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Pumpkin Life Cycle: What is in the Egg? - Leveled, Printable Book The purpose of this activity is to help students understand the concepts of life cycle, dependency, recycling, and innate behavior Send questions, comments, and suggestions to webmaster@atozteacherstuff.co Those little pumpkin seeds have to set the stage for the fruits by growing big vines and leaves. At the first sign of green sprouts, add a bit of nitrogen-rich fertilizer to give them a boost and encourage leaf growth. The big leaves on a pumpkin plant are a vital part of the pumpkin's life cycle Pumpkin Life Cycle Sequencing Activity - Printable and Lesson Plan Pin14kFacebookTweet Instant Downloads from A to Z's Store Pumpkin Mini-Books & More This printable has a full lesson plan for the book Pumpkin, Pumpkin... Pumpkin Dolch Sight Words Pin15FacebookTweet All of the Dolch sight words printed on pumpkins. Use these for group. We will discuss how a pumpkin goes from a seed to a sprout, to a vine, then a flower, a green pumpkin, and finally an orange pumpkin. We will also discuss how a pumpkin is a fruit and not a vegetable. Students need to watch all videos on the life cycle of a pumpkin, pumpkin activities, and the Bernstein Bears, The Prize Pumpkin

In this activity students in cooperative groups search, suggest, question, predict, and estimate the number of seeds in a set of pumpkins. They will combine mathematical procedures and scientific observation to learn more about this seasonal delight the Pumpkin, Pumpkin story, or recite the steps of the pumpkin life cycle. Be sure the pieces are in order so that it starts with the seed and ends with the jack-o-lantern: Seed Create your own custom printable pages and worksheets using A to Z's tools: Printable Word Search Generator. Custom Printable Handwriting Worksheets. Printable Word Shapes Pages. Printable Crossword Puzzle Maker Pumpkin Life Cycle Sequencing Activity Printable. Spring Potted Plants A math and science activity for learning about plant growth and measuring the progress. View my pins about Gardening at School (work in progress) Plant Lessons, Printables & Ideas @ Other Sites Fall is the time for a fun unit on scarecrows! They're a fun symbol of the Harvest season, and kids love them. Here you will find songs, poems, and activities for your scarecrow unit

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Oct 22, 2012 - Pumpkin Life Cycle Sequencing Activity - Printable and Lesson Plan | A to Z Teacher Stuff Printable Pages and Worksheets. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Listen to the story to learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin. This video accompanies my digital learning lesson Pumpkin Life Cycle Investigation. To purc.. Saved from printables.atozteacherstuff.com. Pumpkin Life Cycle Sequencing Cards | A to Z Teacher Stuff Printable Pages and Worksheets. Saved by Printables @ A to Z Teacher Stuff. 281 Learn all about the pumpkin life cycle with these super cute and free printable Pumpkin Life Cycle Worksheets. Preschoolers, kindergartners, grade 1, and grade 2 students will have fun learning all about pumpkins as they cut and paste life cycles, learn pumpkin vocabulary / scientific terms for plants, math the term with the cute clipart and more

Life cycle 1. Seed (brawn or tan) 5. Flawe (yellow) of a Pumpkin 2. (green) 4. Smdl Pumpkin (orange and green) 5. Large Pumpkin (orange and green) Instructions: 1. Color each life cycle of the pumpkin. 2. out each life cycle of the pumpkin. 3. Tape each stage of the cycle onto string in the correct order. 4. Tell yotr life cycle of a pumpkin story This PowerPoint lesson is for Kindergarteners! An actual pumpkin lesson would definitely include reading books about pumpkins, scooping the inside out of a pumpkin (to see the seeds and pulp) along with other fun activities like field trips to a pumpkin patch The students explore the life cycle of a pumpkin with several experiences including observations, teacher modeling, student hands-on learning, and firsthand experience of working in groups to.. Saved from printables.atozteacherstuff.com. Pumpkin Seed Estimation Sheet. Pumpkin Seed Estimation Sheet | A to Z Teacher Stuff Printable Pages and Worksheets. Worksheets Free Printable Math Worksheets Free Printables Thanksgiving Crafts Fall Crafts Projects For Kids Crafts For Kids Pumpkin Life Cycle Sequencing Cards

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Pumpkin, Pumpkin, and they will find out just what stages a pumpkin seed goes through to become a pumpkin. Developmental Activities: 1. The teacher will read the story, Pumpkin, Pumpkin. 2. The teacher will review all the stages that Jamie's pumpkin went through. 3. Then the teacher will explain to the students how t Outdoor Hour Challenge Crop Plants #6 Pumpkins-Seeds, vines, fruitInside Preparation Work 1. Read in the Handbook of Nature Study pages 611-617. Make sure to highlight or underline some facts about pumpkins and also a few ideas for completing your nature study during your pumpkin time

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Spring Egg Art Lesson Plan. Students create a spring egg out of pastels, construction paper and glue. Grades 1-4. The Month of March. This activity teaches the children about alphabet letters, the weather in March, Spatial concepts, opposites and St. Patrick's Day. Preschool Read aloud The Pumpkin Patch By: Elizabeth King (non-fiction book) As we read we'll discuss vocabulary and important facts in this book. Review and explain the stages of the pumpkin life cycle. 1) Seed (have seeds already out of a pumpkin clean for the children to touch and smell) 2) Sprout 3) Plant /Vine 4) Flowe The purpose of this activity is to help students understand the concepts of life cycle, dependency, recycling, and innate behavior A few ideas to go along with a pumpkin unit from the Pumpkin Circle Project Plan The purpose of this lesson is to introduce the students to three aspects of the rain forest: people, animals, and life. http. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. WHAT'S UP READERS! Welcome to Mr. Corder's Kid Book Read Alouds! Check out some of my favorite pumpkin read aloud books in my Amazon store: http://bit.ly/Pum..

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  1. The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Craft. A pumpkin's life starts by planting the seed in the warm ground. Then, once the seed drank up all sorts of water and sunshine, a sprout will pop up through the soil. Next, you'll watch the leaves and vine grow larger. Finally, pumpkin flowers blossom from the plant
  2. Pass out the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin worksheet, Life Cycle of a Pumpkin stages cut out, glue and scissors. 4. Give the students enough time to independently cut and paste their Life Cycle of a Pumpkin worksheet. 5. Collect these worksheets before doing the next step. Students Will: 1. Follow the directions of the teacher back to their desks. 2.
  3. Pumpkin Life Cycle Craft. I love this craft because it gives students a creative visual of the pumpkin life cycle stages and requires them to put the stages in order. Paint or color a paper plate orange. Have students glue the pumpkin life cycle pictures in the correct order in the center (I provide my students with a printable page to cut out)
  4. Life-Cycle of a Pumpkin. This sheet below shows the life-cycle of a pumpkin and how it is cyclical. One can start by looking at a fully-grown pumpkin, take its seeds, have those seeds sprout, turn into a vine, which becomes a flower, grows into a green pumpkin, and then eventually is a fully grown-pumpkin--bringing us back in this circle of.

Guided Practice. (10 minutes) Hand out the Pumpkin Life Cycle worksheet. Tell your students to sit in a circle with the worksheet on the floor in front of them. Tell your students that they will be cutting out the pictures and gluing them in the correct order on the worksheet As they colored, we talked about the life cycle of the pumpkin. And here's a real-life photobaby brother always wants to be with the big boys! The booklet is 7 pages long, which includes an orange cover. I printed the cover on construction paper. You can also print a back page on construction paper if you want both sides to be orange.

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As we read the story, we highlight the word see.. During center time, the kiddos mix and fix these pumpkin life cycle pocket chart sentences. These sentences match the sentences in our Pumpkin Life Cycle emergent reader. The students can easily see which cards go together, because they have matching pictures Step 2: Tell students that you will watch a pumpkin grow, from the beginning to the end of the pumpkin life cycle. Tell them they will watch their potted pumpkins sprout and grow, then show students the piece of fully-grown pumpkin and tell them that we're going to keep it in a jar (so it won't smell) and watch the pumpkin grow old and decay Themes. Thematic Cross-Curricular Units. Check the store for high quality printable eBooks with blacklines and reproducibles. Available for immediate download! » Themes Organized by Month *. » 100th Day *. » 5 Senses *. » Abraham Lincoln *. » All About Me * Pumpkin Life Cycle Printable worksheets. This printable pack of worksheets on the pumpkin life cycle is a great way of young children discovering and recording what happens as a pumpkin grows from a seed into a sprout and then from a flower into a pumpkin. There are 3 different activities included in the pumpkin life cycle pack

This song teaches the life cycle of a pumpkin.I did not write this song. Song recorded by Amanda G. Ellis, MT-BC www.morewithmusic.org***Images in this mov.. This is a short video created to support elementary aged students better understand the life cycle, more specifically the life cycle of a pumpkin. Students w.. DANCE TUTORIAL HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKMDPHmgKZcSong and Lyrics made by FoodCorps AmeriCorps service member Casey HaggertySang by Jen Schaap. Pumpkin Life Cycle Worksheet. Grab this HUGE pumpkin life cycle worksheet pack with over 69 pages of pumpkin themed educational activities for preschoolers, kindergartners, grade 1, and grade 2 students.We've included both black and white and colorful activities to learn life cycle of a pumpkin vocabulary terms, creative writing prompts, find the letter, pumpkin letter matching, grammar cut. PUMPKIN LIFE CYCLE BOOKLET. This is a cute coloring and story book about the life cycle of a pumpkin.It also has tracing skills. Saved by Teachers Pay Teachers. 1.7k. 1st Grade Science Kindergarten Science Kindergarten Reading Science Classroom Teaching Science Kindergarten Classroom Science Activities Classroom Activities Sequencing Activities

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What is the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin? This is a fun free Printable covering the Pumpkin Life Cycle that includes activities that your kids would enjoy and would also encourage learning. This printable includes parts of a pumpkin for labeling, pumpkin activities and games, and pumpkin pictures to color and label 6. Stage 2: PlantStage 1: Stage 3: Seed The Stages of Flower the Pumpkin Life Cycle Stage 5: Stage 4: Orange Green Pumpkin Pumpkin. 7. First we plant the pumpkin seed. 8. Then we watch over time asthe seed begins to grow into a pumpkin sprout. 9. The sprout then grows into a pumpkin vine. 10 When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Oct 25, 2016 - Pumpkin Ordinal Numbers 1-20 | A to Z Teacher Stuff Printable Pages and Worksheet Teacher resources for planning web, classroom integrated thematic unit, lessons, thematic teaching ideas and tips for teaching reading, writing, and math. Pumpkins are great for hands-on classroom science investigation fun. />

Life-Cycle of a Giant Pumpkin. Please Note: This is a general guide to a giant pumpkin's growth. Everyone's will be slightly different, due to seed, location, weather, water etc. } Day 1 Planting Seeds Indoors. Starting your giant pumpkin seeds early on in pots is the best option, early October is a good time to do this Read any of the books on the book list. Discuss the life cycle of the pumpkin and various uses of pumpkins. There are worksheets for the life cycle. of the pumpkin on www.EnchantedLearning.com or www.AtoZTeacherStuff.com. Pumpkin Tasting. Cut open a pumpkin and ask the students to predict which part of the pumpkin is eaten

Pumpkin Life Cycle Sequencing Cards from Plant Life Cycle Worksheet, source:printables.atozteacherstuff.com. Potato Life Cycle Activity Sheet life cycles worksheet from Plant Life Cycle Worksheet, source:twinkl.co.uk Discuss basic pumpkin and plant facts: A pumpkin is a vegetable. Identify the seed, stem, leaves, and flowers in the illustrations. (See included activity sheets.) Which is the female flower? Which is the male flower? What is pollination? Why do plants need to be pollinated? Pumpkin Life Cycle: How long does it take to grow a pumpkin Little Bee enjoyed learning about the pumpkin parts and the life-cycle of the pumpkin. This book Seed, Sprout, and Pumpkin Pie from the National Geographic has lovely real images of a growing pumpkin and all the things that can be created with pumpkins

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  1. Outdoor Hour Challenge Autumn Series #5 Pumpkins (See Also Crop Plants Challenge #6). Inside Preparation Work Read in the Handbook of Nature Study pages 611-617. Make sure to highlight or underline some facts about pumpkins and also a few ideas for completing your nature study during your pumpkin time
  2. Directions: Read aloud Pumpkin, Pumpkin to the class, comment on the stages of the life cycle of the pumpkin as it goes from seed to pumpkin to jack-o-lantern. Have students return to their seats and pass out the life cycle worksheet, have students color, cut and correctly order the pieces
  3. That is the largest fish I have ever seen! Select the adjective in the sentence. Put your pencil in the square box. Pumpkins are everyone's favorite decoration at Halloween. Pumpkins need water to grow. Pumpkins are a fruit that grow on a vine. Mark the compound word. Mark the noun
  4. Pumpkin Life Cycle Craftivity This little pumpkin book will be such fun for your little ones to complete. It includes a brief understanding of the life cycle with pages to trace and color. At the end of the book it has a little matching comprehension page. I hope they enjoy this, happy Fall! *
  5. Free Life Cycle Of A Pumpkin Worksheet! January 28, 2021. January 7, 2021 by Naomi. These lifecycle of a pumpkin worksheets are a fun way to teach your child how a pumpkin grows. We have 2 different activities on these printables, and they can be used in conjunction with great resources like the popular 'Pumpkin Pumpkin' book

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Learn how a pumpkin grows from seed to big, round and orange. This installment of our Life Cycle Series of felt board sets shows a pictorial display of a pumpkins life. With 6 stages and detailed felt pictures this set works well within a lesson on plant growth, life cycles, farming or gardening. I This super cute and free printable Pumpkin Life Cycle Worksheets contain a... Flower Life Cycle Lift-the-Flap Book. April 26, 2015. Kids will love learning about flower life cycles with this fun cut and paste lift the flap book. This free printable is great for Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st grade Chicken Life Cycle Teaching Resources A to Z Teacher . Nutrition Details: Embryology: The 21 Day Chicken Life Cycle. Illustrations, photos, and very thorough explanations of the development of a chick. chickscope.beckman.uiuc.edu. Incubation and Embryology Pumpkin life cycle Create a 3-D Pumpkin craft this fall that also teaches the life cycle of a pumpkin. This craft is perfect for fall or Autumn, Halloween, and even Thanksgiving. It's perfect for life cycle of a plant units too.Your pumpkin craftivity includes directions, patterns, life cycle of a p http://classroom.jc-schools.net/waltkek/1.1%20%20AW%20-%20Sam,%20Come%20Back%21.pp

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The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin - Paper Bag Book with Informational Text: It's a fun October project for your pumpkin unit, a science activity and a book made with brown lunch bags all in one! This Lunch Bag Lesson booklet is a fun way to integrate science and life cycles into your reading activities i We read Pumpkin Cat and Pumkin, Pumkin which illustrated the pumpkin lifecycle perfectly. The kids put together their pumpkins and added details (ribs and leaf veins) with crayons. They also colored their life cycle worksheet. The second day, I set out cat and mouse construction paper cut-outs for each child with an example for reference Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden by George Levenson, pumpkin seeds, several varieties of pumpkins, green curly ribbon (one curled strand to be used to show what a tendril looks like), flannel board, flannel board pieces (seed, sprout, plant, flower, pumpkin, brown pumpkin), example of the accordion-folded pumpkin life cycle book. Each child will need the following: scissors, markers. Pumpkin reminds you of fall. Learn more about Pumpkins and the Pumpkin Life Cycle with this fun Pumpkin Printable Pack, aimed at children in preschool and kindergarten. This Pack would also be a great addition to a fall or Halloween study for young children Easier - A pumpkin is a large round orange fruit. Pumpkins grow on a vine along the ground. The thick inside pulp can be eaten and is often used for making pies. People in the United States also carve and decorate pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns to celebrate Halloween

Let's read the book to learn all about The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin. Let's read the book to learn all about The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Life Cycle of a Pumpkin. This activity began after reading the book Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell. In this story, a boy places his jack-o-lantern in the garden after it begins to rot and eventually watches as new pumpkins begin to grow the following spring. To create a meaningful experience from the book, we recreated the story within our. Life Cycle of a Pumpkin pumpkin seed seedling vine flower green pumpkin Print on cardstock and laminate. Let the children use the control card to check their work. A nice touch is to have a pumpkin on hand and cut one open to look inside. Pump-kin seeds can be roasted and eaten The unit is a quick, broad-based social studies survey of Australia; any one of the topics of culture, government, geography, and animal and plant life could easliy be stretched out over several day

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copy of the pumpkin life cycle song For centers: dried pumpkin seeds dirt plastic cups water pumpkin carving tools more newspaper pumpkin life cycle cards pumpkin theme books orange Play-doh, tools and/or cookie cutters. Procedures: - Day 1 - 1) Sit together in a circle, pass around a pumpkin, and ask the children what they know about. Related Themes: Plants & Gardening Theme; Spring Activities, Printables, Lessons, Themes, and Units; 5 Senses Lessons, Activities, and Teaching Idea Pumpkin Life Cycles. We start by reading some of my favorite books about pumpkins! (affiliate) Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin Pie! The Biggest Pumpkin Ever! But the book we look closely at for this set of lesson plans is Pumpkin Circle. This is part of our Guiding Readers units. We examined our schema, then created this pumpkin lifecycle chart together Make the life cycle of a pumpkin using paper plates as the pumpkin shell which houses the other parts. Measure the height of different sized pumpkins using snap cubes. Measure the girth of different sized pumpkins. Pumpkin seed counting book - group by tens. Do the sink or float test and predict whether a pumpkin will sink or float

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Dinosaur Theme Unit. More than a dozen free printable activities and worksheets from abcteach.com. Dinosaur Unit. Complete, 7 lesson unit including objective grid, teacher background info, references. Covers extinction, fossils, types of dinosaurs, meat and plant eaters, life cycle, change, and spanish translations. www.sedl.org Pumpkin Life Cycle Printables These pumpkin life cycle cards are perfect for children who are learning about plants and food. Children arrange the six photo cards in the proper order from seed to fruit to show the stages of a pumpkin. Missing Letter Pumpkin Patch This is a learning center in which there are.. This bundle is the perfect way to explore and investigate the world of plants, pumpkins, butterfly & frog life cycles!PUMPKIN INVESTIGATION: 1. Recommended Book List 2. Life Cycle Poster 3. Life Cycle Cards (clipart set and real photo set) 4. Pumpkin Mini Book Craftivity with Templates (includes..

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Find pumpkin life cycle lesson plans and teaching resources. From life cycle of a pumpkin worksheets to life cycle of the pumpkin videos, quickly find teacher-reviewed educational resources Pumpkin Life Cycle Sequencing Cut and Paste Sheets (color + b/w) Pumpkin Life Cycle Printable Booklets (color + b/w) Pumpkin Life Cycle Emergent Reader Pocket Chart Sentences (color) 25 pages of life cycle learning activities for your Pre-K or Kindergarten students! Add to Wish List. $4.00 - Add to Cart. Checkout Added to cart

Pumpkin Life Cycle Sequencing Activity - A to Z Teacher's Stuff. Color these free printables detailing the life cycle of a pumpkin. There's also a few bonus ideas to expand it further. Frog Life Cycle - Kid Zone. Grab these frog life cycle printables. There's a variety of life cycle worksheets for early elementary to later elementary. Grab these bee printables to teach kids about the life cycle of a bee while sneaking in some math and literacy review too! These bee worksheets are prefect for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first graders too. These bee activities include over 50+ pages of free bee printables to make learning fun. Simply download pdf filewith bee life cycle worksheets and you are ready to play and learn. Life Cycle Activities for Preschool. This set of six life cycle sequencing puzzles will help young learners practice sequencing as they learn the life cycle of an apple, sunflower, bat, pumpkin, bee, and spider. These life cycle books for preschoolers are perfect all year long. They'll help you bring your life cycle lesson plans to life

This is an easy book that introduces the steps of the pumpkin life cycle through the use of fictional characters. List of Non-Fiction Support Books: Picking Apples and Pumpkins by Amy and Richard Hutchings. This non-fiction children's book depicts children gathering apples and pumpkins in the autumn. It offers real photographs of the. Learning About Pumpkins. 27 October 2012. The life cycle of a pumpkin is one of my favorite things to teach about in the fall. I get to bring in a pumpkin and do different science experiments with it, we go to the farm to pick a pumpkin, we explore the seeds of a pumpkin...the fun never ends! :) Before I share all of my photos from this week, I. Pumpkin Life Cycle Worksheet Supplies. All you need to do these pumpkin worksheets are listed below. Printer ( I have this one, and love it!) Paper. Scissors. Pencil. Print the cards onto cardstock and laminate them if you want. (I always think it's a great idea to laminate everything for a longer life! Watermelon Life Cycle. Whether you are doing a Letter W is for watermelon weekly theme for a letter of the week program, are diving into fascinating life cycles for kids, or are doing a watermelon theme for summer learning - this Watermelon Life Cycle printable is the perfect addition to sneak in some summer science for kids with a fun watermelon activity for preschoolers, kindergarteners.

47 pages packed with fun activities & mini-books for an apple theme. Apples: A Thematic Cross-Curricular Unit. This eBook offers 37 pages of practical ideas and ready-to-use activities for your primary classroom. Apples Cut and Paste Art Pattern. This cut-and-paste art project will provide your students with opportunities to improve their fine. This educational exploration of a pumpkin's life-cycle is a must for any aspiring scientist or farmer! We can be sure of this: It's a circle without end. It's pumpkin seeds to pumpkins to pumpkin seeds again! This treat of a picture book comes cloaked in the colors of fall. Bouncy verse and glowing photographs show a backyard pumpkin patch move.

Introduction • Pumpkin is a nutritious vegetable vine plant • Economically important part - Fruit • Largest fruit in the plant kingdom • warm-weather crop • Origin- Central America • Districts Ampara Anuradhapura Moneragala. 3. Cont'd • Yield : 15000-25000kg/ha • Cultivated area:9197 ha. 4 1. PUMKIN. 2. INTRODUCTION Common name: Pumpkin Scientific name :Cucurbita Moschata Chromosome number: 2n=2x=40 Origin :America 2. 3. Cultivation details Requires a rich, well-drained moisture retentive soil and a very warm, sunny and sheltered position. a pH of 5.5 to 5.9, but tolerates up to 6.8 Plants are tolerant of light shade 3 This power point offers a very simple and visual representation about seeds and how every living thing has a life cycle Your students will learn the life cycle of a pumpkin and as well as other cool facts about pumpkins. See if you can find all of the fun rhymes, as you read about a life of a pumpkin. As a bonus, a craft and math worksheet has bee. Subjects: Thanksgiving, Halloween, Reading. Grades: PreK - 4 th. Types: Activities, Fun Stuff Conventions Recording Sheet Write the answer for each card. The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Card #1 Card #13 Card #2 Card #14 Card #3 Card #15 Card #4 Card #16 Card #5 Card #17 Card #6 Card #18 Card #7 Card #19 Card #8 Card #20 Card #9 Card #21 Card #10 Card #22 Card #11 Card #23 Card #12 Card #24 21

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  1. Life Cycle of a Pumpkin. Life Cycle of a Pumpkin, Cut & Paste and Colour the Picture. Click to view Life Cycle of a Pumpkin. All About Brown Bears. All About Brown Bears, Learning about amazing animal Brown Bear. Click to view All About Brown Bears. All About Brown Bears Information Booklet
  2. Browse 31 pumpkin life cycle stock illustrations and vector graphics available royalty-free, or start a new search to explore more great stock images and vector art. {{filterDisplayName(filter)}} Duration. Clear filters. Newest results . Growth stages of pumpkin plant. Vector illustration. Cucurbita cucurbitaceae
  3. IV. Brainstorm Life Cycle: a. As a class brainstorm the different stages or steps of a plant life cycle. i. Write them on the board when the class has agreed upon the correct steps of the plant life cycle. V. Changes to the Plant: a. Discuss the changes to the environment and how they will affect a plants life cycle. i. Storms, seasons, drought.
  4. Translate Pumpkin life cycle. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations
  5. Re-Teaching - For students that did not meet the objectives of describing the life cycle and identifying parts of a pumpkin, will read the book in small groups and complete a cut and paste activity at the teacher table. Then we will use the cards to put the lifecycle in order as a group and label the large pumpkin with sticky tack.
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