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One of the AIT (Advanced Individual Training) courses at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri is MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 88M, Motor Transport Operator, i.e. Truck Driver. If you're a truck junky and your day doesn't start until you climb in the cab and light up that big diesel, this is the Army job for you Army Motor Transport Operator (MOS 88M) provide Army mobility through the transport of personnel and cargo. Motor Transport Operators both supervise and operate wheel vehicles. Operators are responsible for driving wheel vehicles and equipment over a variety of different terrains and roadways both on and off the battlefield

The 88M AIT consists of three major modules that span over six weeks. Module A is the Motor Transport Operator Supporting Skills and Knowledge block of instruction How long is 88m AIT? Soldiers in this MOS take the requisite ten weeks of Basic Combat Training and seven weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT). These soldiers divide their training between the classroom and real-world simulation, like most MOS training regimens. Click to see full answer

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. It may not be the most high-adrenaline or high-profile job in the armed services, but motor transport operators play a key role in keeping the Army moving and getting things from Point A to Point B both on and off the battlefield. This important job is categorized as military operational specialty (MOS) 88M. Duties of MOS 88M

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TRUCK DRIVER What Life In The Army Is Really Like. 88M AIT students training on the M 915.88M AIT students training on reaction to an unexpected roll over. Driving simulator. There is a week in the field about halfway through the course. They sleep on cots in tents 88m pretty much grants you a CDL in the real world. That's an incredible starting point for someone out of the military. Add on all the training we get for hazmat and for other classes, now real world pay went up from maybe $55k/yr to $150k/yr. Missions are only 24+ hours if something goes horribly wrong 88m truck operato

Motor Transport Operator (88M) Motor transport operators are primarily responsible for supervising or operating wheel vehicles to transport personnel and cargo. They are the backbone of the Army's support and sustainment structure, providing advanced mobility on and off the battlefield Technically a Motor Vehicle Operator (Army MOS 88M, USMC MOS 3531), is the most dangerous (based on the number of deaths) Combat Support role in the Army and the Marines, at least since troops have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan CBRN SPECIALIST COURSE (AIT) 031 (School Code) ATRRS Course Number: 494-74D10 . Purpose: Provides Initial Entry Training (IET) and Military Occupational Specialty Training (MOS-T) category Soldiers the training required to become Military Occupational Specialty Qualified (MOSQ) as a 74D CBRN Specialist. Scope: Provides training on detection, monitoring, identification, sampling, and. As a Motor Transport Operator, you'll play an important part of the Army's transportation logistics team. You'll supervise and operate wheeled vehicles over all types of terrain to safely transport cargo, troops, and provide advanced mobility on all missions I'm not an 88M, or even an 88A, but I served as a platoon leader in a trans. company for a while. We were a heavy transport company (M915s - M915 (truck) - Wikipedia) so the trucks being driven were just military semis. I suppose it would have bee..

Good call. Stay Artillery. I did BCT at Leonard Wood, and an AIT company of 88M's were across the street. Lots of guys in my platoon were classnig 88M and doing OSUT; flash forward 3 years and the ones I still talk to have nothing good to say about it. Seems to be a gateway MOS to other jobs; if you're lucky Is 88M a combat MOS? Being an 88M will mean you have a very high chance of seeing combat (for a support MOS). You would be driving in convoys usually protected by Combat Arms but you are still expected to fight if need be. All 88M's go through Basic Combat Training and have rifle quals just like everyone else Regardless of gender, 88Ms can be assigned at the support battalion level moving cargo and fuel to the P1 units with larger vehicles like the M915. Or at the Group level, doing theater support with all kinds of heavy trucks. Soldiers in the Reserves drive whatever vehicle the assigned unit has since the Reserves have no P1 units themselves 88m here, like said before, everyone else in the army gets a license to drive the same thing you drive, every time we go to the field we carry 50s, 249s, 240s, and m4s. the AIT is easy af. and i just got off state active duty for flood duty and we did everything from sand bagging, checking house to house, and hauling sand bags from one town to the other. i can't speak for deployments but i.

88M Motor Transport Operator (Former Employee) - Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA - April 4, 2021 Best/Worst time of my life. You can either be in a company that works hard/ plays hard and eats together like a family or you can be in a company full of azzkissing, lazy, and selfish leaders and watch everyone throw each other under the bus Army AIT (Advanced Individual Training) ranges from four to 52 weeks. Recruits must complete Phase IV and Phase V of training through Army AIT. Primary Army AIT locations are currently in seven different states and eleven locations. There are principal Army AIT locations such as Fort Benning, Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Sam Houston, and Fort Eustis 88M AIT Fort Leonard Wood MO. 484 likes · 3 talking about this. Government Organizatio STP 55-88M14-SM-TG . Soldier's Manual and Training Guide . MOS 88M . MOS 88M MOTOR TRANSPORT OPERATOR, SKILL LEVELS 1, 2, 3, AND 4 . SKILL LEVELS . November 201

Staff Sgt. Demond Thomas has been serving as an Advanced Individual Training platoon sergeant at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., helping 88M (motor transport operator) Soldiers in AIT since January 2011 The Career Field 88 is the Transportation Military Occupational Specialty. The Transportation Corps is a Force Sustainment branch of the U.S. Army headquartered at Fort Lee, Virginia, and is responsible for the movement of personnel and material by truck, rail, air, and sea © 2021 United States National Guard ELIGIBILITY. What It Takes; How to Join; Basic Training; Prior Service; Fitness Calculato Transportation School gains brigade, 88M AIT training. advanced individual training (AIT) and assist in the transformation of the course to better support large-scale ground combat operations.

Like most other special operations forces, its size and operations are classified. 15. De Oppresso Liber (Latin for To liberate the oppressed) U.S. Army Special Forces: Created in 1952, Special Forces is known for producing elite warriors, with a primary focus on unconventional warfare and foreign internal defense. With those tasks. Outside of training AIT is still very good. There a place called the Hacienda not far from the barracks. All day it plays movies in a little theater that you can watch for free. On Fridays and Saturdays they serve beer, and there is also an arcade and pool tables there. San Antonio is a $15 cab ride away from Ft Sam

November 28, 2020 ·. ‎. Jason B. Wright. to. 1-56 ADA. Air Defense Artillery Alumni AIT Fort Bliss, TX. 14 series 88M. November 27, 2019. C Battery 1/56 ADA Fall of 2000 14M class. 1111 Motor Transport Operators are primarily responsible for supervising or operating wheel vehicles to transport personnel and cargo. Some of your duties as a Motor Transport Operator may include: Reading load plans. Checking oil, fuel and other fluid levels, as well as tire pressure. Driving vehicles over all types of roads and terrain, traveling.

The little extra income from the weekends is nice. Once you're through basic training and AIT, you're pretty much home except for the one weekend a month and two weeks a year. If you're hooah about the Army, it's not too hard to get rank. But, if you're like me and only joined for the GI BIll and benefits, you probably won't enjoy it Rangers. I found out today that completing 88M AIT does not allow me to receive my CDL. This was the only reason for choosing this MOS. The MOS I choose now will be immaterial as too which job I get as an Officer upon graduation from ROTC I'm not sure which job I would like to try and get after graduation What is the purpose of DA from 5988-E? Used to record faults found during an inspection, action taken during unit/organizational level services, document faults and repairs required for estimated cost of damage reports, battlefield damage assessment and repair performed, track ordered parts. Which one of these is false when driving on sand Start studying Mod A Test Review 88m. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools

RallyPoint helps bridge the gap between the transitioning veteran and potential employers and schools by connecting you to military friendly organizations looking for your skillset and interests. Our jobs are tailored to you and what you want in your career. Jobs Transportation School gains brigade, 88M AIT training. advanced individual training (AIT) and assist in the transformation of the course to better support large-scale ground combat operations. 88M (Truck Driver) (Current Employee) - Fort Leonard Wood, MO - April 9, 2019. While at BCT we did a lot of intense activity, we woke up at 0400 and went to sleep at 2100. We did different types of activities, like Running, Marching, marching with ruck sacks on our backs and oter things of the training nature for the Army

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AAAO!!! And 88M AIT is SO much better than 2/39. It's pretty relaxed. PT is MUCH harder because the PLT SGTs don't have to go by strict BCT PRT standards so they can do whatever they want. The 88M battalion goes on battalion runs about once a cycle. There is Car Wash Hill, a brutal run up a massive hill near the barracks Fitness. When I was in, the 12B was just one letter short of the specs for SF. Basically, you hump what infantry humps, plus shovel and pick. I once strolled down to an exercise with three live bangalores on my shoulder and 150 feet of wire bounci.. Reclassification Of Soldiers Failing To Complete IET, AIT, OCS, WOCS. 1. This message rescinds MILPER Message 16-008 and will expire 31 December. 2017. 2. This message announces procedures for the reclassification and retraining of. AC Soldiers, to include prior-service trainees, who fail to complete IET/AIT, or MOS 88M Motor T Operator: MOS 88M HET Heavy Equipment Operator: Mountain Warfare Training : MP Schools all courses listed: National Guard Air Assault : NCO Academy Basic : NCO Academy Primary Leadership: NCO Academy Advanced: NCO Creed Personalized: NCO Professional Development Ribbon: NCO Appointmen

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The Maneuver Support Center of Excellence offers Basic Combat Training (BCT) for most non-combat arms soldiers, and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 88M (motor transport operator) and MOS 74D (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear specialists) Apply for a Army National Guard 88M Truck Driver - Transport job in Wharton, NJ. Apply online instantly. View this and more full-time & part-time jobs in Wharton, NJ on Snagajob. Posting id: 639443880 Job training for a Truck Driver consists of 10 weeks of Basic Training, where you'll learn basic Soldiering skills, and seven weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT), which includes practice in driving several types of military vehicles. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field Basic Training Locations. The Army conducts basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia; Fort Jackson, South Carolina; Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Generally, if you're an enlisted member in the Army, your basic training is followed by more advanced training at the same location. So, your job usually determines the location

Army National Guard are hiring 88M Truck Driver in Leominster, Ma, United States. and seven weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT), which includes practice in driving several types of military vehicles. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field. Other jobs you might like: Report this job A support MOS like 88M are needed all over the place. Does 88M require security clearance? There's no Department of Defense security clearance required for this position, but you must be free of colorblindness and have a valid state driver's license that won't expire before you complete your AIT Sgt. 1st Class Milton Clarke, 58th Trans. Bn., 88M instructor/writer, who graded the parallel-park event, said it's all about timing when it comes to straight parallel-parking a vehicle that could.

basic Soldiering skills, and 14 weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT) where you'll learn the skills of a Psychological Operations specialist. For active-duty Soldiers, graduation from AIT will be followed by three weeks of Airborne training and then four to six months of Language training 88M Truck Driver Army National Guard a Truck Driver consists of 10 weeks of Basic Training, where you'll learn basic Soldiering skills, and seven weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT. AIT Length / Location: 11 weeks, 1 day at Ft Leonardwood, Missouri Other Requirements. Military Police (MOS 31B) Description / Major Duties: Military police supervise or provide support to the battle field by conducting maneuver and mobility support (MMS), area security, prisoner of war operations, civilian internee operations, law and order.

Other activities like ice climbing, snowmobiling, rock climbing and white-water river rafting can all be done here. Additionally, the city of Colorado Springs has a thriving art scene. Colorado Springs has mild weather, with highs of 43 F in January and 84 F in August. It boasts 243 days of sunshine a year, but comes with 37 inches of snow to. 88M Motor Transport Operator 88N Traffic Management Coordinator 88P Railway Equipment Repairer 88T Railway Section Repairer Hi sorry but I have a question my husband leaves his BCT to go to AIT on Feb 12 2015 is AIT like bootcamp where he can't call only write letters he is support is that maybe different. Reply. Stacey Abler. January 30.

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ACFT Standards by MOS - Hand Release Push Up. You're gonna be basically starting on the ground doing a push-up. When you come back down to the ground you're gonna actually rest on the ground and take your hand off of the ground. It basically goes - the minimum for heavy is 30. Then 20, down to 10 Fort Leonard Wood graduation is a day that you will never forget, as you watch your trainee become a Soldier in the United States Army. Fort Leonard Wood contains both One Station Unit Training (OSUT) and Basic Training. Each type of training will have a different graduation ceremony, so it's important to make sure you have the right information 92Y Training. COURSE TRAINED: Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Course. CONTENT: Course provides apprenticeship training in all critical tasks dealing with requesting, receiving, issuing, and maintaining or establishing accountability of individual, organizational, installation, and expendable/durable supplies and equipment 88M Truck Driver. Create Job Alert. As a Truck Driver in the Army National Guard, you are the backbone of military support. By transporting cargo and supplies, you'll play an integral role in keeping the Guard moving forward. In this role, you will operate all wheeled vehicles and equipment over various terrain and roadways; manage load.

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  1. Night Stalkers. The 160th SOAR provides unparalleled precision rotary wing special operations, ISR, and expertise to all DoD Special Operations Forces. Night Stalkers are highly trained and ready to accomplish the very toughest missions in all environments, anywhere in the world, day or night, with world-class precision
  2. g out of basic that the AIT was only like 4-5 weeks; This was not true for us and the training was the full 7 weeks as I was told when i enliste
  3. The platoon leader (PL) - platoon sergeant (PSG) leadership team is a unique and influential pair of roles that exist in the Army. In order for a platoon to succeed, an effective partnership must exist between the PL and PSG
  4. Fort Belvoir is a well-known Army Installation. The Fort Belvoir base guide has information for service members and families. Learn more
  5. Fort Leonard Wood is a U.S. Army training installation located in the Missouri Ozarks.The main gate is located on the southern boundary of The City of St. Robert.The post was created in December 1940 and named in honor of General Leonard Wood (former Chief of Staff) in January 1941.Originally intended to train infantry troops, in 1941 it became an engineer training post with the creation of.
  6. Week four AIT Las Vegas was refresh on backing skills and a lot of road time. I was getting 30 miles a day which in school time is ALOT. I was lucky to have only two students using the truck. OK you get in start the truck and your rolling. Everyone seems to be moving at 100 mph and it feels like you are doing 10 mph, Its like a game of asteroids
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88M: From $3,700 to $16,100 for sergeants. About Meghann Myers. Meghann Myers is the Pentagon bureau chief at Military Times. She covers operations, policy, personnel, leadership and other issues. This pick is more for those like me who served in the US Army in the 1980's: CONUS: Ft. Knox, ky : Agony, Misery and Heartbreak Hills for basic and AIT (19E). If they REALLY hated you, you would be assigned to permanent party with the 194th Slave Brigade. Ft. Hood was not that bad in the 1980's but I have heard that it has gone downhill It looks like muddy water, and tastes like turpentine They say that in the Army, the biscuits are mighty fine One rolled off the table and killed a friend of mine They say that in the Army, the meat is mighty fine Last night we had ten puppies, this morning only nine They say that in the Army, the shoes are mighty fin First and foremost, I would like to welcome you (and your family) to our organization. If you have any immediate personal and family issues, let us discuss it right now. _____ (place initials) Subject to UCMJ Actions. As a Soldier in the US Army, when on and off duty, on-post or off-post, you fall under the UCMJ and need to act accordingly

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The 173rd Airborne Brigade was the first major United States Army ground formation deployed in Vietnam, serving from 1965 to 1971 and losing nearly 1,800 soldiers. The 173rd is best known for the. Your weapons qualification score is going to be a lot like your APFT score. If you do badly, it could cost you your promotion. If you do amazing, it gives you a huge chunk of Army promotion points that could get you promoted. The issue with the APFT score and weapons qualification is that they expire In one way or another, all military jobs are (or have the potential to be) dangerous. It's an undeniable truth, though, that some are inevitably more dangerous than others - especially those where exposure to hostile or hazardous working environments is increased.. To put a marker on some of these roles, we've compiled a highly debatable list of what constitutes the most dangerous job in. Full disclosure, we talked to like four or five folks from the Army to get this top 5 duty stations in the Army list, so if you disagree, take it up with them. We're Marines, we don't know any. Lastly, I'd like to recommend talking to your unit about a Minuteman Scholarship. This is if you are interested in committing to the National Guard when you are a 2LT ( you can not go active duty, you would have to sign a GFRD). You will not have to go to basic training or AIT. You will get your entire tuition paid for (or $10k cash)

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Military Skills Translator - Apply for jobs that match your skills, identify civilian terminology for your resume, hot career options for your specialty Advanced individual training is where you will learn the skills needed to perform a specific Army job, such as artillery or engineering. At your AIT school, you'll receive hands-on training and field instruction to make you an expert in that career field. There are 17 career fields and the schools are designed to help you gain discipline and. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear

While many cadets have been forced to miss a grading period(or 2) to attend BCT/AIT, DS was given the the ideal split option and took a less desirable MOS(88Mike - truck driver) in exchange. The MEPS person who finalized DS's NG contract couldn't believe a kid with a 96 ASVAB would ever accept 88M, but DS did what he needed to do Watching ur video looks like there is no solution. Maybe to find another similar camcorder is the next possible solution and to ask around who has one that I could borrow. regards Nick. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment

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88M = Truck Driver 19K = Armor crewman He could conceivably have been put in those multiple positions (recruiters don't give a shit what job you do, only that they can slot you into something), but those aren't really his official MOS unless he went to AIT for it (& I think you can only officially change you MOS one time by going to AIT again) The Army is composed of an active duty component and a reserve component that comprises the Army Reserve and Army National Guard. The operational Army conducts full-spectrum operations around the. In 1988 Misti Hornof enlisted in the United States Army as an 88M (Motor Transport Operator). (AIT) to officially become an 88M. MORE LIKE THIS. CONTROLLED VOCABULARY KEYWORDS The Army Physical Fitness Test may not be the easiest category to max out but it is the fastest. Most units will let you take a PT test anytime if you request one. If you max it out, you get 160 points. If you just barely pass with a score of 60 in each category, you get a measly 40 points. This is a big difference

Two 88M AIT students at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri conducting checks on a M872A4 Trailer Poster Print (34 x 22) by StockTrek Images Currently unavailable 1.0 Introduction Training is the process of preparing men and women for their careers in the military. Training is progressive and continues all the way through an individual's career; being a mixture of mandatory, optional, individual and collective training and educational programmes. The purpose of the US Army's initial training is to turn civilian recruit With the growth, we have opened new gyms, one with an indoor swimming pool, many new barracks and dining facilities, and four schools (two elementary, one middle and a high school). Those facilities complement other great places, like our outdoor swimming pool, library, guest lodge, and education center Jul 22, 2012. 690. 6. 0. 36. Arkansas. Jun 17, 2014. #17. My first MOS was 63H tracked vehicle repair specialist till they changed it to 91H, when I got out active duty and went National Guard I was going to AIT to change MOS's to 15T UH-60 Helicopter Repairer but I ended up getting medically discharged What is a typical day like in BCT or OSUT? BCT or Infantry OSUT is very demanding and challenging. Soldiers are sometimes expected to respond quickly and give 100 percent effort at all times. Most soldiers quickly adapt to the new life. It is difficult, however, because everything is new, and soldiers don't know what to expect

Alexandria, Virginia Military Bases. Base Contact Information Warrenton Training Center: 530-827-4343 Geography and Area Information The Warrenton Training Center (WTC) is located at 38.7335°N 77.8297°W in the northern tip of Virginia 52 miles due east of the capital Alexandria and 48 miles east of Washington DC Fort Bliss is a Strategic Deployment Platform for the United States Army that executes deployment operations enabling rapid and efficient unit deployment and re-deployment. Simultaneously, Fort Bliss Garrison provides facilities and services through a professional workforce that assists units in sustaining their readiness and promotes a safe and secure installation, empowering Soldiers. After graduation of the army basic program, new military graduates continue their military career in advanced individual training from more than ten national locations. From science to military intelligence, graduates select the best choice in military education from 17 branches of the army

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  1. Chances are, there will be several others going with you to AIT, so it will probably not be a completely new start. AIT varies from six or seven weeks to a year, depending on the particular job. After AIT, it is off into the real Army, and no, the real Army doesn't even resemble basic training. Basic training's purpose is to create soldiers
  2. Flight Pay (over 6 yrs) = $650/30 = $21.67. Each UTA Period = $214.88 + $21.67 = $236.55. Two UTAs Per Day = $473.10. Four UTAs Per Drill Weekend = $946.20. Getting paid just under $1,000 to fly and hang out with your friends during some routine ancillary training isn't so bad! Drill weekends occur one weekend out of every month during the year
  3. Q: I am an NCO selected to attend WOCS & WOBC and I would like to serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment. How and when can I apply? A: Based on the strength of your file and your previous service in the Career Field (ie.- 92Y earns an appointment to 920A) select candidates will be invited to attend RASP 2 shortly before or after WOCS/WOBC
  4. Accepts responsibility not only for himself but for subordinates as well. Exercised responsibility for maintenance and accountability of facilities and equipment. Inspires and enforces growth and excellence; 65 percent of his platoon enrolled in college. Managed resources in a highly efficient manner
  5. You'll study Army ethics, standards of conduct, human awareness, race relations, and prevention of sexual harassment. While at Army Basic Training, trainees receive nine weeks of Army Training where they learn to become soldiers. This training is divided into three, three-week phases. Phase I: Red Phase (weeks 1-3
  6. e flail. The range had several unexploded hand grenades, which rendered the range inoperable for Fort Jackson basic trainees to utilize
  7. utes now I am at 16:30. Seriously get your run to about 14:30 to give yourself some space in case you get screwed like I did. Ask me anything you want about joining. I won't BS you like a recruiter, and yes I don't care what your recruiter says they will screw you somehow. I got screwed in multiple ways

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Liabilities. $94.6m ↓. -$51m. -34.9%. $88m: Defer rev. $5m: Accts pay. $1m: Other lia. Description. The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) is a non-profit, private corporation established under the auspices of the United States government to serve its interests in Taiwan Reenlistment Options. Reenlistment Options are only available, if otherwise qualified, to those Soldiers at the rank of private first class or above, who are considered in the reenlistment opportunity window (ROW). Reenlistment options are governed by AR 601-280 (Army Retention Program) and the current DA PAM 601-280 The Army Basic Training locations that you are assigned to will depend on your chosen Army Job (MOS, Military Occupational Specialty), which is selected upon enlistment.If the basic training location you are going to is more than 250 miles away, the US Army will fly you, via commercial airline, to the basic training location, free of charge Advanced Individual Training, or AIT, for 88m is conducted at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, and lasts approximately 7 weeks. Advertiser Disclosure: This site may be compensated through the advertiser affiliate program (at no cost to you). We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. See our advertising policy here

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  1. Shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks share similar tasks to the Army's 92A MOS position. Like the military position, these civilian laborers maintain shipment and stock records or documents.
  2. Discover any particular book you would like to read online today. Among the most valuable lessons he taught me, was the courage to monitor your achievements every month. You can not do the reprogrammed training. The training is also available online for people who could not meet with a certified trainer, he explained. A non-scholarship ROTC.
  3. Do a quick search online for army critical MOS 2018 or army jobs list and you'll find hundreds of jobs for enlisted personnel and military officers.The term MOS stands for military occupation specialty code and it's used by the Army to classify enlisted soldiers in different specialties. This code consists of two digits and a letter, such as 12M, 12D or 15F
  4. ated skin. 7. Stomach cramps. 8. Nausea. 9. Tachycardia followed by bradycardia (Tachycardia is an abnormally rapid heartbeat wth a heart rate of over 100 beats per
  5. I go to AIT for 88M at Fort Leonard Wood. 1st Class Barron Graunke, 58th Trans. 1 is really a day to remember for the 58th (Trans. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I'd like some information on what AIT is like at FLW for an 88M
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  7. 337-653-3137/2411. 1ST BN , 509TH INFANTRY BATTALION. 337-531-9850. 1ST MANEUVER ENHANCEMENT BRIGADE. 337-531-7505. 4TH BRIGADE, 10TH MOUNTAIN DIVISION. 337-531-0517. The 4th Brigade of the 10th Mountain Division is a relatively recently created unit, but the 10th Mountain Division goes all the way back to 1918, when it was created as the 10th.
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