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  1. build builds gt40 rcr scott; P. Paul T. Supporter. Jun 22, 2017 #1 I purchased the RCR GT40 that Scott B. from Texas had started. Have wanted a GT40 for quite a while and when Scott said he would sell his I had to do it. Thanks to Scott for letting it go. Fran, Vicki and Kristin at RCR have been very helpful so far in getting things going
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  3. The GT40 is arguably on of the best looking and most successful race cars of the era. It's happens to be also my favorite! This car was build by Race Car Replica's in Michigan. After numerous nights of looking at all the GT40 replica offerings I narrowed it down to RCR's car
  4. In fact, the cars are so accurate that the producers of the Ford vs Ferrari movie chose RCR to build 28 cars for what has become the reference movie for the GT40. Available in MK1, and MKII versions, the cars can also be ordered with an optional gurney bubble, and wide fender flares to complete the look of the later cars
  5. Location: centralia, IL. Cobra Make & Engine: B&B cobra (sold), Hurricane HMS1002 (sold), Kirkham 289 FIA, (sold) RCR GT 40 (sold) SPF GT40 2122 (sold) Hurricane HMS2002, (sold) RCR SLC (sold) GTR on the way! Posts: 1,288. Congrats Brent, you can call me anytime about the setup
  6. Build Log - RCR GT40 MkI Gulf ( 1 2 3) Bill D. 12-31-2008 05:49 PM. by ZOERA-SC7XX. 49. 18,740. almost done. Buzzmobile

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The auction estimate on this finely detailed and handcrafted replica GT40 is $135,000-$165,000. A deluxe kit from RCR will set you back somewhere in the $50,000 range and you'll still need an engine and driveline, not to mention the labor to get it assembled. So the auction estimate on this nicely finished example seems reasonable The idea behind this series of articles was to document the build of a streetable yet extremely competitive open track GT40 from Race Car Replicas (RCR). We finished a great race engine that runs.

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The GT40 might have been designed in the early 60s, but boy does it still look good - and also has the aerodynamic capability to go well over 200mph I chose an RCR [ Race Car Replicas ] GT40 kit because I wanted an aluminium monocoque chassis, so that narrowed down the choice, Jason says The GT40 MkI was powered by a Ford 302, which met this requirement, and in 1968 a MkI (chassis No. P/1075) painted in Gulf livery of baby blue and orange swept across the finish line first. The exact same car repeated the feat in 1969 while competing against the Porsche 917, which was the most advanced race car of its time

Exceptional RCR GT40 Replica For Sale - recreation of chassis number 1083. Color RED, Trans - ZF 5-speed - aluminum dry-sumped Ford SVO 302 Registered. Joined Mar 22, 2015. ·. 590 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · 10 mo ago. Hello, so the time has come for another build, im thinking about an mk2 GT40.im looking at the RCR kit but who else makes a good one? thanks The RCR has a reputation for being a greatly improved design with a more intensive build process than other GT40 kits. The RCR offered here on Minneapolis Craigslist is a nice looking example, perfect for someone wanting a great performing car without the extensive build time Factory build quality is excellent, but remember that it's built just like the original was 40+ years ago. If properly completed the SPF GT40 is a lot of bang for the buck. Just like the original GT40s, it's a no-nonsense street-legal race car that's a real brute compared to the GT. FYI. there is a RCR GT 40 for sale on ebay with some very.

Don't forget to subscribe and share . WOW This Man Just Build A Replica GT40 kit Car 1- Scientists crack ancient.We drive a replica of one of the most fearso.. I have been looking for a good base kit to start my build with and have found a company that builds a nice rolling chassis and body. My real question here is would this type of car fit in with other pro-touring builds and allowed or able to run with other pro-touring builds for trackdays and autocross events. I have always loved the look and style of the GT40's and feel if done right you could. Ford GT40 MK IV Build ProjectBuilder: Brent Mills Build Thread: http://www.clubhotrod.com/hot-rod-build-logs/44638-brents-ford-gt-mkiv-build.htmlPlease Check.. I purchased a Race Car Replicas GT40 from Fran hall last September and assigned them to a full turn key build. My goal is as it was with the FFR Cobra I had and is to get a historic looking vehicle with some of today's technology. My research showed that the RCR was perfect for me

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In this series of movies I'm presenting the build of my Ford GT40 replica. The build started in the summer of 2010. In this movie I have finalized the body,. In this series of movies I'm presenting the building of my Ford GT40 replica. The build started in the summer of 2010 and in the 5 first movies it is mainly. The replica GT40 cars that RCR make are very different than the GT-R. The original GT40s are relatively quite small compared to the GT-R. That's one of the reasons that the GT-R can fit almost anyone- there is lots of interior room, much more than the SL-C, or any of the GT40 variants Most every GT40 replica builder uses a 289, 302, or 351-based engine, as they look good, can make decent power, sound great, and fit best. The small-block Fords can now be punched out to a full 427 CI or 7 liters, to get the same size (but less weight) as the original 7-liter big blocks. For those who want a very modern Ford engine, the Coyote. RCR T70 Spyder. RCR D-Type. RCR XJ13. RCR 962. RCR Steinard Formula Libre. Superlite. Superlite Cars, a RCR sister company, is dedicated to building the very best component cars in the industry. The Superlite line of cars are generally original designs, not replicas. Click on an image to go to the Superlite web page for that car

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  1. gt40 build part 2! in this video we make it to quebec to pick up the chassis! stay tuned for part 3 ! we try to do a burnout in the gt40! it is a tradi..
  2. Race Car Replicas, 31795 Groesbeck Highway, Fraser, MI, 48026, USA +1 586-329-1573 info@race-car-replicas.co
  3. Ford GT40 Replica. The Ford GT40 is one of the all-time greats of motorsport. Given that Ford doesn't own the name GT40 any longer, there are numerous outfits building impressive replicas of the real thing that deliver much of the La Sarthe experience at a fraction of the cost. Notify me when one is listed. Ford > Ford GT40 Replica
  4. When building a GT40, many people chose an original to replicate. The red No. 33 car is a very close representation of chassis #1083. The original car was finished in the spring of 1969 and sold.
  5. 1968-1982. Tube Frame. Roll Bar. Please note that RCR can provide kits or vehicles to any stage of completion. For cars that are to be registered for the street we created the Turnkey-Minus Program which includes everything except the drivetrain. For race-only cars, we can provide a kit, a ready to race car, or anything in between
  6. e who has, and may still maintain 1075 was impressed by the accuracy.
  7. Cape Advanced Vehicles was founded in 1999 to produce Ford GT40 replicas in South Africa. Our company name honours Ford Advanced Vehicles

Ford ultimately built it in steel but later went on to build the MK4 cars out of aluminum. The body is taken from a mold of an original GT40, so it very much looks the part. The engine, built by Keith Craft, is a small block Ford mated to a Porsche G50 trans with a Guards clutch-style limited slip diff Robert February 21, 2011 5 Comments on Holman Moody Superformance GT-40 Mark II for sale Posted in Great Deals, GT40 Cars For Sale. This amazing car was built as a one-off project to commemorate the Holman Moody #5 entry in the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, which placed 3rd overall in a 1,2,3 sweep of GT-40 MKII's. The project was completed in 2009 13 years ago I bought a GT40 MK1 body kit from ASPP. Yesterday I made the first modifications to the chassis to be able to mount it to a Fiero. During the intervening years I have acquired many items necessary to complete the build, but for most of the time I didn't have a place I felt comfortable working in. Three years ago I retired and moved from PA to SC, into a house I had built to suit wit

Race Car Replicas. RCR manufactures replicas of classic racing cars. Many of the models are recreations of vehicles from the 1960s. They include: RCR 40 MKI and MKII - Ford GT40 replicas. RCR 917 - Porsche 917 replica. RCR T70 MK IIIB - Lola T70 MKIII Coupe replica. RCR T70 Spyder - Lola T70 Spyder replica Also U.K.-based but with a stateside sales operation, Tornado Sports Cars (TSC) has been producing stunning Ford GT40 replicas for more than 25 years. Only around 100 of the original Gt40 were ever made, and survivors fetch seven figures. The TSC GT40 is quite the value, with the basic component package starting at around $11,000

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DRB Sportscars is a World Class manufacturer of high performance Sportscars based on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. DRB SportsCars manufacture only the best replicas of the iconic AC Cobra 427 and Le Mans winning Ford GT40 and a modern interpretation of the Cobra, the DRB-540. All cars are available at any build stage, from. Decades before the release of the advanced, all-new Ford GT supercar, there was the Ford GT40 - a sleek, low-slung, mid-engine performance machine built to do one thing: defeat Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. After a rough first couple of years in 1964 and '65, the GT40 achieved victory at the 1966 running of the grueling 24-hour race, and then went on to repeat this accomplishment.

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The cars all featured an RCR custom built aluminum chassis, designed after the original GT40 chassis. The body is made of fiberglass from a mold that was taken off an original GT40. It is a very close replica to an original GT40, unlike other replicas that have mis-proportioned bodies and use existing chassis, from a Fiero, for example GTD space frame weighs in at 2635lbs (1195kg) RCR Alu mono weighs in at 2326lbs (1055kg) ERA GT stainless semi-mono weighs in at 2350lbs<>2550lbs (1066kg or 1157kg Visit to RCR USA. Shown below are images of the RCR workshop in the USA. All has been progressing well. Got some good photos of my car (RCR64) in white gel coat. Chose white as color was not confirmed at the time. Also figured being covered in LOTS of white dust would be better than blue or red! One of the real challenges was the gearbox selection Rcr gt40 mk1; Tet Rcr gt40 mk1 02 In fact, the cars are so accurate that the producers of the Ford vs Ferrari movie chose RCR to build 28 cars for what has become the reference movie for the GT Available in MK1, and MKII versions, the cars can also be ordered with an optional gurney bubble, and wide fender flares to complete the look of the. GT40 50th Anniversary Future 40 news 09/24/2020. Superformance MKII Roadster graciously donated to the Peterson Museum by Superformance Corporate. Read more > 1 Whatney Irvine, CA. 92618. T. 949-900-1950/F. 949-900-1680. info@superformance.com. For a Dealer Call: 1-800-297-6253

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  1. The latest news is that GT40 kit manufacturer Race Car Replicas (RCR) has shown a prototype body for Ford GT Mk IV replicas, the first ever produced. If you want something really different in a.
  2. Steel monocoque, steel body panels, 90% of the parts said to interchange with the original. Also LHD instead of RHD. They did a great job on the..
  3. 1965 Ford GT 40 - Roadster. Ready for the Amon Cup for GT40's. BE P.O.R 1996 Ford GT 40 - FORD GT40 EVOCATION // TORNADO GT40 // FULLY REBUILT // BLUEPRINTED FORD 302 GB GBP 99995 1967 Ford GT 40 - MKIII DE P.O.R 1967 Ford GT 40 - MK4 7 Liters BE P.O.R 1965 Ford GT 40 - MK1 GB P.O.R 1967 Ford GT 40.
  4. g increasingly difficult to find now, especially original unused GT40 parts. All parts are based on original items, drawings and technical logs. As attested to by the dedicated ' Restoration ' section, whilst the parts you are looking for may not be currently listed, previously ' unobtainium.
  5. Follow A GT40 Replica Build Project Follow the journey of the Australian Importer of the Cape Advanced Vehicles GT40 replica and car enthusiast Paul Hewitt as he builds his CAV GT40 OZ Edition. First Name. Last Name. Phone Number. Email address: YES - Send me updates, photos and videos on how to build a GT40 replica

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Race Car Replicas (RCR) Australia. DRB; Roaring Forties; South Africa. Bailey Sports Racing Cars; CAV; Superformance (SPF) Suppliers - GT40 specialists. Wealden Engineering - (Frank Catt) Build logs and Diaries. GT40s.com build logs sub-forum; Original. Hipperson GT40; DRB. Roys GT40; GTD. David's GTD40; KCC. KCC Rebuild; KVA. Ivan's. • Genuine RCR Replica Mk1 • Outstanding condition • RCR, supplied GT40's to Ford Vs Ferrari Movie • Small block Aluminium Ford V8 and ZF transaxle • Body Moulded of an original GT40 • 4 down Draught Webers • All aluminium Chassis • AP racing brakes front and rear • CNC machined Suspension The GT40 is perhaps the most iconic race car of the 60s A Quaife 5-speed manual transmission sends power to the rear wheels, but Superformance can build your GT40 with an automatic. The company also offers left- or right-hand drive configurations of. Gelscoe Motorsport. The GT40 project features on several pages but you will also see that we maintain and race prepare many other makes and models of Historic Vehicles. We also have started creating replicas of the iconic Cobra, please feel free to browse the Cobra section placed just above to find out more information. If you have any. GT40 Builder. 4,748 likes · 17 talking about this. The Ford GT40 is perhaps the most evocative car ever conceived. GT40 Builder is a page used to document the build of a Ford GT40 Replic

116 months. [report] [news] Saturday 5th July 2014. Plenty of GT40 replicas have been built with period 289/302 blocks. They made many thousands of them! Not that many C6FE-6010-A or XE-136505. 19,400 miles · Plymouth, MI. Check out this gorgeous 1965 Ford GT40. Built to be enjoyed on the track or the road with features for quality, performance, and more. Tools. Over 4 weeks ago on Automotive Classifieds This year Superlite Cars decided to prove to themselves, and everyone else, that the Superlite Coupe was much more than just an easy-to-build, modern supercar. So we went racing. And won. We didn't just win a few races, we set lap records at every track we visited on the way to winning the 2011 NASA Super Unlimited class National Championship

1965 GT40 Replica Roller. This is a GT40 build project, this is NOT a kit car. This is a custom built GT-40 that is representative of Pro Cars for the purpose of road racing. Full tube chassis and suspension was engineered, designed and Solid Work CAD. This car was built by Performance Fabrication Works for use in a professional build A check of the RCR Web site (www.race-car-replicas.com) breaks down in detail what you get in all the various kits. For the RCR-70, base kits can be put together for about $27,000, while a deluxe. Gelscoe motorsport's rally devision have just finished their latest project, an RS 2000 Escort tarmac rally car. Delivered as an unfinished build Gelscoe have turned it around and finished the car for local rally ace and Entrepreneur Martin Rumble. Martin shares the car with Gelscoe's Andy Newall who navigates for him at the various events Classic Ford GT40 for Sale. Classifieds for Classic Ford GT40. Set an alert to be notified of new listings. 3 vehicles matched Now showing page 1 of 1. 15 results per page... 480-285-1600 [email protected] 1345 East Chandler Blvd..

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2. Factory Five Racing-Type 65 Daytona. 2. Factory Five Racing-Type 65 Daytona. There aren't many cars that are more beautiful than the AC Cobra, but this is one of them. Based on the super rare, race-spec-only 1964/1965 Shelby Daytona, this is a stunning kit for those wanting something a little special and rare RCR made the cars that were actually driven in the race scenes in the movie Ford Vs Ferrari. The proof: Here are some pics of the cars being made at the factory. All up, RCR delivered 28 cars, including complete running cars for the racing scenes, part cars (for cameras) and static displays. +14. 488488 The original GT40 and MK1, designed by Lunn, was prepared at the specially established, Ford Advanced Vehicles facility in the UK. Abbey Panels constructed the advanced monocoque chassis and the drive train finally chosen was the 289 Ford V8 mated to a Coletti transaxle. Full RCR build manual, Photographs documenting the build process and. Under New Management! Race Car Replicas is known as the company that makes some of the most beautiful and accurate vintage race cars available. Their trademark is a super-stiff aluminum monocoque frame that usually mates to custom cnc-machined aluminum a-arms and uprights. This attention to performance is only matched by their attention to detail Era Replica Automobiles is the premiere maker of roadster replicas, both the 427SC and the 289FIA. E.R.A. also makes the worlds best GT40 replica

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Description for Ford Ford GT 1965. Beautiful RCR40 Mk1, replica of the 1967 LaMans winner Ford GT40. High Performance Ford 302 with 375hp and 390ft lbs of torque, 5 speed Porsche transaxle with racing clutch. Dashboard is professionally done with vintage style guages. Outfitted with Vintage Air air conditioning and heater Large displacement Ford V8 engines (4.7 liter and 7 liter) were used, compared with the Ferrari V12 which displaced 3.0 liter or 4.0 liter. Early cars were simply named Ford GT. The name GT40 was the name of Ford's project to prepare the cars for the international endurance racing circuit, and the quest to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans

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Speaking of RCR, I think they supplied the base car for a rather notorious supercar build that featured heavily on PH a few years ago. A couple of English guys were doing it, and it all went a bit. Superformance is a distributor of complete rolling continuations from the sixties like the Shelby Cobra, Daytona Coupe, GT40, and the Corvette Grand Sport. Original American muscle cars with modern components. For a Dealer near you. Login SPF Registry Cart $0.00. Call: 1-800-297-6253. Call: 1-800-297-6253. Factory models. mkiii; mkii GT40 AMGT1. FORD GT40 Mk1 Lightweight Chassis AMGT40/1. Alan Mann, the Ford importer for the UK, had been in competition with JWA which had been chosen as the official GT40 builder. Alan Mann became resentful. He decided to build its 2 lightweight GT40s and didn't use a JWA production chassis number but instead chose its own 1, 2, 3, victory for the GT40 at the 1966 24 hours of LeMans. 1968 24 Hours of LeMans, LeMans, two Gulf GT40's running together. Winner 1968 Le Mans GT-40P/1075. Ford GT40 chassis #1075 in Gulf livery, as entered by John Wyer, won Le Mans in 1968 and 1969, the first car to ever win the 24-hour race back to back

Backdraft Racing 1300 West Industrial Ave. #103 Boynton Beach, FL 33426 (561) 752-3693 www.BackdraftRacing.com Manufactures Cobra 427 and GT40 replicas, rolling chassis and turnkey-minus cars through U.S. dealer network Bailey Cars North America 58 Underhill Street Tuckahoe, New York 10707 (914) 299-2965 www.baileycarsnorthamerica.com US Distributor of South African Bailey Cars, manufacturer. Auction Lot S141, Anaheim, CA 2014. Titled as 2012 Special Construction. Built for Universal Studios for the filming of the Fast and Furious movie series. Build represents 1965 Ford GT40 MKII. Restored by current owner, Hollywood Car Co. after the filming on the movie Fast and Furious was completed. Nut and bolt restoration completed in July 2014

With the assembly line, Ford was able to drop the time needed to build a Model T from 12.5 hours to 2 hours and 38 minutes. This time was eventually decreased to 1 hour and 33 minutes, which lowered the price of the Model T because the cost of labor went down. By 1924, the price of the Model T had dropped to $290 GT40 manufactured by CAV Florida titled and registered as 1965 Ford. High performance 302 with 8 stack FAST programmable injection system. 5 speed trans-axle, AC system, knock-off wheels, correct i... More Info ›. Chepachet, RI 02814 (509 miles from you) ‹ Prev. 1. Next ›. Classics on Autotrader is your one-stop shop for the best classic. We don't have any Kit Cars GT40 Replicas for sale, but below you can see all of the latest Kit Cars cars available from trade and private sellers. Search 16 cars The word replica might conjure up images of shoddy, kit-car Lancia Stratos', but this GT40 is so similar to the race-winning Mk1 from 1969 that 90 per cent of the parts are interchangeable with.

1967 Rcr Gt40 Mk4 Unfinished Kit Sold Car And Classic Discontinued Kit Cars Rcr T70 Mk Iiib Race Car Replicas Build Your Own Car Roadster Hot Rod Supercar Factory Five Unfinished Slabside 289 Cobra Club Cobra Vw Kit Car Bodies Best Ebay Cars For Sale In 2019 Used Cars And Trucks On Eba RCR 962 The 962 is a race car, through-and-through. With a small cockpit, it's not really very comfortable. And it's noisy. And you don't have very good rear vision. On the other hand, none of that stopped the brave souls who drove them from setting the sports car world on fire when it debuted GT40 Australasia is in Carabooda, Western Australia. June 28 at 5:30 PM ·. Just finished fitting the beautiful leather dash into the car. Just have to finish wiring it all up and it's onto the Coyote! #gt40australasia #capeadvancedvehicles #gt40 #gt40mk1 #gt40mkii #gt40p #gt40 #gt40replica #gt40mk2 #gt40r #gt40gulf @ Carabooda, Western Australia

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An upstart Westfield company's reproduction of the 1966 Ford GT40 Mk1 race car turns heads wherever it goes. Whether it's on the highway or in a showroom, people can't help but gaze at the sleek, retro roadster built to emulate the original that dominated the 24 Hours of Le Mans races nearly 40 years ago. It dethroned Italian automaker Ferrari. Auction Lot S214, Dallas, TX 2014. Built for Universal Studios for the filming of the Fast and Furious movie series. Build represents 1965 Ford GT40 Mk1. Restored by current owner, Hollywood Car Co. after the filming on the movie Fast and Furious was completed. Restored down to every nut and bolt and recently completed in July 2014. Race tuned suspension DRB Sports Cars build replicas of the GT40 (GT40 Australia) and the Cobra as well as a custom designed modern interpretation of the Cobra, the DRB 540. Yatala, QLD: G-Force Sports Cars G-Force Sportscars manufacture and sell Shelby AC Cobra 427 replica kit cars around Australia, with several different kits available Come test drive a Superformance today! 1966 Ford GT40. « RCR GT40 Replica For Sale - Recreation of chassis number 1083. More listings are added daily. Given that Ford doesn't own the name GT40 any longer, there are numerous outfits building impressive replicas of the real thing that deliver much of the La Sarthe experience at a fraction of.

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