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Facebook Cover Photo is not showing to friends and public timeline and newsfeed. 1. Hi This is Taowhid Chowdhury,Yesterday I encountered a problem after uploading my cover photo.My cover photo is not showing on my friends and other peoples news feed.The photo is not getting any reach and not getting any react.Some of my friends told me a few. Quickly learn how to make cover photos private on Facebook and not visible to the public. This social media tutorial teaches Facebook cover photo and album p.. While you can hide most of your important data, you should keep in mind that your profile picture and cover photo always show to the public. You can configure whether your profile displays in.. Now, as your current Facebook Cover Photo will be public, you can still go through each of your older Cover Photos and make them visible to friends only or only you. This will essentially make your.. Get onto your timeline, but don't scroll down to the post. Rather, go into the photos tab on your profile and find the cover photo that you are wanting to not be seen by the public. Hover over it and you should see a little pencil edit button that will give you the option to edit or remove

To make cover photo private is not possible in Facebook so a alternate process is to upload your cover photo and deactivate your account so users can't see your picture and also like, comment and share it then after 2 days activate your account.Thank you 14.7K view Update Facebook profile picture without announcing your friends You can stop two things that is the notification that your friends see on their timeline whenever you change your profile picture and hiding your profile picture that is preventing public or friends from enlarging the profile picture Click the picture you want to hide. Find the picture you want to hide in your Profile Pictures album, and click on it. This will open the image in a pop-up window. You can see the picture's upload information and comments on the right-hand side This video shows you how to change the privacy setting of your Facebook pictures and albums. The process has changed over the past few years, but this is the.. You can turn off the ability for other people posting to your Page. The current Facebook profile and cover picture would always be public: You can hide all your profile pictures except the current one, it is public and anyone can see it. You can't disable comments for everyone on your public profile info: Public Profile Info

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  1. Images not showing up on social media this morning are not only affecting Facebook users. Instagram and WhatsApp users have also reported issues with loading and viewing images
  2. In order to make your Facebook profile picture private from the public go to your Profile Page and click on your profile picture. On the right-hand side of the screen under your Name click on the globe icon or people icon and change it to Only me to make your profile picture completely private even private for the people who are friends with you
  3. Go to the profile page of the friend you want to restrict. Click the Friends button in gray (three-dot menu > Friends on mobile), and select Edit Friends List > Restricted. That friend will no..
  4. The first thing to do is to hide all old posts from the public and this includes everything you've shared on Facebook. To do this, access to your privacy settings by clicking the gear icon at the top right. - Click Limit Past Posts - Hit the button and confirm you really want to do this
  5. First, it is made a public Facebook image. Second, a public notification is posted, saying that you changed your profile picture. Option 1 takes care of the second outcome, but not the first
  6. When your page is public, every post you publish is visible to everyone. The exception to this is unpublished or dark posts. Dark posts are posts that you make but that are not published to your public feed. They are invisible to everyone who doesn't have a direct link to them
  7. No matter how securely you've locked down your Facebook account, you can't make your profile pic and cover photo private. Whatever Facebook's reasons for the policy -- maybe it's just so you could..

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Still, it's a pretty interesting photo) After a moment or two the profile picture is shown updated and I'm done. Easy enough: Problem is, now I want to get rid of the update notification. I can't, though, the event's already happened, but in a somewhat confusing manner, removing it from my own timeline makes it less visible to others Bruce Epper. 2012-05-19 08:06:37. Go to your Facebook profile. Click on the 'Add a Cover' button. A notice will show up advising you of restrictions on covers. Click on the OK button. Select a photo you have previously uploaded or upload a new photo. Job done However, you cannot block your present cover photo. The only thing blocking photos on Facebook for cover can help is to hide your past cover photos to others. Step 1: Log on to your Facebook profile. Step 2: Click the Photos option. Step 3: Find and open past cover photos. Step 4: Click the Edit option

Log into your Facebook account and navigate to your personal page. 2. On the toolbar under your cover photo, hover over More and then click Likes from the dropdown menu. 3 Options include Public, Friends, Only me, and Custom. Choose Only me for the highest privacy level. Choose Only me for the highest privacy level. This article explains how to hide likes on specific Page categories on Facebook, such as Restaurants, Sports Teams, and TV Shows 1. (as an alternate to #2) Click on your name in the upper left hand corner of Facebook to go to your Facebook Timeline (aka Facebook Profile). Near the lower right hand corner of your cover image,..

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If you just upload the photo and set it as a profile picture, it will always be set to Public and all the people who do not even have a Facebook account can see your profile picture Melissa, Commercial use means using the image purely as an advertisement or as a product, such as using it on t-shirts, mugs, etc. Generally, using a photo taken in a public place as part of a larger expressive work, such as a non-fiction book, a coffee table book of photos, etc, is not considered commercial. Good question about the Amish I made a mistake with my facebook fan page when I updated the timeline cover photo, now I have to update it again but I don't want that my page's fans get notified two times about that. Facebook covers can only be set to public, kind of sucks. Reactions: xgf666. Dec 17, 2012 #4 back2form Jr. VIP. Jr. VIP. Joined Jul 15, 2012 Messages 4,058. Facebook is Most popular and active Social Media.Million of active visitor active on Facebook.Mostly Many People Like these thing the don't want anyone other Facebook user download their Photo and Copy.you see many photo which will be show only like a logo.we don't download them and see Facebook should now show you your Facebook Profile as it would appear to someone who is not your Friend. There should be a message up top that says: This is what your profile looks like to: Public

Facebook will want you to complete your new profile by uploading a mug shot and a cover photo, entering the names of schools or colleges you attended, where you live and so on. You are not obliged. 9. The last thing you have to do is modify your Profile page so that the details of your job, contact info, etc are not visible to the public. To do that, open the Facebook profile page, click on the tab About and individually change each and every setting to Only me or Friends depending on the options

As of today, all Events we try and post (on a public group page) are disappearing rather than joining the feed. Similar disappearance issue with any standard posts that contain a link to items in. Hiding your profile data. If you don't want stuffs like your birthday, schools you attended and other stuffs to appear to the public or friends, you've got some settings to do. - Go to your timeline. - Click About. - Click the edit button on the profile information you want to hide. - Click the privacy icon and set to. On your Facebook home page, in the upper-right corner, select Messages . Choose See All in Messenger . In the upper-left corner, select the gear icon and then choose Report a Problem . Under Where is the problem in the drop-down menu, select Messages or Chat (or whatever item is most applicable to your situation)

However, you cannot block your present cover photo. The only thing blocking photos on Facebook for cover can help is to hide your past cover photos to others. Step 1: Log on to your Facebook profile. Step 2: Click the Photos option. Step 3: Find and open past cover photos. Step 4: Click the Edit option How To View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else (Or As The Public Does) A popup reminds you to: Remember: Things you hide from your timeline still appear in news feed, search, and other places on Facebook. (If you want something to not be visible. What Items To Check When Viewing Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else. 1 On your Facebook Page, go to settings, and you'll see these options: If you want to upload photos without allowing people to tag them, you have that option - and you can prevent people from tagging your Page altogether, if you want. (Just keep in mind that tagging is an easy way for people to create links from their updates to your Page. Our expertly-curated library of web banners includes over 1000+ free Facebook cover templates in various categories, themes, and even moods. We understand the need for classic designs that last for seasons as well as clever layouts that are meant to change with the times

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Why Unhide a Post on Facebook. As a Facebook user, you get almost complete control over the content on your personal timeline. That means you can make posts public or private and hide or unhide content as necessary. For example, you might want to unhide a Facebook post in the following situations A lot of artists and creative-types on Facebook tend to throw all of their best work into a cover photo, creating a bit of a cluttered collage-like effect that the eye just tends to skim over. This can work in some cases, don't discount collage just yet, but another method to consider is to just space it all out Way 1: See Private Facebook Photos by KidsGuard Pro. Effectiveness: KidsGuard Pro is without a doubt the best Facebook private photo viewer by far. It can be used to view other people Facebook photos, profiles, or chats even they alter privacy settings. Not only that, you can also take advantage of automatic screenshot feature to check the.

Maximize photo privacy. What can people see on your Facebook profile? To find out, go to your profile, and select View As from the menu button on the bottom right corner of your cover photo. Their content is not limited to the members of the group alone. Instead, it can be seen by anyone without a Facebook account too. Their member list is also public and is visible to anyone on Facebook From the Facebook mobile app, press the More tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Scroll down to select Settings, then Account Settings.. In the next screen, click.

Public: All the information is visible and there is no need to ask for admission. This type of group is not visible and the only way to join it is by an invitation from the creator or any other member of the group. Any user can ask to join a Facebook group except for Secret groups. Cover photo: You should find an image that clearly. Select the little pencil and then, from the pulldown menu, Report/Remove Tag.On the next screen, you'll have the choice to I want to untag myself or I want the photo taken down, which will generate a message to the person who posted the picture (you could also ask them yourself).There's also an option to inform Facebook if this picture is your Intellectual Property When you or your web designer create the cover image for your Facebook page, make sure that any critical information (logo, tagline, call-to-action, etc.) stays within the center, mobile safe area. Your background photo or image can extend into the full width, but realize that the sides will only show on a desktop

Profile Events. To create an event using your personal profile, go to Facebook Events and click Create Event. From the drop-down menu, choose whether to create a public or private event. Page Events. To create an event using your page, click the three dots button beneath your page's cover photo or look in your status update box for the Create Event option Changes that you make to your cover photo or description on Facebook will not be reflected on your personal page. This allows you to tailor content appropriately in either location. My Facebook fundraiser total is not showing the same fundraising total as my Participant Center I am also not able to comment on my own photo. It only happens on MY LAPTOP. If i log in to my FB account from other PC i can see the comments & I can make comments as wel. Hence it appers to be the problem related to the PC and not the facebook. I think its related to java version or some pluging required People always want to know where an event is being held for example, as the event's proximity to them will influence whether they go or not. To add a location to a photo, navigate to the photo. Then click the three dots and navigate to Edit Location. Search for the location you want to tag in your Facebook photo. Click the image, and voila

A photo or video should not be considered directly related to a student in the absence of these factors and if the student's image is incidental or captured only as part of the background, or if a student is shown participating in school activities that are open to the public and without a specific focus on any individual Visit a book. Click on the share button at the bottom right of the book's cover image. In the pop-up, tap Share using another app. Tap the Facebook icon and you'll be redirected to Facebook to add your update. After posting, the book will appear on your Facebook Timeline and in your Activity Log 2018 Update - with all the massive changes and controversy at Facebook at the moment (in the light of the Cambridge Analytica 'scandal'), it's become more important than ever to take care of the privacy settings on our Facebook accounts. Instead of. deleting your Facebook account, it is possible to lock down your account or just take some more control #4: Create a Cover Photo. When you return to your page, you'll notice that it's mostly empty. The first thing you want to add is your cover photo. The cover photo is an 851 pixel wide by 315 pixel tall image that appears at the top of your Facebook page. Create a cover photo that matches these dimensions

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Tap Add photo or video. Choose the type of photo or video you want to add from your camera roll, or take a new one. Optional: You can add a description for your photos. Tap Upload Profile Photos. Choose the photo want to set as cover or logo. In the top right corner of the photo, tap More . To add or edit a logo photo: Tap Set as logo Facebook also stores a higher resolution version at 320px by 320px.. The size of the profile picture that is seen in the comments you make, however, is scaled down and resized to a square image of 40px by 40px.. Lastly, if someone clicks on your profile photo, it can be displayed as large as 850px by 850px.The highest resolution Facebook will store is 2048px by 2048px What Facebook says about Group Cover Photo size. According to Facebook, the ideal size is 1,640px by 856px, or 1.91:1 ratio. This did not work anywhere when they announced it on November 27, 2017. But now it does - on mobile display only. Facebook finally got on board and offered their own simplified template (below) Facebook group types. There are three privacy settings to choose from for Facebook groups for business. Choose wisely. (Or don't. You can always change it later.) Public. With a public Facebook group, anyone can see what members post or share. If they have a Facebook account, they can also see a list of members, admins and moderators

I'm no Facebook guru, so others should chime in here in case I'm missing something, but within the past day or so, public Facebook pages I use to be able to read, are no longer visible unless you have a Facebook account and sign into it. When I visit a public page, a pop-up window instructs me to to Facebook or create a Facebook account Your cover photo displays at 851 pixels by 315 pixels, so don't use an image smaller than that. Profile pics are squared off at 160 pixels x 160 pixels. Advertisement Hid If you're looking to make eye-catching Facebook cover photos and Facebook posts, it's worth checking out Canva. It comes loaded with templates perfectly sized for Facebook's image size requirements. Switching to new facebook, your page(s) are visible to public not logged in? A page I manage couldn't been seen by not logged in public since.

Facebook cover photos and videos should be sized at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall. This, however, is the size that file will be seen at by viewers using computers. For those on mobile devices, the file appears at 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall. That's a different aspect ratio, so make sure you take into consideration that your image. Design cover photos for Facebook in a snap. Adobe Spark is the perfect tool for creating your own unique cover image for Facebook. Ready to give your Facebook a facelift? Start with our free cover photo templates to boost your brand or page. Edit this template. Edit this template. Edit this template Report Inappropriate Content. 08-27-2015 06:01 PM. I don't have a Facebook account, but I like to check in on some of the hosts public facebook pages but since yesterday I no longer am able to view the public pages. I get blocked out with a message that I have to log in Once done, your profile will no longer appear in Facebook searches. For example, your name is Alice Aj, your profile will be visible once people have searched for your name on Facebook. To make your Facebook profile invisible to non-friends, follow these steps: The first step is access the Facebook's privacy settings by click here Facebook requires that your business page have both a cover photo and a profile photo to be visible. Cover photo: rectangle image above your page. Recommended size that works on both desktop and mobile is 820px wide by 462px tall, but make sure the main parts are centered as it will be cropped to 640px by 360px on mobile

Facebook Covers updates. 14/10/2014 - Get Awesome Halloween Facebook Covers. 25/07/2014 - Create Facebook Covers Online. 12/12/2011 - Trendy Covers - is available for Everyone Get Facebook covers for timeline My Facebook feed posts are not showing up, or all I can see is the Like box but no posts product, public figure or something else other than yourself, If the posts on your page are 2-3 years old then they may not show up in the Facebook API and so may not be able to be displayed by the plugin. Solution It can also give the companies that provide those outside services access to account info, including your name, photo, email address, and other data visible to the public by default Case 1: Your Facebook page has been set with restrictions and it is not a public page. We're talking about Facebook Business Pages, not personal profiles. If you're not sure if your Facebook page is viewable to the general public, then give it this quick test: Go to Facebook >> check to see if you logged in, and if so just click on the drop.

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1: Choosing an individual wall post's or photo's privacy settings. While posting your photo or post, click on the down arrow left to the post button. Select Custom from the drop-down menu. Using the pop-up, select who you wish to make a post visible to. You can select if you wish to show a post to friends, friends of friends or specific people. While the pre-set theme photos may be alright for small private gatherings, if you're hosting a professional event, you definitely want to highlight your brand style and story as well as convey all the essential event details with a fantastic Facebook event cover photo. Facebook Event Cover Photo Size Guidelines. Selecting the correct. • Real nude adults, where nudity is defined as: Visible genitalia; Visible anus and/or fully nude close-ups of buttocks unless photoshopped on a public figure; Uncovered female nipples except in. Publish Now. The first option you have under Publishing Options is Publish now.. Just like it sounds, this option lets you publish your video to your Facebook page in real-time. There is a twist, though! You will have the option to schedule it as a regular post or as a new release

A 2015 paper published by Facebook researchers notes that, in addition to using a public dataset containing 13,233 photos of 5,749 celebrities to test and refine its facial recognition tech, they. Step 1: See What Your Public Profile Looks Like. The first thing you'll want to do is figure out how much of your Facebook info strangers can see. To do so, go to your profile page and click the.

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  1. Of note: Facebook says its bullying policies do not apply to public figures because we want to allow discourse, which often includes critical discussion of people who are featured in the news or.
  2. W ith the number of Facebook business pages climbing north of 60 million (as of September 2016), business and entrepreneurs have obviously realized the potential this mammoth of a community brings in terms of exposure, engagement, and potential, and have jumped at the opportunity.. Many artists now use professional artist pages on Facebook as a tool for promoting their work as well
  3. In the old version (which they're now calling Facebook Classic), the profile picture was to the left of the cover photo when displaying your Facebook Page in a web browser. In the new layout, the Facebook profile picture displays under the bottom left corner of the cover photo, with a slight overlap

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  1. Take at least three (or more) photos from different angles (Facebook Marketplace lets you add up to 10 photos per listing). Use your own photos, not stock photos -- people want to see what the.
  2. Many of Facebook's 1.3 billion users also spend their time posting their own stories and photos, and sharing interesting links. In fact, a massive 27 percent of mobile Internet upload traffic is.
  3. To make Page conversations more visible to a wider audience and surfaced more frequently in their followers' News Feed, comments from public figures will be bumped to the top of the comments section. People will also be able to follow Pages directly from comments and recommendations posts. New Q&A Forma
  4. Delete and Reinstall Facebook App. Restart your iPhone. Update your iOS Version. 1. Quit and Relaunch the App. The first thing we usually try when Facebook stops working is to pull down the app screen page to refresh it. In case this does not work, the next solution is to quit and relaunch the Facebook app
  5. Less than 100 was not good! I was curious as to why this was, so I started to do some research, and sure enough, it turns out that Facebook will penalize you by burying your post if you post it via a third-party app. Check out these articles: Facebook Content Published Via Third-Party Tools Suffers 67% Fewer Like
  6. How to Turn Off the Comments for the Most Part. Go to Facebook through your favorite web browser, Chrome is preferred. Then, click on the triangle-shaped icon on the top right corner of the screen. Next, click on the Settings button from the drop-down menu to proceed. After that, start navigating through the left panel and click on Public Comments
  7. Meanwhile, here are 11 good reasons to use Flickr, not Facebook, as the default online home for your digital photos. 1. Flickr stores and displays your images at full resolution. Facebook.

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  1. Facebook Cover Photo Size. The ideal size is 820 pixels wide by 462 pixels tall. According to Facebook, your cover photo is displayed at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on your Page on desktops and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones. But if you want to use a single image that works pretty well on both desktop and mobile, 820.
  2. Facebook/Messenger in desktop doesn't show any recent messages after a limit and then only shows group messages. This behavior is quite peculiar. After a certain number of messages, no recent messages appear anymore and all the rest of the messages are just group messages
  3. However, vertical photos taller than 4:3 ratio are not supported by Instagram. So, if your image is taller than that, it will automatically get cropped when being posted on Instagram. Also, the caption of your Instagram post will be the same as that of the Facebook post so write it in a way that is suitable for both platforms

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Facebook builds technologies that give people the power to connect with friends and family, find communities and grow businesses Facebook is not under any legal requirement to remove offensive content. A 1996 federal law shelters most technology companies from legal liability for the content users post on their services I manage a public, visible group. I have it set to allow for members to post/edit without needing my approval. How do I allow for members to tag photos without my approval? Currently, I receive a notification but when I click on it (mobile app or laptop) it simply disappears and the photo is not updated with tags I've requested from others Facebook has problems protecting your information. In a year full of concerning reports on how the social media platform polices — or fails to — users' data, not only is it operating in an. I like the Blue Band Indonesia Facebook page cover photo. Besides showing the audience the foods Blue Band can be used in, it just whets the appetite. The cover shows well-prepared meals but not only that. Blue Band Indonesia also made sure to fit in an image of Blue Band right next to the foods. Good things go together, side-by-side you could.

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Click or tap Hide and the post will be hidden from your Timeline. It'll still appear elsewhere on Facebook, just not on your profile's Timeline. If people have already shared the post, it will remain on their Timelines. To unhide a post, click or tap Activity Log. It's just under your cover photo. On mobile, tap the arrow next to the post. Psst. It's time we let you in on a little secret. Facebook Groups are gaining in popularity, and not just among users. Changes made this year to the almighty news feed algorithm have given priority to groups over pages, prompting brands to shift their strategy to include groups.. Groups are hubs of engagement. More than 1.4 billion of Facebook's 2.2 billion monthly active users check. Cover photo. On most Facebook pages, the cover photo is the first image people see. It's the large image that goes across the top of your page, and it's critical to get it right. With cover photos, you have three options: a static photo, a video, or a slideshow. Of course, you can use what works best for you And many features have been added to the app since then, including games, payment transfers, bots. Here is a list of 25 Facebook Messenger tips and tricks that might be useful for you: 1.) Send. Switching your profile picture to a profile video is an easy way to make your profile stand out above the crowd. In 2015, Facebook started allowing users to upload videos up to 7 seconds long instead of the standard profile picture. A short video animation can show an excited moment, highlight your personality, or feature a snapshot from your life

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