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March - Albanian revolt of 1910: An uprising against Ottoman rule breaks out in Albania. March 8 - In France, Raymonde de Laroche is awarded Pilot's license No. 36 by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale, becoming the first woman authorized to fly an airplane Important Events in 1910 Feb 25 Dalai Lama flees Tibet for British India to escape Chinese troops Apr 28 First night air flight by Claude Grahame-White in England May 31 Union of South Africa declares its independence from the United Kingdo Historical events from year 1910. Learn about 202 famous, scandalous and important events that happened in 1910 or search by date or keyword The Great Fire of 1910 burned three million acres and killed enough timber to fill a freight train 2,400 miles long. Merchantable timber destroyed was estimated to be eight billion board feet, or enough wood to build 800,000 houses. 20 million acres were burned across the entire Northwes

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In February of 1910, the Boy Scout Association was founded by W.S. Boyce, Edward S. Stewart, and Stanley D. Willis. One of several youth organizations at the time, the BSA grew to become the largest and most successful of all. Halley's Comet arrived in the inner Solar System and came into ​naked-eye view on April 10 Like the decade before it, the 1910s were characterized by a slow but steady modernizing trend. American society became more urban. People left rural areas for suburbs. Cities expanded thanks to the ease of travel provided by automobiles, buses, and streetcars May 16, 1910 - The United States Bureau of Mines is authorized by an act of the United States Congress. May 25, 1910 - The only flight taken together by Wilbur and Orville Wright occurs at Huffman Prairie Flying Field in Dayton, Ohio The 1910s Science and Technology: Chronology. 1910: Electric washing machines become popular in American homes. 1910: Halley's Comet is observed as a giant headlight in the night sky across the United States. 1911: The Bell Telephone Company creates a research and development division. 1911: Physicists from across the world discuss recently developed atomic theories at the first Solvay. November 20, 1910-November 30, 1910 A secret gathering at a secluded island off the coast of Georgia in 1910 laid the foundations for the Federal Reserve System. The old clubhouse, Jekyll Island, Georgia. (Courtesy of Tyler E. Bagwell

The 1910 Slocum Massacre in East Texas officially saw between eight and 22 African Americans killed, and evidence suggests casualties were 10 times these amounts. Yet the massacre has become a dirty Lone Star secret, remarkable more for the inattention it has received than for its remembrance Like the previous decade, Black Americans continue to fight against racial injustice. Using various methods of protest—writing editorials, publishing news, literary and scholarly journals, and organizing peaceful protests—they begin to expose the ills of segregation not only to the United States but the world. 1910

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  1. W. D. Boyce incorporates the Boy Scouts of America on February 8, 1910. Fire kills 146 workers at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, on March 25, 1911. Arizona becomes the 48th state and last of the contiguous states admitted to the Union on February 14, 1912. HMS Titanic strikes an iceberg on April 14, 1912
  2. The 1910's were a time of great change for the United States of America. Wilson To the first African American heavy weight champion Jack Johnson. The 1910's the time when the KKK became known for lynching and other violent acts. The decade where U.S. became a great power after being victorious in the War to end all wars took place in
  3. guez Fields, approximately 10 miles south of Los Angeles
  4. In 1910, Korea was annexed by the Empire of Japan after years of war, intimidation and political machinations; the country would be considered a part of Japan until 1945. In order to establish..
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  1. 1910: Earth passes through the tail of Halley's comet. The anticipation of its arrival creates quite a stir. In some circles, the comet's unusually close approach is seen as a sign of.
  2. Everywoman in 1910: No vote, poor pay, little help - Why the world had to change As we celebrate International Women's Day today, it is an appropriate time to think back through our mothers and.
  3. 1910 Overview 1910 Census Day was April 15, 1910. William Howard Taft was President of the United States on Census Day, April 15, 1910. Authorizing Legislation. Legislation for the 1910 census was introduced initially in December 1907, but was not enacted into law until July 1909

Mexican Revolution. The Mexican Revolution, which began in 1910, ended dictatorship in Mexico and established a constitutional republic. A number of groups, led by revolutionaries including. On the 31 May 1910, exactly eight years after the Boers had made peace with the English through the Treaty of Vereeniging, South Africa became a Union. Despite the mistrust in the Boer camp, the Afrikaners, as they now became known, had negotiated and achieved self-determination About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Apr 19, 1910. First Talking Motion Picture Movie The first talking movie in canada takes place on April 19th 1910 Jan 17, 1912. First Women Professor Carie Derick became the first women in canada to become a professor. This is important becasue it shows other women in Canada and all ove the world that women can do everything that man can

On October 13, 1910, the history of African American basketball shifted forever What was the cause of the Mexican Revolution in 1910? The Mexican Revolution started in 1910, when liberals and intellectuals began to challenge the regime of dictator Porfirio Díaz, who had been in power since 1877, a term of 34 years called El Porfiriato, violating the principles and ideals of the Mexican Constitution of 1857 1910: Film companies began to move to the area later known as Hollywood. Los Angeles annexed Hollywood. 1910: The first film made in the new municipality of Hollywood, by Biograph and director D.W. Griffith, In Old California (1910), was released. It launched the film industry in the city Established in the 1880s, this was the major union of that decade. It was made up of unions of many industries and accepted unskilled workers. American Federation of Labor. National labor union formed by Samuel Gompers in 1886; original goal was to organize skilled workers by craft. Industrial workers of the World 1910. Jan 6 In the French colony of Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) people of the Abé ethnicity rebel. They attack railway stations and cut the railway line at twenty-five points. Troops will suppress the rebellion. Jan 7 President Taft fires a Roosevelt appointee, Gifford Pinchot, head of the forest service. He had criticized Taft's Secretary of.

1910: White switches from steam to gasoline 1910: August Horch in Germany builds the first Audi automobile, the Type A 1910: Billy Durant is forced out of General Motors while Charles Nash, a former Durant-Dort worker, is appointed in charge of Buick 1910: Renault diversifies by producing a range of model This year marks the 100th anniversary of the great influenza pandemic of 1918.Between 50 and 100 million people are thought to have died, representing as much as 5 percent of the world's population The authors calculate that the decade from 1900-1910 was cooler than more than 95 percent of all the other decades in the Holocene. But things pretty much ended there. As in the hockey stick. Brief Timeline of American Literature and Events. 1910-1919. Mann Act adopted by Congress to stop the transportation of women across state lines for immoral purposes and to stem the importation of European women to work in American brothels. This law becomes known as the white slave traffic act, and in the next few years, alarm about the. Vintage home wall decor from the early 20th century. Article from the Los Angeles Herald (Los Angeles, California) January 2, 1910; Images 1-4 below from Peaslee-Gaulert Co. Inc (1913) & Image 5 from Sears (1916) Wall decorations occupy the attention of the homekeeper much more than formerly. In former times, it was the custom for people of.

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  1. g the company's violation of Missouri.
  2. Titanic events from today in history. New York Times (1910) MRS. ASTOR TO GET ONLY $50,000 A YEAR — 3rd February 1910. New York Times (1910) MRS. ASTOR ASKS A DECREE — 2nd March 1910. The New York Times (1910) KILLED AT COL. ASTOR'S HOME — 2nd July 1910. New York Times (1910) COL. THOMAS POTTER, JR. — 3rd December 1910
  3. A Century of Women 1910-1920. Introduction. The period between 1910 and 1920 witnessed some of the most turbulent events in Irish history as the Home Rule crisis intensified and suffragists, unionists and republicans all became involved in an issue of huge significance
  4. 29th May » The Republic of Prekmurje is founded. 2nd June » Anarchism e.g Anarchists simultaneously 1919 United States anarchist bombings called set off bombs in eight separate U.S. cities. 6th June » The Republic of Prekmurje ends. 7th June » Sette giugno: Four people are killed in a riot in Malta
  5. T here isn't much known about Allen Brooks, the 65-year-old black man lynched in broad daylight in downtown Dallas on March 3, 1910. But what we do know is that 5,000 people gathered to watch him die. And it's likely we'll never learn much more about Brooks: His life was cut short before he had an opportunity to receive due process under the law, to give his side of the story

Major Events in European History 1900-2020. 1900-Bernhard von Bulow, German Chancellor. 1901-Queen Victoria Dies. 1901-Social Revolutionary Party Founded in Russia. 1903-Entente Cordiale Established. 1903-King and Queen of Serbia Murdered. 1903-Russian Socialist Party Splits Into Two. 1903-Turks Massacre Bulgarians Women's rights' during the 1910's. Birth Control Organizations. By 1900 many women were beginning to strive for a greater say in the society they were contributing to, but the struggle for more rights was a long one. As the article stated Women were still expected to care for their families and keep the home, regardless of their work outside. 1910 27 May - Reform of Prussian three-class voting system fails. 1911 Return to Timeline Search Page. 1911 9 February - Churchill speech declaring British fleet a necessity and a German fleet a luxury 1911 March - British plans for B.E.F. mobilization in event of British intervention in general contintental war ready (schedule of mobilization).

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1910 in History - What happened in year 1910 Published on April 7th, 2009 in 20th Century in History In history, year 1910 has its own importance and known for many memorable events like famous birthdays, inventions, natural disaster, treaties, change of rulers, special days etc. Find below a list of important historical events which happened. The lynching of black women and men by white mobs became almost commonplace in communities near Atlanta between 1880 and 1910. Whites lynched an African American woman and man in Jonesboro, Georgia, in 1880. In 1889 Warren Powell was lynched in East Point. The 1899 lynching of Sam Hose in Newnan and 11 other black men in Palmetto were. J. M. Barrie, Peter and Wendy (1911) Barrie's most famous story originated in 1904 as a play, and was published in novel form in 1911. As with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the enduring popularity and relevance of this text is self-evident, but the older I get the more I think it relevant to modern American life (despite the fact that Barrie was a Scot who lived in London)—the vile.

Hungary in its modern (post-1946) borders roughly corresponds to the Great Hungarian Plain (the Pannonian basin).During the Iron Age, it was located at the crossroads between the cultural spheres of the Celtic Tribes (such as the Scordisci, Boii and Veneti), Dalmatian Tribes (such as the Dalmatae, Histri and Liburni) and the Germanic Tribes (such as the Lugii and Marcomanni) The Establishment of Israel (1920 - 1939) During and immediately after World War I Arab nationalism awakened. Feisal Ibn-Hussein, a son of the emir of Mecca, and the Zionist leader, Chaim Weizmann, tried to work out a plan to realize the national aspirations of both Jews and Arabs. But with the loss of Damascus, the base of the Arab.

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Adolf Hitler: Early Years, 1889-1913. Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was born on April 20, 1889, in the Upper Austrian border town Braunau am Inn, located approximately 65 miles east of Munich and nearly 30 miles north of Salzburg. He was baptized a Catholic. His father, Alois Hitler (1837-1903), was a mid-level customs official Kentucky Birth, Marriage and Death Microfilm Listing (1852-1910) Adair - Roll #994027 Birth Records 1852-1859, 1861, 1874-1876, 1878, 1893-1894, 1903-1904, 1906-1907, 1909-1910

Share this article!The recently unified country of Italy in the early 1900s faced several issues continuously. Italy had a very large debt, very few natural resources, and almost no transportation or industries. This combined along with a high ratio of poverty, illiteracy, and an uneven tax structure weighed heavily on [ One major event that happened in the 1900s was the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901. That same year, on September 14, Theodore Roosevelt became president of the United States. Many other events happened in the 1900s, not just in the United States, but throughout the world. The events that took place did not just pertain to.

Education and the arts also flourished with this prosperity. Three colleges were founded in this period: Randolph-Macon Woman's College (1893), Sweet Briar (1901), and Lynchburg College (1903). A new high school was built in 1899, and soon replaced by a larger one in 1910. The Jones Memorial Library opened as the first public library in 1907 John Boynton Priestley was born at 34 Mannheim Road, off Toller Lane in the town of Bradford in Yorkshire, England, in September of 1894. His father was a successful schoolmaster and his mother died when he was still an infant. Priestley studied at Belle Vue Grammar School, but left his studies at the age of 16 and worked for four years (1910. 1910. 1910. Wagons to Cars. In 1910, Deadwood's population is estimated to be 3,653 people and Lawrence County begins turning wagon roads into improved highways. 1911. 1911. Presidential Visit. President William Howard Taft vists Deadwood and Lead. 1913. 1913. Deadwood Auditorium

The high-tech city of Huntsville which sprawls at the foot of a mountain in North Alabama is equally at home in the 19th century or the 21st. Huntsville's tourist attractions reflect the heritage of Alabama's first English-speaking city, the strife of the American Civil War, and the accomplishments of America's rocket scientists It warmed just as fast in 1860-1880 and 1910-1940 In fact, the rate of warming from 1975-2001, at 0.16 °C per decade, was the fastest rate to be sustained for more than a decade in the 160-year record, but exactly the same rate occurred from 1860-1880 and again from 1910-1940, when we could not possibly have had anything to do with it. (Christopher Monckton The diplomatic drift towards war: 1890-1914: In the years leading to World War I there are five major powers within Europe - Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia, France and Britain International Women Workers' Day was celebrated there in 1913 and 1914. On March 8th, 1917, female workers' uprisings in Petrograd (modern-day St Petersburg) were considered to be the first day of the Russian revolution by the Bolsheviks. A new tradition was born and March 8th became an opportunity for communist parties to mobilize women

From 1880 to 1910, a case of American Fever began to spread across the country as thousands of Danes began to scrimp and save to buy passage out of Copenhagen Harbor. By 1914, nearly 300,000 Danes had immigrated to the United States. Although they came with few possessions, most Danish immigrants made a good life for themselves in America Korea as a Colony of Japan, 1910-1945: Japanese Colonial Rule (1910-1945) Japanese colonial rule (1910-1945) was a contradictory experience for Koreans. On the one hand, Japanese colonialism was often quite harsh. For the first ten years Japan ruled directly through the military, and any Korean dissent was ruthlessly crushed

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What Happened in 1910. 1910 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Aug Sep Oct Dec. 1910 Emil Kraepelin Proposes Naming New Disease Alzheimer's Disease. In 1910, Emil Kraepelin proposed naming this new disease after Alzheimer. Read more. 1910 Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer Open Practice. In 1910 Gropius left the firm of Behrens and together with fellow employee. American History 1910s Summary. These are some of the important events in American history during the decade starting 1910. The U.S. Presidents of the 1910's were Woodrow Wilson and William Taft. William Taft was president of the United States from 1909-1913. After he retired from the presidency, he was selected to become Chief Justice of The. The Mexican Revolution, which began on November 20, 1910, and continued for a decade, is recognized as the first major political, social, and cultural revolution of the 20th century. In order to better understand this decade-long civil war, we offer an overview of the main players on the competing sides, primary source materials for point of view analysis, discussion of how the arts reflected. The Great Fire of 1910. It was fanned by a tornadic wind so violent that the flames flattened out ahead, swooping to earth in great darting curves, truly a veritable red demon from hell.. Touted as the largest forest fire in America and quite possibly the largest anywhere, the great fire of 1910 was fueled by a seemingly perfect. Nightingale Timeline 1820-1910 Nightengale Events 1820—May 12 Florence is born in Florence, Italy while her family was on vacation. Her family actually lived in England. 1820 1830 1840 1850 1860 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910 World, U.S., and Church History Events 1820 1830 1840 1850 1860 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910 1853-1856— Crimean Wa

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This is a brief chronology of the milestones of Washington history. Part 3 covers 1901 to 1950. Search the HistoryLink.org database for detailed essays on these events. 1901-1910. Yacolt Burn, largest forest fire in recorded state history burns from September 11 to 13, 1902. Freeland, a socialist utopian community, is established on Whidbey. 1910 . The largest plague outbreak in the 20th century occurred in Manchuria between 1910 and 1911. Approximately 60,000 people died. The plague still occasionally causes smaller outbreaks in.

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  1. People have lived in Montana for over twelve thousand years. Thus, the history of Montana's people begins long before the earliest events recorded on this timeline
  2. foster children. By 1910, more than 1,150 institutions, with varying conditions, held 150,000 children. The health of young children was abysmal by modern standards, as about 1 in 4 children in 1900 died by age 5. Likewise, two million children between the ages of 10 and 15 worked in factories, on farms, and on urban streets
  3. The American Lung Association is dedicated to the cure and control of all lung diseases, but its formation in 1904 was in response to only one: tuberculosis.During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, tuberculosis (TB) was the leading cause of death in the United States, and one of the most feared diseases in the world
  4. Syphilis. Syphilis, or the French pox, (as well as other venereal diseases) were rampant and caused large numbers of the population to be deaf, blind, idiotic or suffer from jaundice. General paralysis (of the insane) (GPI) was a late stage of syphilis (tertiary syphilis) and a frequent cause of incarceration in lunatic asylums (Allen)
  5. The Year 1990 From The People History . What happened in 1990 Major News Stories include East and West Germany reunite, Mecca Stampede kills thousands, Iraq Invades Kuwait, Hubble Space Telescope placed in orbit, Tim Berners-Lee publishes formal proposal for the WWW, Strangeways Prison Rioting, Channel Tunnel French and English sides connect together, First in-car Satellite Navigation System.
  6. One of the most interesting and persistent phenomena that happened in Southwest in the 20th century was immigration from Mexico. The migration of Mexican laborers to America began with the construction of Mexican railroads that connected the United States border towns with Mexico City. The number of laborers rose greatly with the completion of Mexico'

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It would become the National Collegiate Athletic Association in 1910. More. June 8, 1906 - President Theodore Roosevelt grants protection to Indian ruins and authorizes presidents to designate lands with historic and scientific features as national monuments. This act, now known as the Antiquities Act, which would be utilized by Roosevelt to. Shift change at the Ford factory in Detroit, circa 1910. (Library of Congress) Sept. 16, 1908 William Durant and Charles Stewart Mott found General Motors in Flint, Mich., as a holding company for. 1900-1910: Style. As mentioned, the early 20th century was defined by a conservative fashion in combination with nature. Women's fashion was neat, covering and detailed with ruffles, buttons and lace in layers. The colors were often in sweet pastels or a traditional set of a white blouse and a black skirt It was produced from late 1910 to 1914, and during 1911 and 1912, the Wright Company was shipping four Model Bs a month out the factory door. The Model B used the same control system, engine, propellers, air foil, and wing configuration as the Model A, but the rear outriggers were extended so the rudder and elevator were further from the wing Russian Immigration to America from 1880-1910. While first- and second-class passengers avoided long lines and meticulous inspections, the bulk of incomers arrived in steerage, where some 2,000 lived in close quarters under deck for the duration of the journey, sometimes lasting upwards of two weeks. About 1900, New York City

The Revolution began with a call to arms on 20th November 1910 to overthrow the current ruler and dictator Porfirio Díaz Mori. Díaz was an ambitious president, keen to develop Mexico into an. 1910 Boy Scouts of America incorporated. Angel Island, in San Francisco Bay, becomes immigration center for Asians entering U.S. 1911 First use of aircraft as offensive weapon in Turkish-Italian War. Italy defeats Turks and annexes Tripoli and Libya. Chinese Republic proclaimed after revolution overthrows Manchu dynasty. Sun Yat-sen named. What Happened in 1920 Important News and Events, Key Technology & Popular Culture. 1920 Year In History including 1920 Year In History including Eighteenth Amendment / Prohibition and the Nineteenth Amendment / Womens Right To Vote. 1920 was the start Start of The Twenties Housing Boom, Russian Civil war Ends, First Red Scare and Palmer Raids. Explore the Map and Timeline of Slavery in America. Learn more about slavery after the Civil War by scrolling through the timeline and map. Points on the map include photos, videos and more.

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In February 1910, he moved into a home for poor men where he would stay for the next few years. Hitler sometimes earned a little money as a day laborer, shoveling snow and carrying bags at the train station. He then discovered he could earn a meager living selling pictures of famous Vienna landmarks which he copied from postcards Census of 1910. U.S. population: 93,402,151 Black population: 9,827,763 (10.7%) Crisis debuts. The first issue of Crisis, a publication sponsored by the NAACP and edited by W. E.B. Du Bois, appeared on November 1. Segregated neighborhoods. On December 19, the City Council of Baltimore approved the first city ordinance designating the boundaries of black and white neighborhoods Edwardian Period 1901 - 1910. In this historic period we explore Britain as it slipped from the pinnacle of its triumph as an Empire. Politicians at home grappled with the new emerging face of Britain and with the quickly evolving societal shifts that were emerging, womens rights, the Labour Party and trade unions NOTES * Holland, although technically a submersible torpedo boat, was the first of some 500 or so diesel-electric boats commonly referred to as submarines. *** About 20 steel ships, converted to gunboats, were bought by the Navy in 1898 because of the war with Spain. # Before the Spanish-American War, this category included the small freight carrier Fern

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African-American History Timeline: 1910 to 1919. fave. like. share. The East St. Louis Race Riot begins on July 1. When the two day riot is over, an estimated forty people are killed, several hundred are hurt and thousands are displaced from their homes. The NAACP organizes a silent march in response to lynchings, race riots and social injustice France had a quick succession of prime ministers. Clemenceau was attacked for not getting more for France at the Paris Peace Conference, and he resigned as prime minister in January 1920. Poincaré's term as president ended a month later. Clemenceau was followed as prime minister by Alexandre Millerand, who was adamantly opposed to labor strikes 1910: The population of St Petersburg is 1,905,600 Nov 1910: Lev Tolstoy dies, possibly the most famous writer in the world, and his funeral becomes a mass protest against the secular and religious authorities 1911: Russia invades the northern provinces of Iran 1911: Siberia's population is now 85% Russia

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On how financial turmoil in the early 20 th century led to the Federal Reserve Act:. There had been a financial panic, and there had been a banking panic. So what happened in 1907 was every bank. 34 • Crime and Justice Atlas 2000 T he arrival of the new millennium provides an opportunity to reflect on the past and consider the challenges of the future. The 20th century saw remarkable changes in the administration of justice, and the 21st century will undoubtedly bring a host of new issues and challenges A selected history of Australia from ABC Archives & Library Services from 1910-191

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In the 1900-1910 timeline, these signal events were reported in the press depicting the state's turbulent times: 1900. William Goebel won a controversial election for governor but was shot as he approached the Capitol. He was sworn in on the steps and died soon after The Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) then increased the flow: war refugees and political exiles fled to the United States to escape the violence. Mexicans also left rural areas in search of. A chronology of key events in the history of China. 221-206 BC - King Ying Zheng of Qin for the first time unites much of the Chinese heartland, becomes the first ruler to use the title emperor.

The Seine is overflowing, but these archival photos of1910 What happened on | TakeMeBackShin's Modern World History blog: The Events Happened InWHATEVER HAPPENED IN 1910 LP Record - Sealed | eBay

One child, Oceanus Hopkins, was born during the voyage and died during the first winter in Massachusetts. Another, Peregrine White, was born shipboard off Cape Cod and lived to an old age. The. An introduction to the social and political influences behind J. B. Priestley's 'An Inspector Calls'. The distinction between when 'An Inspector Calls' is set (1912) and when it was written (1945. 1910 KIEV (Ukraine) Twelve hundred Jewish families were expelled. 1911 - 1986 HANK GREENBERG (USA) Baseball player and all star outfielder for the Detroit tigers from 1933-1947. Greenberg was picked Most Valuable Player twice, and was the first Jew elected to the baseball Hall of Fame (1956) Leaving the Workhouse. While residing in a workhouse, paupers were not allowed out without permission. Short-term absence could be granted for various reasons, such as a parent attending their child's baptism, or to visit a sick or dying relative. Able-bodied inmates could also be allowed out to seek work