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According to the report, after Michael Bay cursed at how bad The Fallen was as the villain in Revenge of the Fallen, Shockwave will be the feature villain in Transformers 3. For those who don't know, Shockwave is a Decepticon whose power rivals that of their leader, Megatron Berserker (Transformers Film Series) Bisk. Blackarachnia. Blackarachnia (Beast Wars) Blackarachnia (Transformers: Animated) Blackout (Transformers) Blast Off (Transformers) Blendtrons. Blitzwing 'Transformers 3' Villain Announced, Dubious Claims of Being Less Terrible Made. June 11, 2010 . Shockingly admitting to there being some minor faults to Transformers 2, director Michael Bay and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura have come forward to USA Today to discuss how they plan to fix up the series to make it meagerly watchable again. Transformers 3 Villain, Plot, 3D and Trilogy End USA Today has posted an article that reveals the most information yet about Transformers 3 including who the main villain is, what the basic plot is about, the final word on 3D, a returning cast member and more in talking with Director Michael Bay and Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventure

The Bumblebee Camaro from Transformers 3 at BotCon in 2011. Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots and keeper of the Matrix of Leadership who transforms into a blue and red 1994 Peterbilt 379 semi-trailer truc List of Transformers 3 Decepticons: Megatron - Your all time favorite Decepticon maybe? Later known as Galvatron, Megatron is the main antagonist in Michael Bay's Transformer movies. In Dark of the Moon, Megatron transforms into a rusty Armored Mack Titan 10-wheeler fuel tank truck

10 Most Powerful Transformers Villains Ranked. There have been many villains in the Transformers series but some are far more powerful than the rest. By Bob Robert Published Apr 16, 2021 TRANSFORMERS CHARACTERS Learn about the Transformers robots. Optimus Prime Autobot Close. Optimus Prime Autobot Optimus Prime is the noble leader of the heroic Autobots. He believes freedom is the right of all sentient beings. He carries the Matrix of Leadership, an ancient and powerful artifact that gives him upgraded abilities and knowledge. Astrotrain is the name of three fictional charactersin the various Transformers universes. All are Decepticons who can assume the form of a space shuttle. 1 Transformers: Generation 1 1.1 Animated series 2 IDW Comics 3 Transformers Cyberverse 4 War for Cybertron Trilogy 5 Navigation Astrotrain.. Transformers 3 - Plot/Villain June 11, 2010 June 11, 2010 Francisco 68 Comments We all know Michael Bay is in the midst of shooting Transformers 3; which comes out July 1, 2011 A much better villain. Michael Bay says the bad guy of Transformers 3 will be Shockwave. The character should be familiar to fans as he's played several different roles in the Transformers..

  1. The villain in Transformers 3 will be Shockwave the robot cyclops-turned-laser-cannon, who became dictator of their home world of Cybertron after the other Autobots and Decepticons journeyed to Earth. Plot details are thin, but it delves into the space race between the U.S.S.R. and the USA, suggesting there was a hidden Transformers role in it.
  2. TRANSFORMERS 3 News: Will be in 3D, Shockwave is the Villain, Has 'Killer Ending
  3. dbogglingly stupid that Transformers 3: Attack of the Psychotic Barbie Dolls would be a step up. Please, for the love of sanity people, STOP BRINGING UP UNICRON
  4. For the current Decepticon leader who took the Fallen's original name, see Megatron. The Fallen is a fictional robot supervillain in the Transformers robot superhero franchise
  5. This is a list of characters appearing in the original American Transformers cartoon, first aired between 1984 and 1987. 1 Autobots 2 Decepticons 3 Humans 4 Aliens and Monsters 5 City-bots components 6 Mini-Cassettes 7 Female Autobots 8 Headmasters 9 Targetmasters 10 Gestalts (also known as Cybertrons in Japan) are the heroes in the Transformers toyline and related spin-off comics and cartoons.
  6. g and destroying all reality around him, as well as the twin brother and arch-nemesis of Primus, the creator of the Transformers. Throughout animation, Unicron was voiced by the late Orson Welles in 1986's.
  7. Bay goes on to say that the villain the second film, The Fallen, was an expletive character. Transformers 3 is set to release next summer and will star Shia LeBeouf and Rosie Huntington.

Lockdown is the main villain, he is a Transformer Bounty Hunter and is originally from the television series Transformers: Animated (2007) (2007-2009). Galvatron becomes the leader of the new human-made Decepticons, he is based on the character first introduced in 1986's The Transformers: The Movie (1986), and like the version from this movie he is a resurrected Megatron, but in the original. Shockwave - The Main Villain In Transformers 3 June 14th, 2010 - 7:56 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work Tweet. June 14, 2010 (Pen Men at Work: Shockwave is apparently going to be the chief villain in the very latest series of Transformer movies. It is due to be released in the summer of 2011 and has been named as 'Transformers 3' for the time being Airachnid is a recurring antagonist in the TV show Transformers: Prime, acting as one of two secondary antagonists (alongside Starscream) of Season 1, a supporting antagonist in Season 2 and a minor antagonist in Season 3. She was a former Decepticon and Megatron's rogue commander who left and decided to hunt endangered species just for the thrill of hunting. She originally took the form of a. Sources may have uncovered the main villain of Ghostbusters 3. Meanwhile, a Transformers villain may be coming back. Lost's Evangeline Lilly reveals the main man in Kate's life. Christopher.

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  1. Mikaela Banes is a high school student. A beauty with brains, a penchant for fixing cars, she accepted Sam Witwicky's offer to ride her home in his new car. 1 Fiction 1.1 Transformers film 1.2 Transformers: The Junior Novel 1.3 Transformers: The Game 1.4 Titan Magazine 1.5 Revenge of the Fallen..
  2. Director Steven Caple Jr. and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura introduced 'Transformers: Rise of the Beasts' with new stars, new looks and new villains
  3. The villain in Transformers 3 is Shockwave, the robot cyclops-turned-laser-cannon, who became dictator of their home world of Cybertron after the other Autobots and Decepticons journeyed to.
  4. The fearless leader of Autobots, described as selfless and endlessly courageous, Optimus Prime will be seen rising against not just one, but three major villains — the ultimate bounty hunter.

Revenge is mine. - The Fallen's slogan (Same as the title of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) . The Fallen, formerly known as Megatronus Prime, was the Founder and True Leader of the Decepticons, and the master of Megatron who served as the overarching antagonist of the Transformers franchise. After his ambitions grew to a point of irreversible evil, the other Dynasty of Primes turn. Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: Cheetor was one of the main characters in Season 2, but he dies in the premiere of Season 3. Threshold Guardians : He is the guardian of the Allspark, and he tried to test Optimus and Megatron to see who is worthy of possessing the Allspark transformers 3 sunstreaker (if they even use him) cannot be a poniac g6 coupe becouse poniac is getting cut from GM either this year or next year. hence sunstreaker will not be a poniac g6 coupe. perhaps he could be a yellow 2-door ragtop jeep wrangler. also i dont think they will put all those plane bots in the 3rd movie. i think it would be pretty lame if skywarp, thundercracker, starscream. With Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight stampeding into movie theaters this week, it's time to collect every energon cube, activate the space bridge and retreat back to the 1980s! The original animated Transformers series remains fondly remembered for its colorful depictions of heroic Autobots, evil Decepticons and their galaxy-spanning adventures. Ranking the top 20 characters.

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The Beast Wars are coming to the big screen. The next Transformers movie, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, will introduce characters from the popular Beast Wars cartoon and line of toys.. The new. these are the complete constructicon characters including hightower and overload which sadly did not transform in the movie i guest caues there were enough.. 15 Most Powerful Transformers Of All Time. Autobots and Decepticons. The war between the Transformers has been going on for decades now. The moment you hear that classic sound of a vehicle changing into a giant battle-ready robot, you know yo The cartoons, the more recent Transformers films, the comics, the action figures — there is a huge amount of Transformers media out there, and keeping everything straight can be quite an.

The Transformers franchise is returning to theaters yet again with the release of Transformers: Age of Extinction this Friday. A lot has changed for this latest sequel, with an all-new human cast. David Sobolov is an experienced voice actor, having played Gorilla Grodd on The CW's FLASH and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, as well as voicing Drax in the animated GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY series. Here, he voices the villain who may be the most dangerous Decepticon on Earth - the airborne Blitzwing. BUMBLEBEE transforms on December 21 — #TRANSFORMERS (@transformers) May 31, 2016 In a shocking turn of events, it appears the villain of Transformers: The Last Knight will be Megatron, the villainous robot who appeared in. Other classic Transformers characters who will appear in Rise of Beasts include Mirage (a.k.a. a Porsche 911) and Arcee (one of the only Transformers to be gendered female). Otherwise, the.

The Transformers are a species of sentient, living robotic beings (mostly) originating from the distant machine world of Cybertron.The stories of their lives, their histories, and most especially their wars have been chronicled across many different continuities in the vast multiverse.. The designation Transformer stems from the species' generally-shared ability to transform, to change their. Transformers (2007). Main article: Transformers (film) Steven Spielberg, a fan of the comics and toys, [5] signed on as executive producer in 2004. John Rogers wrote the first draft, which pitted four Autobots against four Decepticons, [9] and featured the Ark spaceship. [10] Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, fans of the cartoon, [11] were hired to rewrite the script in February 2005. [12

The Rani was the main villain in Dimensions in Time, in which she traveled around with a young man who seemed to be her sex slave and tried to imprison the Doctor's first seven incarnations, including a very gray Fourth Doctor and the disembodied, distasteful mannequin heads of the Second and First Doctors, as the actors who played them. Ratchet is one of the only 3 characters to have appeared in all 4 movies at this point. Ratchet, despite his limited screentime in the sequels, he was a very well received character to fans. His death in Age of Extinction, as with Ironhide's in Dark of the Moon, has been met with extreme backlash from fans. Ratchet's design is very different. 10 Questions - Developed by: ArceeSisters1476 - Developed on: 2018-07-09 - 10,938 taken - 15 people like it. How well do you know Transformers? Here is a quiz testing your knowledge about our favourite Transformers. The quiz starts with easy questions and then some which are based on the movies: Transformers 1 until 5. 1

This is a list of characters from the animated television series Beast Wars: Transformers. 1 Maximals 2 Predacons 3 Non-aligned characters 4 Characters from the original series in the 80s 5 References Optimus Primal/Optimal Optimus The commander of the Maximals and their ship the Axalon. A brave and compassionate leader, Optimus named himself after a great hero of old: Optimus Prime. He can. The Wreckers are an Autobot combat unit that operates outside the normal Autobot chain of command, or once did during the Great War.They are usually composed of the best and strongest Transformers who takes any risk to finish the job on any covert combat missions they're assigned to even the most dangerous ones during the war. They do not adhere to standard military protocols Transformers 7 Introduces 3 New Factions, Terrorcons Are The Villains; Transformers 7 Introduces 3 New Factions, Terrorcons Are The Villains. screenrant.com - Jeff Nelson • 1h. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is going to establish 3 new factions, with predacons taking over as the new major antagonists. Originally starting

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Transformers has been one of Paramount's biggest draws since the franchise was launched in 2007, grossing more than $4 billion worldwide over five films.Following the release of 2017's. 6. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) In some ways, Revenge of the Fallen feels like it was a sadly under-loved Transformers movie. Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) and Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox. The Transformers film franchise just keeps growing. 6 Questions We Have About The Hulk Villain's Appearance In Shang-Chi Mick Joest television 1d 'Loki' Episode 4 The Nexus Event. The Transformers: Prime TV series was a return to fully-CG animation for the brand. Utilizing over a decade of technical evolution and a more than 100-fold increase in computer processing power, a mix of 2D and 3D animation was used to create more realistic landscapes and characters with realistic textures and movement - a far cry from the CGI in the Unicron Trilogy

Sometimes, an Overarching Villain will be behind an Arc Villain or Monster of the Week if that villain is working for/being manipulated by them. This can result in the story being Hijacked by Ganon if the Overarching Villain has been introduced previously.. Not to be confused with Big Bad.The Big Bad is the villain who directly causes the bad things that the heroes are in conflict with Fortunately for us, Transformers has a lot of tribes so there's a really large base of characters. This movie is bringing a lot of those tribes together. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will. But if you're looking for the film that makes the Transformers the real main characters and gives them the best part of the story and the best, most resonant arcs, then Age of Extinction is your. Not at your store. Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Academy Mini Bot Racers Converting Robot Toy for Kids Ages 3 and Up. Transformers. 1.8 out of 5 stars with 8 ratings. 8. $4.99. Sold and shipped by Hasbro Toy Shop. a Target Plus™ partner. Shipping not available 15 Rodimus Prime. In the first Transformers animated movie, many people were shocked by the fact that Optimus Prime was killed in the first act. The rest of the movie progressed without a proper leader for the Autobots until the very end. During the climax, the Autobot Hot Rod was faced with an immense challenge

Transformers: All the Original Thirteen Primes - Ranked. by Bibhu Prasad Panda August 30, 2020, 9:29 am. The Thirteen were the original Primes created by Primus. Given a sacred purpose and bestowed with godlike abilities, they fought Unicron, shaped the fate of the universe, and gave birth to all life in the cradle of creation Transformers Characters are the birds and pigs featured in Angry Birds Transformers. All the birds and pigs are based on the Transformers characters in G1, with the exceptions of Prime Nemesis Prime, Bumblebee, Lockdown, and Airachnid. These are separated on the characters introduced by year. 1 2014 1.1 Optimus Prime 1.2 Bumblebee 1.3 Soundwave 1.4 Bludgeon 1.5 Heatwave 1.6 Lockdown 1.7 Ultra. The Transformers: The Movie (1986) Though it fails to hold up by today's standards for animated sci-fi flicks, when observed as a relic of 1986 and an ode to the Transformers toys, The.

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  1. Transformer World 2005 is the largest fan community related to Transformers toys. Features information on Transformers 5 The Last Knight, the newest Transformers Movie, Transformers Generations, Masterpiece, Optimus Prime and Megatron. Daily news, toy resources, galleries, Transformers wallpapers and more are available
  2. When you finally get to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon, you'll notice a lot of the same characters from the first two installments of Michael Bay's blockbuster Transformers series -- like.
  3. ently throughout. Wahlberg, as a mechanic who strikes up a friendship with Optimus Prime in Age of Extinction, once sung The Touch in a 1997 movie that had nothing to do with the Transformers. Name the movie. A. Three Kings. B. Planet of the Apes

Critically wounded by Megatron and subsequently executed by Optimus Prime. TYPE OF CHARACTER. God Wannabe Mastermind. Harbinger of Rebirth. Hero Turned To The Dark Side. Traitorous Egotist. Sentinel Prime is a fictional character of the Transformers Cinematic Universe who appeared as the hidden main antagonist in Transformers: Dark of the Moon LGBT characters in Transformers. Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Rodimal Rodimus, Oct 10, 2020. Page 3 of 19 < Prev 1. TRANSFORMERS DARK OF THE MOON. Transformers 3 The Dark of the Moon. Plot of Transformers 3 The Dark of The Moon: The Autobots Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironhide and Sideswipe led by Optimus Prime, are back in action, taking on the evil Decepticons, who are determined to avenge their defeat in 2009's Transformers Revenge of the Fallen According to Michael Bay's Instagram post, the Transformers 5 villain in the teaser appears to be the new face of Megatron. Megatron, as Transformers fans are well aware, has been a consistent. Characters who defined the concepts of 'hero' and 'villain' for generations redefine them with grit, heart, and adrenaline in this epic 6-issue mini-series set during the turmoil of an alternate WW2! FC, 32pg (3 of 6) $2.95 Cover price $2.95

Seibertron.com is a massive website about Transformers toys, cartoons, comics, and movies. Popular features include daily news, toy galleries, a message board, a podcast, and more than meets the eye The film won't be just Beast Wars characters though as the classic G1 Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and more were also confirmed. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is set in 1994 and will serve as a.

The seventh 'Transformers' film will bring new robots into the fray. Autobots, get ready to roll out! We finally have a release date for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts starring Anthony Ramos and. I suppose killing off characters stems from when Transformers was an advertisement for the toys - when the toys were no longer on the toy shelves, many characters in the cartoon and comic had to be written out of the story to allow for the new characters; usually by killing them off or just quietly not using them again with no storyline reason Megatron (also known as Galvatron in Age Of Extinction) is the leader of the Decepticons and is the Main antagonist of the first film, the Secondary antagonist in the next two films, the tertiary antagonist in the fourth while reborn as Galvatron, and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Quintessa.) in the fifth. He is the enemy of the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime and one of the.

transformers 3 sunstreaker (if they even use him) cannot be a poniac g6 coupe becouse poniac is getting cut from GM either this year or next year. hence sunstreaker will not be a poniac g6 coupe. perhaps he could be a yellow 2-door ragtop jeep wrangler. also i dont think they will put all those plane bots in the 3rd movie. i think it would be pretty lame if skywarp, thundercracker, starscream. 32. Megatron is leader of the Evil Decepticons. His motto is Peace Through Tyranny. In almost everyway Megatron is the exact opposite of Optimus Prime. He is brutal, relentless, and the very. Optimus Prime - 2014 Western Star 5700. Optimus Prime was once the leader of the good Autobots. His status in The Last Knight is a spoiler so we won't say much. In the 1 st 3 movies his Earth disguise was that of a Peterbilt semi but since 2014s AGE OF EXTINCTION he took to hiding as a slicker red & blue Western Star 5700

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  1. The Transformers movies have mostly been CGI spectacles but its female characters have been no less droolworthy. We look at some of the sexy ladies who've been part of the four films and leave it to you to decide who the hottest of them all is..
  2. g that. According to the lore, Klee was apparently, powerful enough to level the Stormbearer Mountains. RELATED: 10 Genshin Impact Characters And Their Ideal Digimon Partners So far there haven't been any characters capable of doing that in the game, at least according to.
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This is a list of known Autobots from the Transformers fictional universe and toy line. The alternate modes of Autobots are usually cars, trucks and various other ground-based civilian vehicles. 1 The Transformers (Generation 1) 1.1 Primes / Prime Leaders 1.2 Cars 1.3 Mini-Vehicles 1.4 Dinobots 1.5 Miscellaneous 1.6 Female Autobots 1.7 Combiner Teams 1.7.1 Aerialbots / Superion 1.7.2. The Decepticons are a faction of Cybertronians who formed on Cybertron, They fight to destroy the heroic The Autobots, founded by The Fallen, yet would be their Later leader Megatron who would start the Cybertronian War. Unlike the Autobots, who mostly values allegiance, loyalty, and friendship, (an exception for Sentinel Prime) Decepticon had, and still has, no feelings towards each other. How the 'Ant-Man 3' Villain Could Introduce the Fantastic Four. By Vinnie Mancuso Published Sep 14, 2020. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Exclusive: 'Transformers: War for Cybertron: Kingdom. Quintessa, also known as the Great Deceiver, is a character introduced in the Transformers: The Last Knight movie. A mysterious sorceress and the self-described Prime of Life, she created the Knights of Iacon, Optimus Prime, and the Infernocons and considers Cybertron to be hers to command. It..

Transformers (2007 Movie) Optimus Prime. Peter Cullen. [Show Non-English Actors] [Hide Non-English Actors] Tessho Genda. Reiner Schone. Guilherme Briggs Older fans of Transformers, or those who have watched the original Generation One Transformers Show are more familiar with the likenesses of the original characters now in the Michael Bay movies, and are usually subsequently disappointed with the way in which they are portrayed in the Bay films, as opposed to their original G1 characteristics Transformers is a multimedia franchise that began as a popular line of action figures that could transform from humanoid robots into a variety of vehicles. This hugely popular concept expanded over the years to include comics, a cartoon, video games and multiple live action movies • As you may have deduced by now, it seems as if legendary Transformers villain Unicron may be appearing in the film in some fashion, possibly as the ultimate big bad the Terrorcons are working for. The Terrorcons themselves as described as being Unicronian so that seems to be the most likely scenario as of right now

Unlike most Decepticons, Dreadwing was portrayed as more of an anti-hero than a villain. Before his death, Dreadwing gave the Forge of Solus Prime to the Autobots in hopes of avenging his brother as he abandoned the Decepticon cause. However, Dreadwing was avenged by Bumblebee, who killed Megatron with the Star Saber The Transformers: Dark of the Moon Cast. Optimus Prime. voiced by Peter Cullen and 6 others. Sentinel Prime. voiced by Leonard Nimoy and 2 others. Megatron. voiced by Hugo Weaving and 4 others. Bumblebee. voiced by No Voice Actor and 1 other Arcee is a transgender lesbian character from Transformers. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 4.1 Reaction 5 Gender 5.1 Reaction 6 Relationships 6.1 Aileron 7 Tropes 8 See Also 9 Navigation This section is in need of major improvement. Please help improve this article by editing it. This section is in need of major improvement. Please help improve this article by editing it. Both characters deserve closure, and a chance to get back into fandom's good graces. Make it happen. Optimus Prime Why he deserves better: Here is another case where Shia LaBeouf steps in to ruin.

screenrant.com - Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is going to establish 3 new factions, with predacons taking over as the new major antagonists. Originally starting Transformers 7 Introduces 3 New Factions, Terrorcons Are The Villains - Flipboar Meet the main characters of Transformers: The Last Knight. In the absence of Optimus Prime, war rages on between the Transformers and the human race

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Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron: Earthrise Deluxe WFC-E6 Wheeljack, 5.5-inch SEE THE SERIES' CHAPTERS DIVE INTO THE EXCITING TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE, WHERE EVERYTHING IS — MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE Other Characters Melody Keen - Melody is a geologist and a geoengineering specialist who stumbled upon proof of Autobot activity on Earth. Not much later, the Autobots have approached Melody, and after initial hesitation, the both parties have agreed to let Melody become a mediator of human-Autobot relations Characters. Astrotrain 17. Was a G1 Transformer and at one point and time was the leader of the Decepticons because of Galvatrons untimely demise during the Headmasters animated series

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3. When I first received the figure from my uncle last year, the gun was missing. Again, it's reasonable because he found it at his Goodwill job. The transformation is very fun. It even scales very well compared to Combiner Wars leader class Skywarp and AOE leader class Optimus prime Transformers Animated: Cybertronian Genesis: The usual suspect, of course. And this time, Sentinel is along for the ride as well ! In The Bridge , the Big Bad Bagan recruits Queen Chrysalis to his Villain Team-Up In summary, from what I can surmise, if the various characters from the Transformers multiverse were to meet, the Sunbow G1 guys would be dwarfed by their counterparts, the Marvel G1, Movie-verse, and Aligned Transformers would be around average height, to varying degrees, and the IDW robots would make their counterparts feel like midgets Template:Merge from This is a list of known Decepticons from the Transformers fictional universe and toyline. 1 Generation One 1.1 Leader 1.2 Commander 1.3 Jets 1.3.1 Seekers 1.3.2 Season 2 Seekers (Coneheads) 1.3.3 Season 3 Jets 1.4 Miscellaneous 1.5 Insecticons 1.6 Combiner Teams 1.6.1 Constructicons / Devastator 1.6.2 Stunticons / Menasor 1.6.3 Combaticons / Bruticus 1.6.4 Predacons. vote pour ton personnage preferevote for your favorite characte

The stakes of The 100 Season 7 skyrocketed in The Queen's Gambit, with the danger rising on Sanctum, Clarke and Co. arriving on Bardo only to learn that Bellamy is dead, Team Skyring (a.k.a. Other DVD collections in the series are at least 3.5 DVD long. Some episodes actually are shorter so they added a small 2-4 min. summary at the end. Inferno and many characters from second season are gone. If you are a true Transformers fan you will get it regardless of what people say

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