs and landings, beams and columns. We are also specialist manufacturers of the FERBOX reinforcement continuity system, to application requirements Think Timber Ltd. 368 followers. 2d. Report this post. At Think Timber, we work in close partnership with timber stair manufacturing businesses. We aim to not only make improvements and cost. I can't comment specifically on your stairs as I have not seen them, please send a picture (s) to the main office - info@tuin.co.uk and I can comment further but certainly you can see cracking and splitting of timber indoors as the temperature fluctuates and the wood increases and decreases its moisture content

Timber Staircases: Design, Manufacture and Installation Design Guide Timber Stairs Wood This Guide is provided to assist stair designers, manufacturers and building professionals involved in the design and specification of timber stairs for the UK market. It draws information from a plethora of standards and regulations impacting upon. Unitek Timber Frame Systems, Lisburn. 126 likes. Unitek Timber Frame Systems. Jump to. UK, BT28 2NE +44 28 9442 8044. www.unitekltd.com. Construction Company Related Pages. Kestrel Timber Frame. Local Business. LT Timber Construction. Carpenter. Timber Frame Centre Ltd. Company. Trummery Service Station. Gas Station. Amc construction.

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Construction Specialties (UK) Ltd 1010 Westcott Venture Park Westcott HP18 0XB P: 01296 652800 Acrovyn HRW-6 Timber Handrai Getting stairs right first time and avoiding costly squeaks and even running the gauntlet of non-compliance is a major drain on productivity in the housebuilding and wider construction markets. Poorly fitted stairs also present safety risks - they remain one of the most common areas for accidents in the UK with more than 800 recorded deaths. Timber Stairs . As one of the leading manufacturers on timber stairs in the UK Stairplan offer a unrivaled service in the supply of custom sized timber staircases, we supply - Joinery Manufacturers, Merchants, House Builders, Loft Specialists and the General Public.. Phone us on 01952 608853. Space Saving Loft Stairs. Bespoke Staircases Northern Handrailing are timber staircase specialists, with over 40 years experience. The first choice suppliers for many major UK house-builders and construction companies. Tel: +44 (0)161 643 510 London Wooden Stairs Ltd in North London is a staircase manufacturer serving residential and commercial construction and renovations in North London. We measure, design, and create wooden staircases with the latest technology and craftsmanship to add value, functionality, and beauty to any home or commercial space

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  1. Timber Staircases Site Managers Checklist. Stairways have produced this document and checklist to assist site foreman managing construction sites. Giving helpful guidance on correct and safe installation of timber stairs. Stairways, founded in 1989, has grown to become one of the UK's largest manufacturers of carpentry and joinery products
  2. Design trends might have changed over the years, but our everlasting strive for quality has remained the same. A testament to this is our 5-year staircase product warranty, which covers our staircases for faulty timber, construction, and installation. We are also committed to sourcing only the best materials
  3. Fax: 01952 228679 Stairplan Ltd - Tradestairs.com Hortonwood 1, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 7GN, United Kingdom. Tradestairs.com is operated by Stairplan Ltd - Leaders in the UK Staircase Industry - Minimum Order Levels Appl
  4. imum of 2000mm of head room, and this has to be constant through the entire staircase. Handrails. One of the main concerns of building regulations on stairs is the health and safety of those dwelling in a property. And as such, handrails are an important part of any staircase design

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Timber is coming into the UK - in fact, the volume of timber arriving during pandemic-hit 2020 was only a little short of the total imported in 2019. Yet timber product stocks, normally refurbished over the winter months - when less building trade activity occurs - have not been rebuilt to their usual levels Timber Components Home. Made in Scotland Timber Components: Scotland's market leader in high quality timber joinery products. Bespoke products to suit your project With large scale production facilities, we can manufacture timber products to your own specification and delivered on time. Timber stairs High quality bespoke stairs are available. Serving the Highlands and Islands for over 8 years, Caley Timber and Building Supplies Limited is proud to be one of the leading independent building supply merchants with branches in Inverness and Uist, making us ideally placed to service your needs in the Highlands and Islands

Which Timber? We also stand out in our varied use of timber species to construct our frames.In the UK, Oak has always been the most popular timber in post and beam construction. Its strength, durability and the ease with which it can be sawn and split when green has kept it the top choice through the centuries Additional Construction Details Drawings As well as the small selection of timber frame detail drawings shown here, many of the Building Notes have a related Construction Detail Drawing, with specific dimensions eg rafter sizes, spans, insulations types, for purchase with the Building Specifications Timber as a material sits at the heart of the construction industry. It has the lowest embodied CO2 of any commercially available building material, and when used for structures, is increasingly viewed as a simple and straightforward way of achieving high-performance, energy efficient buildings. The construction industry is the largest buyer of timber products - [ Welcome to RGH Contracts Ltd. We are a family run business manufacturing timber staircases, windows, doors and miscellaneous joinery in the South East, have built a reputation for producing high quality specialist joinery for both public and private clients since 1998. Staircases

supported by timber wall panels comprised of vertical studs at regular centres (typically 600mm centres or closer) that act as vertical columns. An example calculation can be found in the 'Worked example' section. REV 0 - 23.10.14/EB003 Timber frame structures - platform frame construction (part 1) www.structuraltimber.co.uk STRUCTURAL TIMBER Welcome to The Stair Shop custom built timber staircases. We haqve been trading for over 20 years as a family run business based in Stockport, Cheshire and are specialists in the manufacture and installation of stunning, bespoke timber staircases in a wide range of finishes and materials Trade Stair Parts is the UK's number one online supplier of quality timber and metal stair parts. All of our timber staircase components are manufactured in the UK and offer great value for money. Supplied in Pine, Oak and Sapele, our affordable range, includes staircase spindles , newels , handrails , baserail , treads and risers Prefabricated timber stairs. What happens when an architect leaves the studio and gets involved with hands-on construction? James Potter shares his experience. Article from Timber 2019 Industry Yearbook Engineered timber staircase featuring Metsä Wood 's Kerto faced with a medium density overlay (MDO) to form a stair stringer. Leading timber supplier, Metsä Wood, has teamed up with staircase manufacturer Jeld-Wen to produce a staircase solution for multi-storey timber-frame buildings

4. Securing the sleepers. 5. Filling the steps. 1. Deciding on your design. Durable, strong and versatile by nature, the way you use timber sleepers in your garden will depend entirely on your space, design and needs. Available in a wealth of shapes and sizes, sleepers are a great landscaping choice as they form the riser and tread of each step. Project Advice. Construction Types. Brick and Block. In modern traditionally built houses the walls are built in two leaves. There is an internal blockwork wall and the external wall built of brick or stone. These, together with some internal partitions which are also built of blockwork, will support the structure of the house Additional Construction Details Drawings As well as the small selection of foundation, wall, floor and roof construction detail drawings shown here, many of the Building Notes have a related Construction Detail Drawing, with specific dimensions eg rafter sizes, spans, insulations types, for purchase with the Building Specifications Timber frame construction allows great flexibility to suit different budgets and aspirations, from full-spec kit packages to fully bespoke designed projects. Timber frame is a long-established build method in the UK and throughout the world. Over 85% of homes in the developed world use a form of timber construction

Timber. At Jewson, we take timber seriously. As timber merchants, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, sustainably sourced timber. Our timber supplies range includes MDF sheets, plywood, cladding and treated timber battens. Plus, we provide bespoke solutions for any project. We're committed to responsible timber procurement 1 Review for ALH Timber Framing LTD. Trade Oak Building Kits. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Relationship. Colleague. Aidan is a fantastic oak framer. We work with him and his team very regularly and do because of his deep knowledge of the material, diligent work ethic and ability to solve problems on the fly

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The entire superstructure is made from Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) including the lift shaft and communal staircase areas. The talk will kick-off with an introduction to the UK market relevant to the need for CLT, leading onto a simulation-based occupational health and safety analysis of the CLT panels and connectors installation The project consists of 3000 free form components, 2000 m2 outer walls, 1200 m2 inner walls, 4000 m2 roof surface, 2000 m2 plywood boards, 63 skylights and three timber stairs all made of European timber. The mosque thus comprises approximately 1,239 m3 of wood, equating to a saving of 1,136 tonnes of carbon dioxide Timber components are not saturated and have normal moisture contents at the time of construction, e.g. less than 20% and tight-jointed construction. The ground floor is concrete. For ground floors of timber joists, add 15mm for solid timber and 10mm for engineered I-joists; Timber joist and rim beam/header joist have a maximum depth of 240mm It's easy to see why any form of timber construction can pick-up a reputation for fire risk, but for solid wood and Cross Laminated Timber, performance in a fire is a long way from their timber frame cousins. To understand how efficient CLT is in a fire, we should start with the understanding that fire resistance is the ability of a material. Compass Software Your Partner for Stair Manufacturing, Timber Construction, and Production Management. News: 15.03.2021. New: Custom Infills Possible. Custom infills for handrails and panels underneath a staircase are now possible with Compass Software. Users can create custom infills with perforated. 30.04.2020

The UK's leading manufacturer of precast concrete stairs and landings Milbank are the Essex based specialists in precast concrete staircase and landing design, manufacture and installation. With an experienced team and a dedicated production facility, we produce both simple standard flights as well as complex bespoke staircase and precast. Create the home you've always dreamed of with Blueprint Joinery. We specialise in supplying an extensive range of staircase parts including metal stair spindles, internal and external balustrade and other joinery essentials for around the home and garden.We stock stylish and contemporary products, including stair cladding and spindles as well as a range of interior door furniture and decking.

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  1. Timber frame is the fastest growing construction method for domestic housing within the UK, notably due to the inherent benefits associated with this method of construction. Speed, quality, flexibility, sustainability and the ease in which greater thermal performance can be achieved make timber frame construction a supreme building method
  2. If you're looking for beautiful bespoke timber handrails, created & managed by the UK's leading handrail and balustrade specialist, you're in the right place. At Handrail Creations, we design, manufacture and install hardwood handrails for residential and commercial projects of all sizes and designs
  3. Timber has been a popular building material since time immemorial, but with recent shock and concern over global deforestation - 13 million hectares lost per year - many people are questioning whether they should be using it. The quick answer is yes - as long as it's from a sustainable source!Here's 13 reasons why sustainable timber is the best construction material
  4. A bespoke made 'Cut String' staircase can dramatically change a hallway or room, and give a grand feel to a property. On a Cut String staircase, the newel strings are cut to follow the treads and risers which can be either mitred back into the string or returned into a decorative bracket. All of the spindles are dovetailed at the bottom end.
  5. Decking is from the Timber Tech Azek range, Vintage Collection. Backed by a 50 year fade and stain warranty, you will enjoy the colour for a very long time ⠀ #woodhouse #woodhousetimber #azek #azekdecking #timbertech #timbertechazek #premiumdecking #50yearwarranty #fadeandstainresistant #lifetimeproductwarranty #composite #.
  6. Whether you want inspiration for planning a staircase renovation or are building a designer staircase from scratch, Houzz has 333,160 images from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Falci Construction Ltd and Neil Perry Photography
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Traditional Products Ltd is an established timber stairpart manufacture in the UK. Traditional Timber Stair Parts Manufacturer including Wooden Stair Spindles and a Full Range of Staircase Components. Traditional Products staircase components are sanded to a high quality finished product Discover the UK's leading manufacturer of custom spiral, curved, and floating stairs. We offer a bespoke stair service covering the design, construction and installation of staircases for the home, office, commercial and public buildings. Contact us to find out more Stair Calculator. The Stair Calculator is an online tool for calculating various parameters involved in the construction of stairs. Refer to the figure adjacent to the calculator as a reference. A fraction to decimal conversion table for common fractions used in measurements is also provided at the bottom of the page