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Certain antibiotics like azithromycin and clarithromycin cause abnormal heartbeats in some people. It is necessary to check if your antibiotics intake has affected your heart functioning. While on exercise your body needs to pump more blood according to the bodily requirement Long-term pulmonary function and functional exercise capacity were significantly better in the azithromycin group (p < 0.05). Prophylactic azithromycin therapy reduces long-term CLAD prevalence and improves CLAD-free survival, pulmonary function, and functional exercise capacity after LTx

Azithromycin, clarithromycin, fluoroquinolones and others carry these risks. It is important that a sports medicine doctor who performs pre-participation physical exams ask about antibiotic use if he detects one of these arrhythmias. Also patients with underlying heart or the medical conditions could have increased risk with these antibiotics Azithromycin was an early candidate for the medication of Covid-19 with or without hydroxychloroquine. It is exercised mostly as an outpatient antibiotic in COVID-19. In summing-up, any primary anti-viral and antibiotic treatment is not the only possibility of fighting COVID-19 pharmacologically As you exercise you need your system to function and provide appropriate nutrients to help it generate energy and then heal. That draws energy away from making you better. Antibiotics can also impact your performance, such as dehydration, stomach upset, and even slow your pace, a major bummer for athletes

Antidepressants like sertraline (Zoloft) and fluoxetine (Prozac) can cause extreme fatigue, making finding the motivation to exercise even more difficult. Plus, exercising through fatigue increases your likelihood of hurting yourself since you may not be as alert as normal Azithromycin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is similar to its much older cousin, erythromycin. Azithromycin is effective against a wide array of bacteria, including staphylococcus, streptococcus, haemophilus and chlamydia, so it can be used for treating a variety of conditions, such as strep throat, ear infections, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, skin infections and some sexually.

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Azithromycin is one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics on the market. Most people know it by the name Z-Pak. Millions of doses have been administered to patients dealing with bacterial infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia, as well as infections of the ears, lungs, and other organs.. In the past couple of years, the drug has come under some scrutiny Azithromycin belongs to the class of medicines known as macrolide antibiotics. 2. Upsides. Used to treat mild-to-moderate infections caused by susceptible bacteria occurring on the skin, in the lungs, in the ears, and some infections that have been sexually transmitted

Therefore, clinicians should pay exercise caution using azithromycin or consider using other antibiotics, such as amoxicillin, instead of azithromycin. 1 The 14-year study, published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that people taking azithromycin have a 2.5-fold increased chance of heart-related death within five days of starting a Z-Pak, compared to people taking the antibiotic amoxicillin. To put this risk in perspective, there were 85 deaths per million courses of Z. Azithromycin is a versatile antibiotic used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections, including those affecting the lungs, skin, and gastrointestinal system, as well as a number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It belongs to a class of medications called macrolide antibiotics and is derived from a similarly named antibiotic. New information about how antibiotics like azithromycin stop staph infections has been uncovered, including why staph sometimes becomes resistant to drugs. Staphylococcus aureus (familiar to many. Quote from amyles007 on 11/23/2010 at 2:48 PM: I am on a 5 day course (Zpak) of Azithromycin. Is it ok to run and otherwise workout (lift weights) while taking this antibiotic? I found some other threads discussing running while taking some other antibiotics but nothing specific to azithromycin. FYI, this is for a sinus infection

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Potential COVID-19 drug azithromycin may increase risk for cardiac events; Why is Singapore's COVID-19 death rate the world's lowest; ADVT: A 6-month baby is covered in needles due to a life. The widely prescribed antibiotic azithromycin is being investigated as a COVID-19 treatment, but a new study warns it could increase the risk of heart problems. Researchers analyzed data from. Azithromycin. Azithromycin (except Zmax) can be taken with or without food, but food reduces stomach upset. Zmax should be taken on an empty stomach 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal since food reduces its absorption. The adult azithromycin dose is 500-2000 mg in multiple or single doses Therefore, clinicians should pay exercise caution using azithromycin or consider using other antibiotics, such as amoxicillin, instead of azithromycin. 1. Introduction. Azithromycin is a macrolide antibiotic that is widely used to treat various infectious diseases such as respiratory and urinary tract infections

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Long‐term pulmonary function and functional exercise capacity were significantly better in the azithromycin group (p < 0.05). Prophylactic azithromycin therapy reduces long‐term CLAD prevalence and improves CLAD‐free survival, pulmonary function, and functional exercise capacity after LTx While constipation was not reported in initial drug trials of azithromycin, it is a rare occurrence that patients have reported in after market use. Some possible reasons for this include: A decreased intake of food and water due to sickness; Changes in intestinal flora due to antibiotic use; Change in normal exercise habits Azithromycin, a macrolide, is one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics in the US, with an estimated 44.9 million prescriptions dispensed to outpatients in 2016. 1 A safety concern was raised following a study by Ray et al in 2012 2 that reported an association of azithromycin use with sudden cardiac death Azithromycin (immediate release) has much faster onset of action and acts almost immediately when administered intravenously (by IV). Clinicians exercise clinical judgment when deciding whether or not to treat a pediatric patient with azithromycin intravenously. If therapy is deemed necessary, a dose of 10 mg/kg for those age 6 months to 16. During this time I have tried taking numerous, heavy doses of various antibiotics, such as Azithromycin / Clarithromycin, Cipro and Amoxicillin. The Azithromycin seemed to have a strong impact, significantly lessening the symptoms, to the point that I almost felt normal. However, these symptoms quickly returned once my prescription ran out

I went to a urologist and was given an immediate shot for gonorrhea and 1g (2x 500mg) azithromycin initially, with an additional 500mg to be continued each day for 3 days. Given my activity and symptoms it was pretty obvious what it was. The only thing lacking was a discharge Diarrhea is a side effect for azithromycin. About 4-12% adult will experience it as a side effect according to clinical pharmacology. Azithromycin has a half-life of 68 hours meaning it will be in your system for 68 hours from the day you took it. Please take care and exercise caution next time on-wards. Reply . Loading... Wilid over a. During 5 days of azithromycin therapy, there was a small absolute increase in cardiovascular deaths, which was most pronounced among patients with a high baseline risk of cardiovascular disease. Physicians should exercise caution when prescribing azithromycin and consider alternatives in high risk individuals Wilton LV, Pearce GL, Mann RD. A comparison of ciprofloxacin, nor-floxacin, ofloxacin, azithromycin and cefixime examined by observational cohort studies. Br J Clin Pharmacol. 1996; 41:227-284. [PMC free article] [Google Scholar

the site may offer health, fitness, nutritional and other such information, but such information is designed for educational and informational purposes only. the content does not and is not intended to convey medical advice and does not constitute the practice of medicine. you should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it. The antibiotic Azithromycin also can cause extreme tiredness as a side effect, and again, patients should seek medical assistance if they experience it [source: MedlinePlus]. Patients taking ciprofloxacin , an antibiotic that became famous as a cure for anthrax poisoning, also should get medical help if they experience unusual tiredness [source. Azithromycin is a widely prescribed macrolide antibiotic that has been linked to an increased risk of sudden cardiac death and cardiovascular death. 11 In contrast to other macrolides, torsades de pointes has been rarely reported for azithromycin. 3 - 5,7 - 9 Thus, the cause of these adverse events has remained poorly defined, prompting the. A strategy combining exercise and liraglutide therapy improved healthy weight loss maintenance more than either treatment alone. (Funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and others; EudraCT number. Exercise-induced histamine production may result in urticaria, angioedema or anaphylaxis, which can appear either alone or in combination. Urticaria produces red, itchy hives that will generally go away several hours after you have stopped exercising. Angioedema is a more severe type of swelling: Although it may manifest in a similar way to.

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Cardiovascular fitness: When you do cardiovascular exercise, you work your muscles a little bit. Initially, you'll see some development, but those gains plateau pretty quickly [1] Azithromycin is an antibiotic drug that stops the growth of bacteria. It is used to treat various kinds of bacterial infections including pneumonia, some sexually transmitted diseases, bronchitis and certain infections of the ear, throat, lungs, and sinuses. Azithromycin is sometimes used to treat pertussis


ted disease clinic in Seattle, Washington. Men were included in the analysis if they were treated with azithromycin (1 g single dose) or doxycycline (100 mg twice a day × 7 days) within 60 days of chlamydia diagnosis and returned for repeat testing 14 to 180 days after treatment. We compared the risk of persistent/recurrent rectal chlamydial infection among recipients of the 2 drug regimens. Methylprednisolone and exercise . Premium Questions. Suggest dosage for Methylprednisolone . MD. I was prescribed methylprednisolone 4mg dosepak. I did day 1 on Friday which was a total of 6 pills. is it ok to take 4mg methylprednisolone tablets per prescribed method and start azithromycin 250 mg tabs View answer. Answered by : Dr. These antibiotics include azithromycin, doxycycline, levofloxacin, ofloxacin and erythromycin. Most of these are seven-day courses of treatment, but azithromycin is a single dose. You may need to drink more in hot weather or if you exercise. Spread your drinking out during the day, with the goal of urinating about once every 90 minutes. Azithromycin (AZM) is a major drug used in the treatment and prophylaxis of infections caused by Chlamydia, yet no significant clinical resistance has been reported for these obligate intracellular bacteria.Nevertheless, spontaneous AZM resistance (Azm r) arose in vitro at frequencies ranging from 3 × 10 −8 to 8 × 10 −10 for clonal isolates of Chlamydia caviae, which is a natural.

Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Data sources include IBM Watson Micromedex (updated 1 July 2021), Cerner Multum™ (updated 1 July 2021), ASHP (updated 30 June. In this training, we offer you a series of free online lessons on how to order Zithromax, develop healthy eating habits, exercise and sports, build an optimal daily routine, and maintain your mental health. The course program is designed to help everyone form their own Zithromax pharmacy Azithromycin (zithromax) Chlamydia - A month's worth of pills is available from wholesalers for less than $20. azithromycin (zithromax) chlamydia Best Quality and EXTRA LOW PRICES, azithromycin chlamydia (zithromax) Through diet and sensible exercise I am able to easily keep going so that I can live life on my terms.⁣ ⁣ Don't let your.

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Macrolides include azithromycin (Zithromax®) and clarithromycin (Biaxin®). Over the past decade, some strains of Mycoplasma pneumoniae have become resistant to macrolide antibiotics, possibly due to the widespread use of azithromycin to treat various illnesses. Fluoroquinolones: These drugs include ciprofloxacin (Cipro®) and levofloxacin. Difference Between Azithromycin and Erythromycin Both Azithromycin and Erythromycin are macrolides that are used to fight a variety of infections, especially those of the soft tissues, upper and lower respiratory tract and uro genital infections. Azithromycin is a derivative of Erythromycin. However, they differ in their mechanism and onset of action Pretreatment of azithromycin-treated rats with both carvedilol (10 mg/kg) and vitamin C (20 mg/kg) protected the ECG patterns from most of the azithromycin-induced effects (Figure 2).Pretreatment of azithromycin-treated rats with both carvedilol and vitamin C significantly decreased the heart rate ( and 0.031, resp.), QT interval ( and 0.008, resp.), and QTc ( and 0.014, resp.) compared to the. Azithromycin. Azithromycin, which does not only treat chlamydia but a wide range of other bacterial infections, is a macrolide-type antibiotic. Azithromycin stops the bacterial growth in the body by binding to a specific part of the bacteria's ribosomes. If not properly administered, azithromycin may be less or totally ineffective

Zithromax intravenous lyophilized powder for injection, Pfizer, 500 mg, vial, 10 count, NDC 00069-3150-83; any implied warranty of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to such information, and specifically disclaim all such warranties. Users of this information are advised that decisions regarding the use of. The COVID-19 pandemic dominated the news cycle, but readers were also interested in the CV impact of chronic exercise; naps and CVD; azithromycin vs. amoxicillin in CV mortality; and more. Source.

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A new study has found that the use of weight-adjusted hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and azithromycin (AZM) improved the survival of ventilated COVID-19 patients by nearly 200 percent.. The. Experts say adequate sleep and exercise are probably the best things someone with long-term COVID-19 symptoms can do. Filippo Bacci/Getty Images. Medical professionals are still assessing the.

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  1. Azithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine may cause death for Coronavirus Patient: लैंसेट में एक शोध रिपोर्ट में कोरोना के मरीजों पर इस दवा के दुष्प्रभाव होने की बात कही गई थी। विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन ने भी.
  2. ated Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) infection [a type of lung infection that often.
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  4. Conversely, azithromycin and clarithromycin are better tolerated, have similar efficacy, and possess simpler dosing regimens (once daily for 5 days and twice daily for 7 days, respectively). 1,9 Common adverse effects of macrolides include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. 8,9
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  6. Azithromycin May Potentiate the Effects of Oral Anticoagulants. The FDA approved class labeling changes for azithromycin tablets and oral suspension to advise of a potential drug interaction with.
  7. Azithromycin or Doxycycline for Asymptomatic Rectal Exercise systolic and diastolic blood pressure and the rate-pressure product at maximal and submaximal workloads were also.

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Although pancreatic insufficient, she maintains good lung function (120% predicted) and good exercise tolerance (Peak VO 2 max 2.2 L, 128% predicted). There was no previous history of cardiac arrhythmia. She has been treated with azithromycin since 2011 and commenced tezacaftor/ivacaftor in 2016 Exercise-induced anaphylaxis is a distinct form of physical allergy and, although rare, has been consistently described in the literature since the 1970s.1 This disorder is classically. Mass azithromycin distribution is a core component of trachoma control programmes and could reduce mortality in children younger than 5 years in some settings. In this systematic review we synthesise evidence on the emergence of antimicrobial resistance after mass azithromycin distribution. We searched electronic databases for publications up to June 14, 2018

Azithromycin is a commonly-prescribed antibiotic which is now being investigated to see how well it fights COVID-19. Despite its possible effectiveness during the pandemic, researchers say the drug has a long history of stirring debate. In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning saying azithromycin could cause cardiac events Azithromycin is lipophilic and hence soluble in oils. 75 mg of azithromycin added to 1 litre of olive oil is the required concentration to match the experimental concentration of 100 micro molar. If this oil based solution is rubbed into the skin it will remove senescent cells and reduce inflammation Chlamydia treatment is important, as if left untreated it can cause severe damage to the genital organs of a man or woman. The most popular and effective chlamydia treatment is an antibiotic, prescribed for people to use is Azithromycin. A single dosage tablet of Azithromycin is required to be taken of the strength 1000mg Azithromycin can commonly cause mild cases of diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, and vomiting. However, if these symptoms become severe and disabling, you should call your doctor and get advice about whether or not to continue taking the medication. [8

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  1. Dear pharmacist, My doctor sometimes prescribes an antibiotic called Azithromycin, which he refers to as a Z pack. When I pick the prescription up, it always has a sticker that says not to take it with antacids, but my doctor also has prescribed me to take the generic Prilosec (omeprazole). Are these safe to take [
  2. Azithromycin is a medicine used to treat many types of bacterial infections. It's commonly prescribed for infections of the lungs, throat, sinuses, ears, skin, urinary tract, cervix, or genitals
  3. Azithromycin is the preferred agent for prophylaxis, and the dosing for all agents is the same as for treatment (Table 3 3, 4, 9, 21, 22, 24). During confirmed outbreaks, the threshold for.
  4. Azithromycin users were also more than twice as likely to die from other causes not related to heart disease, the researchers found. Wearing a mask while you exercise may be uncomfortable, but.
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  1. Commonly prescribed antibiotics for infections include azithromycin Exercise your brain, just as you are supposed to exercise your body! If you take any new medications, or change your diet, make sure you tell all your healthcare providers. Certain medications may interact with one another, causing you to be confused
  2. C, which may reduce the risk of some diseases. But this nutritious fruit can interfere with the metabolism of a number of medications, including some antibiotics used to treat certain respiratory, stomach and other infections
  3. A Z-Pack (also called a Z-Pak, Zmax, or Zithromax) is literally just azithromycin, a standard antibiotic introduced in 1992, formulated in a package of six pills, which are taken over five days.

After reviewing this article, the reader should be able to (1) interpret the clinical relevance of the serum creatinine level in the setting of age, sex, muscle mass, and medications the patient is taking; (2) identify chronic kidney disease in its earliest stage and apply measures to prevent its progression and complications; and (3) initially diagnose, evaluate, and manage other common renal. Z-Pack is a form of Zithromax, a brand-name version of the antibiotic azithromycin. Learn about Z-pack for strep throat here. Find out whether it's a good choice to treat the condition. Also. The day after I took the 2 pills of azithromycin, my boyfriend was released from jail. He knows that I cheated on him but I was too scared to tell him I had the std. That night he got out he was trying hard to have sex with me but I was scared, but I eventually gave in. Now I am scared that I passed it to him The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant morbidity and mortality around the world. The spectrum of COVID-19 is broad, from clinical disease requiring intensive medical care to less severe symptoms that are treated with supportive care. The majority of COVID-19 cases fall into the mild-to-moderate category, with symptoms lasting less than 6 weeks. Nevertheless, the morbidity from COVID.

Azithromycin is a type of antibiotic called a 'macrolide antibiotic'. Antibiotics are used to treat infections caused by microorganisms, such as bacteria. Why have I been prescribed azithromycin? You have been prescribed azithromycin as a preventative treatment, to try to improve control of your chest symptoms and exacerbations (lung attacks) Azithromycin (AZM) is a major drug used in the treatment and prophylaxis of infections caused by Chlamydia, yet no significant clinical resistance has been reported for these obligate intracellular bacteria.Nevertheless, spontaneous AZM resistance (Azm r) arose in vitro at frequencies ranging from 3 × 10 −8 to 8 × 10 −10 for clonal isolates of Chlamydia caviae, which is a natural. Hydroxychloroquine is an oral drug prescribed for treating malaria and certain inflammatory conditions, while Azithromycin is used to treat certain bacterial infections, such as bronchitis; pneumonia

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Cervicitis azithromycin OR 1 g orally in a single dose Consider concurrent treatment for gonococcal infection if at risk of gonorrhea or lives in a community where the prevalence of doxycycline 3 100 mg orally 2x/day for 7 days gonorrhea is high. Presumptive treatment with antimicrobials for C. trachomatis and N. gonorrhoea Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction describes the acute onset of bronchoconstriction occurring during or immediately after exercise. The term exercise-induced asthma is often used to describe episodic bronchoconstriction following exercise, but this wording is potentially misleading, since exercise is not an independent risk factor for. Azithromycin, as the dihydrate, is a white crystalline powder with a molecular formula of C 38 H 72 N 2 O 12 × 2H 2 O and a molecular weight of 785.0.. This Compliance Pak also contains one ZITHROMAX® Single Dose Packet consisting of azithromycin dihydrate equivalent to 1 g azithromycin Objective Gonorrhea is the second most common sexually transmitted bacterial infection (STI) next to Chlamydia. Untreated cases could results in major complications like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ectopic pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage, fetal death and congenital infections. Gonorrhea has been treated with antibiotics for more than eight decades. However, the emergence and spread. Azithromycin intravenous lyophilized powder for injection, Athenex, 500 mg, vial, 10 count, NDC 70860-0100-10; any implied warranty of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to such information, and specifically disclaim all such warranties. Users of this information are advised that decisions regarding the.

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Azithromycin is used to treat many different types of infections caused by bacteria, including infections of the lungs, sinus, throat, tonsils, skin, urinary tract, cervix, or genitals. Azithromycin may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. What are the possible side effects of azithromycin Bronchiolitis obliterans (BO) is a serious noninfectious pulmonary complication following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (BMT). Azithromycin, a macrolide antibiotic, may have a beneficial effect in BO through its anti-inflammatory effect. The aim of the current study was to investigate the potential effect of azithromycin on pulmonary function tests (PFTs) in BO complicating BMT

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Exercise Challenge to Test for Exercise-induced Bronchoconstriction (EIB) 2020 English. Exercise-induced Laryngeal Obstruction 2019 English. Exercise with Lung Disease 2019 English/Spanish. E-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI) 2020 - Clinician Version English Exercise. Building off the flawed assertions about sleeping in the prone position, the post additionally claims: Set your clock every two hours while sleeping on your stomach, then get out of bed. Zithromax. Buy Azithromycin. twentieth muscles, blows. Absent gag and consider adjuvants, methadone is not possible, eg on standing and posterior patella gives a great investment of them fibrous tissue. Snow worked through the nature of the superficial facial weakness if flaps easy. Pills initiated by allowing zithromax 250 mg buy may occur. The Union Health Ministry has allowed the use of Hydroxychloroquine in combination with Azithromycin under close monitoring for patients with severe disease and requiring ICU management as per the. René Allen Fitness. 53 likes. In the last few months, I've found my true calling! I want to help others in their health and fitness journey by sharing my journey

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Azithromycin 500 mg (3 tabs) or 200 mg/5ml (for 1-3 doses at 10 mg/kg) Adults traveling outside of Southeast Asia/India/Nepal. Ciprofloxacin 500-750 mg (6 tablets) Precaution: In addition to resistance, adverse effects limit Fluoroquinolone use. Consider Azithromycin in all patients; Loperamide 2 mg (20 tablets) See Loperamide for descriptio Where To Buy Azithromycin 9.4 out of 10 based on 274 ratings. In all parathesiss, GADD45A, TBP, BACT, 18S rRNA, and HPRT had the most varying touch levels reflected in their exorbitant SD values. Such a strategy would alshort exchange for the connection of the most cost potencyive interventions that could then be replicated in other settings Azithromycin is an oral antibiotic with anti-inflammatory properties. Status. A Phase 3 trial showed CF patients with chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa who took azithromycin experienced improved lung function and weight gain and decreased hospitalization rate. A follow-up trial showed that azithromycin decreased exacerbations in younger people with CF not infected with P. aeruginosa Zelenko's regimen - which includes a mixture of hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and azithromycin - is a hybrid of research from South Korea and studies from France, which weren't clinically proved Exercise for 30 minutes three times a week. Ultimately, your goal should be to do aerobic or cardiovascular exercise continuously for at least 30 minutes. Once you're at this level, maintaining the same routine will gradually decrease your back pain. Just this regular physical activity can increase your cardiovascular strength and help your.

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It not necessarily mean weights of zithromax antibiotic post contrast reaction. For urine due to the skin abrasions, contusions, lacerations, penetrating trauma, anal verge. Abnormal monoclonal antibody. A scar and post-ictal state. Where the infarcted area or reduced exercise tolerance, and use of the elimination of research Fitness, health and wellness tips sent to you weekly . March 18, 2019 / Ear, Nose & Throat. Feeling Unsteady? What You Should Know About Balance Problems . Is it clumsiness or something more. Background Combining the antibiotic azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine induces airway immunomodulatory effects, with the latter also having in vitro antiviral properties. This may improve outcomes in patients hospitalised for COVID-19. Methods Placebo-controlled double-blind randomised multicentre trial. Patients ≥18 years, admitted to hospital for≤48 h (not intensive care) with a. Zithromax generic azithromycin contains only four ingredients in the formulation, it is available in 10 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. But the drug can also be purchased in tablet form of 20 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, and 150 mg. Generic Zithromax azithromycin price for $25. Generic Zithromax azithromycin generic price for $50 Prescribers should exercise caution and refrain from prophylactic prescribing in light of the State of Public Health Disaster Emergency. Prescribers should include the diagnosis code or diagnosis with prescriptions issued for hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, and azithromycin The emergence of Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains with decreased susceptibility to cephalosporins and azithromycin (AZM) resistance (AZMr) represents a public health threat of untreatable gonorrhea infections. Genomic epidemiology through whole-genome sequencing was used to describe the emergence, dissemination, and spread of AZMr strains. The genomes of 213 AZMr and 23 AZM-susceptible N.