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Excursion - King of SUVs - Looking at a Lifted Excursion (6 lift/37 Tires) - Hey guys, Plan on looking at an Excursion in a few days and wondering what to look for when looking at a lifted truck? The Excursion is an 01' 7.3l with a supposed 6 Pro Comp lift with 37 Mickey Thompsons on 18 wheels. Says fuel bowl leaks.. 1,423 Posts. #2 · Jan 8, 2010. I just put 37's on my truck with a 6 inch lift and it rubs. I spaced the bumper out 1/2 to clear that. now the tires rub the spring and sometimes the rear fender liner but not much. I'm running a 355/60r20 though and its pretty wide but they do fit. F

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  1. Check out this unique 2004 Ford Excursion Limited with a huge Rough Country lift with dual shocks and dual shock sway bar up front, 37 inch tires and heavy d..
  2. The info I find now is mostly for newer trucks with lift/wheel/tire combinations. I don't find anything more specific to my setup. These are 18x9 Method wheels and I believe 0 backspacing. I've even seen 8 kits claim 37's will fit, but they say 12.5 wide tires and include a required backspacing. *edit:added screenshot of wheel info
  3. Joined Jul 9, 2007. ·. 51 Posts. #10 · Jan 14, 2011. If you get the glassworks fenders you can do it with about 3 of lift. Guy by the name of JDHolder had a Ex with 5 of lift, the fenders, and 40 tires stuffed under it. The fenders are about $400 right now. 1 - 10 of 10 Posts
  4. 35 tires - 4-6 lift needed. 37 tires = 6-8 lift needed. I bought my 2000 7.3L PSD (forged rods) Excursion, with an 8 lift (all-spring, i.e. no blocks, lift, double Bilstein 7100 smooth body resis in front, single Bilstein 7100 smooth bodies with heavy duty, 2500 lbs per side, air bags in rear) & 37 tires, and various other off-road mods.
  5. 2003 Ford F350 Crew Cab Long Bed 4x4, 6 Edge all spring lift with Adjustable Panrod Bar and Dual Steering Stabilizers, 37 BFG Mud Terrains, 4.56 Richmond Gears, DPPI Turbo Back Dual Exhaust, Autometer C2 Gauges on A Pillar, aFe Proguard 7 Intake, Reese Titan V Hitch, B&W Turnover Hitch, BrakeSmart controller, ORU Air Overload Syste

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Seats 8 comfortably and will tow anything. Engine (6.8 L/Headers)has 68k. My bad in video, I said 4.10 gear ratio, it's 4.30. Ford stopped making these in 05.. Ford Truck Tire Size - Lift Guide. Want to know how much lift you'll need to run those bigger tires? Under the tire sizes you'll see a number representing inches needed in lift. This can be either all suspension, or a combination of suspension and body lift. Tire Sizes (Amount of Lift Need (inches) Listed Below It

6″ Basic Lift Kit w/ Performance Shocks - K3093. SKU: K3093 Category: Tire Size - 37/12.50R20 Wheel Size - 20×9 wheels w/ 5 BS w/ minor trimming; FORD F250/F350/EXCURSION NISSAN TITAN/TITAN XD $ 22.21 Add to cart-VIEW PRODUCT DETAILS. Universal Spare Tire Flat Mount - FTT10001BK. 3-Inch Front / 2-Inch Rear: This 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty uses a Rough Country 3-inch suspension lift that raises the front 3-inches, and the rear 2-inches with a block. The tires are 320/60/20 (35.1 inches tall x 12.6 inches wide) Toyo Mud Terrains on 20×10 Fuel Hostage chrome wheels (offset -24 backspacing 4.6 This 2002 Ford Excursion 4WD is running Fuel Maverick 22x14-70 wheels, 37x13.5 tires with Skyjacker Suspension Lift 6 suspension, and needs Minor Plastic Trimming and has Rubs like crazy but who cares. As you can see from the pics this wheel and tire combo can be done!** With this 2002 Ford Excursion, the stance is Super Aggressive 3-5.

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6″ Basic Lift Kit w/ Rear Performance Shocks - K3086. SKU: K3086. Category: BASIC SYSTEMS Tags: FIVE SIXTY, LIFETIME, made-in-chino. $ 2,350.37. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more 05' Excursion 4 Suspension 325/65R18 Nitto Grapplers 18 Helo Maxx 8 Wheels. Side View of Excursion. 05 Ford Super Duty 6 Suspension Lift 37 Tires. 04' Super Duty 2 Suspension 35 BFG ATs 17 Helo Maxx 8 Wheels. Ford Super Duty 4 Suspension 35 BFG AT's Runnel Front Bumper Warn 12k lb Winch

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Rim Size. Tire Sizes. Ford Excursion Options. 16-Inch. 265-75-16. Eddie Bauer 4x2 Eddie Bauer 4x4 Limited 4x2 Limited 4x4 XLT 4x2 XLT 4x4 XLT SSV. 18-Inch. 275-65-18. Eddie Bauer 4x4 Limited 4x4 This 2003 Ford Excursion 4WD is running Moto Metal Mo962 22x14 -76 wheels, 37x13.5 tires with Rough Country Suspension Lift 6 suspension, and needs Minor Plastic Trimming and has Slight rub at full turn. As you can see from the pics this wheel and tire combo can be done!**. With this 2003 Ford Excursion, the stance is Super Aggressive 3-5 Shop Wheels & Tires. Custom selected for this kit. View. Call 800-222-7023. Text 731-503-8189. Chat Offline. Give your Ford F-150 an aggressive new look and unparalleled off-road performance with Rough Country's 6-inch Suspension Lift. This all-inclusive kit features everything needed to take your Ford off the freeway and into the fields 2005-2016 4wd Models. Tuff Country EZ-Ride suspension 2.5″ lift kits for the Ford F250 & F350 allow for 33″ tires and gives additional fender clearance. The included upper coil springs spacers lift the front of the F250 / F350 without sacrificing ride quality. Also Includes rear add-a-leafs which are added to the existing leaf springs

The offset can be one of three types (measured in millimeters).*. Wheel backspacing is the distance from the hub mounting surface to the inside wheel lip (back side of the wheel) and is usually measured in inches. When chosing wheels it is important to pay attention to the backspacing. A common offset for example is +12mm or -12mm Wheels. Toyota Tacoma on 33s, 34″s, or 35 Inch Tires - What Lift and Wheels To Pick. View This Lift Kit on Amazon. Designed for 1997-2002 Ford Expedition 4WD models. Lift height: 1″ to 3″. Available tire sizes: 33″, 35″ (Depending on the rim and tire width and offset configuration may require trimming Get farther off-road and away from the city in your 2000-2005 Ford Excursion 7.3L/6.0L Powerstroke 4WD with the Tuff Country 22960k 2.5 Lift Kit. This kit features front leaf packs, 5.5 rear blocks that replace your stock blocks, track bar relocation bracket, lifetime warranty, and allows you to run a 33x12 tire without trimming

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What size tire can I fit under my 4×4 and what modifications do I have to do to my vehicle to get a particular tire size to fit. The following chart is compiled from many sources including a good degree of the information originating from suspension lift manufacturers (listed below) as well as tire manufacturers and other compiled data from 4. These modded springs netted my Ex a front lift of 3 7/8 and 4.5 in the rear, plenty of room to run true 35 tires. There is a huge wealth of knowledge around here about these buggies, do some reading up in the Tech Folders at the top of this forum and put some serious thought into building a good solid performing lift from well proven parts Excursion - King of SUVs - 35 vs 37 tires? - I am just trying to play all my cards right. If I do a 6 lift I really want to run 37 tires but I don't want to ruin my tranny I have the 6.0 and would 37 be hard on my tranny? and would I be able to tow a 30ft. camper? also would I have to re do my gears and what is the.. Excursion - King of SUVs - 03 Excursion lift? - ok, apparently looking at all of the post, putting a lift and tires is more difficult than I thought. I have an 03 Excursion 4X4. I would like to put a 7 lift and 37 tires. Prefferably 13.50s. I recently found out that I will not be able to use my factory 16 wheels to..

These precision built and ultra capable 6 lift systems offer improved vehicle performance and allow clearance for 35-37 tires. These IFS systems are based around the tried and true high clearance design that has made BDS the go to when lifting 2009+ F150s now updated specifically for the redesigned 2021 Ford F150 The Big Tire Strikes Back. Buyer's regret is one of the downsides of going conservative and choosing 35s over 37s. Many argue if you can afford the mods, the optimal way to run 37s is to get a full 6-inch lift with control arms, axle shafts, gears, and other axle components. The average new Jeeps can clear 37s with a 4-inch lift, points. Ive got a 6 lift and 37x13.50 MT tires. I get about what squeak12 says he's getting. I have worn out injectors and hpop too. I drive like grandpa Jones until I get up to about 40-45 then I accelerate more normally. I think I could eek out another mpg or two by dropping down to a 35 tire. The op is running an 8 lift if that makes a difference 2014 Ruby Red 6.7 9 Inch PMF Long arm 4 link with 37's and 24's all powdered ruby red. SOLD - 06 6.0 300/100% MFI, Mishimoto I/C & Rad, S366, Custom Dual Dump, 5 No Limit CAI, Twisted Stage III, GH tunes. Skull Candy Remember, a tire that fit on the day of the lift may end up rubbing down the line. Bigger tires mean lower manufacturing tolerances and will be harder to balance. The 6.0L Ford Power Stroke.

This 2004 Ford Excursion 4WD is running Cali Offroad Switchback 20x12 -51 wheels, 37x12.5 tires with BDS Suspension Suspension Lift 6 suspension, and needs Minor Plastic Trimming and has Slight rub at full turn. As you can see from the pics this wheel and tire combo can be done!**. With this 2004 Ford Excursion, the stance is Super. 2001 Ford XLT F250 Supercab Powerstroke 6 1/2 Pro Comp Lift 4 Exhaust From Turbo W/ New Unbaffled Muffler Edge Extreme 5 stage chip W/ lcd 2001 f250 6 lift 37 tires weld rims, chip, 4sale - Off-Road Forums & Discussion Group This 2005 Ford Excursion 4WD is running TXW Offroad T-001 20x10-24 wheels, 37x12.5 tires with Pro Comp Suspension Lift 6 suspension, and needs Minor Plastic Trimming and has Slight rub at full turn. As you can see from the pics this wheel and tire combo can be done!** With this 2005 Ford Excursion, the stance is Aggressive > 1 outside. Get the wheels you want! Rough Country's 6 99-04 Ford Suspension Lift Kit comes with everything you need to fit up to a 37 tire with proper wheel backspacing. Best of all, Rough Country's 6 Ford Suspension Lift Kit is backed by our Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Read Mor These modded springs netted my Ex a front lift of 3 7/8 and 4.5 in the rear, plenty of room to run true 35 tires. There is a huge wealth of knowledge around here about these buggies, do some reading up in the Tech Folders at the top of this forum and put some serious thought into building a good solid performing lift from well proven parts

I have the 7.3 with a 6 lift and 35 tires. The speedo has been corrected with a tru-speed. I find that the motor handles 35 tires just fine but I feel a slight bog when I drive between my home and town (hilly with a 45 mph limit). I think 37 tires would really make driving between 30 and 45 mph kind of irritating if you don't re-gear Add to Favorites Add My Ride Edit My Ride Similar Offsets Gallery. Do 17x9 -6 wheels on 37x13.5 tires fit on a 2004 Ford Excursion 4WD with BDS Suspension Suspension Lift 6? Yes they do! This 2004 Ford Excursion 4WD is running Pro Comp 31 17x9-6 wheels, 37x13.5 tires with BDS Suspension Suspension Lift 6 suspension, and needs Minor Plastic Trimming and has Rubs

This is my stock height no lift or level 2006 powerstroke with 315/70R17s on the stock Lariat wheels, they come out to 34.4 x 12.4 wide, no scrubbing at al.. Custom 6 Lift, 37 Fuel Tires, Powder Coated 2-Piece Fuel NUTZ Wheels 2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited 4.5 AEV Lift, 37 Fuel Tires, 17 Fuel Offroad Trophy Wheel I have a 02 F250 with the Triton V10 and I put a 6 BDS lift on it. I'm currently running a set of 35 tires but they look to small and want to upgrade to bigger rims and tires. The BDS website says that the largest tire I can fit with this lift is 36 x 13.5 with a max rim size of 16 x 10

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2005 Ford excursion limited 4x4, bullet proofed 6.0, 207k miles, 7 lift kit, new 37 tires on 20 fuel wheels, road armor front bumper with 10k lb warn winch, amp steps, 2008 mirrors, husky floor liners, everything works, runs and drives good, check engine light stays on due to egr delete In Part Two in a series Author talks about how and why to install the correct gear ratio for oversized tires on a '01 Ford F-250. a 37-inch tire reduces the 3.73 gear ratio down to about a 3. 37 x 13.50 x 50 x 20 Nitto Mud Grappler Tires, Clear Lights, Clarion 7 inch Indash, 13 inch Flipdown, Airraid Cold Air Intake, 4 inch Turbo Back with 5 inch Tip Exhaust and. Edge Juice Platnum with Attitude in Cab Monitor, 2002 Ford Excursion. 6 inch Rough Country Lift Kit, 37x13.50x20 Nitto Mud Grapplers on 20x10 Wheels, Next page 1 2 3 6 Lift Kit. Price $1,645.14; Base Kit Id 1302H; STEP 2: Customize this Kit! BDS Suspension 6 Suspension Lift Kit for 1999-2004 Ford F250/F350 4WD pickup trucks. This kit comes with two front Glide-Ride Leaf Springs with bolt style leaf alignment clamps, anti-friction pads, and tapered leafs for smooth ride through wheel travel. The box kit.

So, if you have a 30 inch factory tire and you add a 4 inch lift with 37 inch tires, your vehicle will now sit 6.5 inches taller than stock (4 inches of lift, and 2.5 inches of increased tire height). We use half of the tire difference because the height will only increase by the amount of the tire that is under the axle Ford F-250 factory wheels and tires may need to be replaced from time to time. This may be done for performance purposes or because of damage. Either way, you will want to explore aftermarket and new Ford F-250 factory wheels to ensure that you get the quality wheels and tires that you need for your truck

The 2004-2005 Ford F-150 Body Lift Kit will place 3 blocks between the body and the frame of your vehicle. These lift blocks are made of high grade reinforced nylon and all the bolts included are grade 5 zinc plated to give you the very best strength and to prevent against corrosion. After installation, this body lift kit will allow for larger. Rough Country's 6 99-04 Ford Suspension System Kit comes with everything you need to fit up to a 37 tire with proper wheel backspacing. Best of all, Rough Country's 6 Ford Suspension Lift System is backed by our Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Read More. Features. Easy bolt-on installation ReadyLIFT offers a 6.5 Lift Kit system made to fit 2017-2019 F250 Ford Super Duty 4WD trucks with a one-piece drive shaft that includes our SST3000 shocks. This 6.5 lift kit gives owners an excellent lift kit option that will raise F250 trucks a total of 6.5 in front. This provides for maximum tire clearance and unbeatable performance 12 16 32 All. ALPHA Foxtrot Wheel, 17x7.5 (5x108) View for fitment details. $225.00. Ships Free! Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. ALPHA Foxtrot Wheel, 17x7.5 (5x108) View for fitment details Fuel Off-Road Hardline Gloss Black w/ Candy Red D621 on Ford F-250/350. Shop These Wheels. Fuel Off-Road Ignite Gloss Black w/ Candy Red Accents D663 On A Ford F250. Shop These Wheels. Fuel Off-Road Rocker Chrome w/ Gloss Black Lip (Multi Piece) D272 On A Ford F250. Shop These Wheels

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If you have a gas engine, the recommended tire size is 35 x 12.5. This kit typically takes 4 to 6 hours to install. More on Lift Kits for Excursion. Explorer Lift Kits. We have two models of lift kits available for Ford Explorers, the Performance 4 Lift Kit and the Standard 4 Lift Kit. Both are designed for 1991 - 1994 4wd Ford. 2000 Ford Excursion Limited tires. Find available tires from the top brands for a 2000 Ford Excursion Limited 2000 Ford Excursion. Change. Financing As Low As 0% with Affirm Prequalify Now. Home / Wheels & Tires / Wheels & Rims. 2000 Ford Excursion Wheels & Rims. RapidShip Only. Only display items that ship the quickest. Specials. Instant Savings. Made in USA. Special Offer. Bolt Pattern. 6 x 5.5 6 x 135mm. 8 x 6.5 8 x 170mm. 8 x 180mm.

Get discount prices, fast shipping and ultimate product help when shopping for 2000 Ford Excursion Complete Suspension Systems and Lift Kits at 4 Wheel Parts. The best online destination and local store solution for all of your Truck and Jeep off-roading needs This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and the Ford F-250 F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014). Selecting larger tires for your F-150 or F-250/F-350 Super Duty is an exciting, yet daunting task. The tires not only have to look like and perform the way you want them to, but they also have to fit so they don't rub or cause other fitment problems When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

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1999-2002 Ford 2 F250-350 Single Rear axle Rear Front HUBCENTRIC WHEELS SPACERS (Fits: 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty) $119.40. Free shipping. Only 1 left Raul's oversized Excursion sure fits that definition to a T. Rolling on 22-inch American Force Evo SS wheels wrapped in 37x13.50R22 Toyo Open Country M/T tires, the Blue Oval required a 6-inch. The Ford Excursion is a heavy duty (), full-sized SUV that was produced by Ford.The longest and heaviest SUV ever to enter mass production, the Excursion was marketed as a direct competitor of the 2500-series (¾-ton) Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon XL.Introduced on September 30, 1999 for the 2000 model year, a single generation was produced through the 2005 model year (a short 2006 model year. 2004 Ford Excursion 4x4 - Eddie Bauer - 6.0L Bulletproofed (w/ warranty) Powerstroke Diesel I had this trucked shipped up from Texas 2 years ago and have since put over 10k into it, I have receipts for all work and the motor has a warranty through MAD Diesel Performance through the endof the year Vehicle Details. Up for sale is my beloved 2001 Ford Excursion 4x4 6.8 V10 with the invincible cloth interior. This is a clean California truck with no rust - It only sees snow and mud a few weekends a year and is always detailed and cleaned immediately afterward. The pictures show some examples of the truck's capability and durability

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Check out this 2005 Ford Excursion 4WD running RBP 74r 20x12 -44 wheels and Federal Couragia Mt 12.5x35 tires with a Pro Comp 4.5 Suspension Lift Front lift includes replacement Coil Springs. The replacement Coil Springs provide a quality highway ride with good offroad capability. Tire Size - 37/13.50R20 Wheel Size - 20×9 w/ 5in BS w/minor trimming; FORD F250/F350/EXCURSION DODGE/RAM 1500/2500/3500 JEEP JK/TJ/LJ $ 40.01 Add to cart-VIEW PRODUCT DETAILS. Universal Spare Tire. Thick wall tubing and 1/4 thick steel is used to build these 6 lift spacers retaining the factory Coilover shocks for a stock ride. Tire Size - 37/12.50R20 Wheel Size - 20×9 wheels w/ 5 BS w/ minor trimming; FORD F250/F350/EXCURSION NISSAN TITAN/TITAN XD $ 22.21 Add to cart-VIEW PRODUCT DETAILS. FABTECH MOTORSPORTS 2011 F250 6.7 CC SB FX4 tuxedo black, s&b intake, 5 flo pro, h&s xrt pro, tuned by SPE, diff lock override 2008 F250 6.4 CC SB 4x4 lariat dark stone, tuned by IDP 2003 F250 6.0 CC SB 4x4 lariat centinneal, too many mods! tuned by IDP Shout outs to Innovative Diesel, Snyder Performance, Street Diesel, North Texas Diese

Joined Dec 5, 2003. ·. 704 Posts. #3 · Jun 9, 2009. You may want to do all your power mods before you start changing gears. I have run 3.73 gears on 37 BFG (about 35 inches tall), and it was a good combo. I have also done 3.73, 4.10, and 4.30 gears on 37 tall Toyo's. Currently I have 4.10 gears. Its a really good combo, but I may change. Suspension Lift Kit for 2004-2016 Ford F150, F250, F350. 2WD/4WD Trucks. Size ranges 6-8 Inch & 10-12 Inch. Visit for more Information 6.5 Lift Kit - Ford Super Duty F250/F350 Diesel 4WD (2-pc Drive Shaft Only) W/ SST3000 Shocks 2017-2019 2017-2019 F250 F350 4WD 6.5 Lift Kit System. Diesel Trucks Only Max Tire: 38

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Understanding Tire Sizes. While unlifted trucks can fit tires up to 33, lifted trucks are able to wear tires that are much larger. Typically, the higher the lift, the larger the tire. For off-roading especially, having wider tires is extremely beneficial in lessening the wear on tread as well as help with balancing 2004 Excursion Limited - Black, 6.0 PSD, 4x4 3 Donahoe Racing lift w/ B code rear springs, Pro Comp Xtreme Alloy 6005 wheels & 315/70/17 tires, Donahoe Racing Signature series shocks, Rancho steering stabilizer, Landyot Radius Rods, 30mm rear sway bar, billet grill w/ black Ford emblems, Prodigy brake control, K-40 front & rear radar detector. Ford Excursion Parts & Accessories. For those fortunate enough to get a hold of a Ford Excursion, there is nothing worse than wondering if the parts and accessories needed to keep the heavy duty vehicle running will go extinct along with the original model that changed SUV ownership forever How It Works. The formula for finding out if your lifted truck will fit into the garage is Current Height + Lift + (Tire difference divided by 2) = new overall height. Example: Current overall height = 75. Installing a 6 lift. Difference in tire height = 4 overall - divided by 2 = 2. 75 + 6 + 2 =83

Aug 1, 2009. Every few years, we publish this guide to help you understand the basics behind tire fitment, and what modifications you need to make to your 4x4 to fit a tire of a given size. In. 37 Inch Off-Road Tires For 20 Inch Wheels The foundation for a truly massive and rugged off road rig is 37 tires. Paired up with a lift kit and some high-quality suspension, you'll transform your truck into an off-road beast in no time TOE: The relationship of a set of tires where they are either parallel, pointing towards each other or pointing away from each other.. TOE IN/OUT Back in the old days, before radial tires and power steering, alignment values were a lot different. For example caster tended to be negative because at highway speed the dynamic caster resulted in a positive value, with a corresponding near zero or. I have a 2020 Ford F-250 Limited I want to put eight 3 1/2 inch lift suspension on it with 20 inch with that 20 x 9 rims and tires 37 x 12.50 x 20. Will it fit or will it rub Dan T. August 3, 2020 at 10:22 am - Repl 6 door conversion completed on factory frame with factory body structure. 8 Infinity speakers. 22 x 12 alloy wheels with 37 inch tires. Smoked lights. Color-matched body painted in Triple Black. Four rows and 10 passenger capacity. 6 inch lift. Tinted windows. Eddie Bauer limited trim